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Watford City Street Reconstruction (ND Highway 23). Jeff Jirava, P.E. NDDOT Construction Services. 2009 NDDOT Construction Conference. 4 th Avenue Reconstruction. Multi Use Paths. Main Street Reconstruction. Planning and Design.

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Watford City Street Reconstruction (ND Highway 23)

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Presentation Transcript

Watford city street reconstruction nd highway 23 l.jpg

Watford City Street Reconstruction(ND Highway 23)

Jeff Jirava, P.E.NDDOT Construction Services

2009 NDDOT Construction Conference

Slide2 l.jpg

4th Avenue


Multi Use Paths

Main Street


Planning and design l.jpg

Planning and Design

  • Watford City – Secured Funding, Public Information and Design Details

  • NDDOT – Roadway, Storm Sewer, Lighting and Operations

  • Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services – Sanitary Sewer Design and Water System Improvements

  • Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson – Multi Use Path Design & Preliminary Survey

Nd street funding l.jpg


  • Assists cities smaller than 5,000 with a state highway through them with funding to upgrade existing infrastructure

  • Watford City Project

    • Capped Cost of $2,500,000

      • 80% Federal

      • 10% State

      • 10% City

      • Anything Above – 100% City Cost

Construction l.jpg


  • Northern Improvement Company was the prime contractor with a low bid of $5,997,250.

  • 9 Subcontractors

    • Robert Gibb and Sons (Sewer and Water Installation)

    • Winn Construction (Curb & Gutter, Flatwork)

    • Edling Electric (Lighting)

    • Quality Landscaping (Retaining Walls, Trees)

    • Zimmerman Contracting (Sealing)

    • Green Acres Nursery (Seeding, Erosion Control)

    • Traffic Safety Services (Traffic Control, Signing)

    • West River Striping (Striping)

    • Swanston (Preformed Striping)

Construction engineering l.jpg

Construction Engineering

  • Williston District

  • Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson – Dickinson

    • Construction Management

    • Surveying

    • Testing

  • Material Testing Services – Williston

Construction traffic control l.jpg

Construction Traffic Control

  • Consisted of Closures, Detours and Work Under Traffic

    Through traffic was routed around the Watford City truck bypass (ND Hwy 23A)

    Each of the Reconstruction Segments were done primarily with the roadway closed

    Businesses were responsible for providing access to their business when the front entrance was closed

Main street features l.jpg

Main Street Features

  • 8” Jointed Doweled PCC Pavement on 8” of Salvaged Base Course

  • Colored Decorative Crosswalks

  • Colored Decorative Median

  • Decorative Lighting

  • Trees

  • ADA Upgrades

    • Curb Ramps

    • Grade Considerations

Main street plan adjustments l.jpg

Main Street Plan Adjustments

  • Curb and Gutter - Type 1

    • Shouldered Curb vs. Keyed Curb

  • Median Width

    • Narrowed to Accommodate Sidewalk Width

  • Utility and Sanitary Sewer Conflicts with the Storm Sewer

    • Several Gas Line Adjustments and Sanitary Sewer Line adjustments

  • Removal and Adjustment to Accesses

4 th avenue features l.jpg

4th Avenue Features

  • 4” HBP Class 33 on 15” of Salvaged Base

  • Narrowing of the Roadway

    • Narrowed from 70’ to 44’

  • Adjacent Multi Use Path

  • Standard Lighting

4 th avenue adjustments l.jpg

4th Avenue Adjustments

  • 2nd Street Crossroad Grade Flattening

    • Included removing and adjusting driveways

    • Installation of Retaining wall on each side of the roadway.

Storm sewer l.jpg

Storm Sewer

  • There was no Significant Storm Sewer Existing

    • A few localized inlets

  • Storm Sewer System Information

    • 119 Acres of Drainage Area

    • 6,900 Lineal Feet of Pipe

    • 536 Lineal Feet of Slotted Drain

    • 48 Inlets

    • Sidewalk Trench Drains

Storm sewer13 l.jpg

Storm Sewer

  • Storm Sewer Pipe Information

    • Project was developed just prior to the formal alternative pipe policy

    • A plan note was included allowing the use of the following types of pipes:

      • Reinforced Concrete

      • Spiral Rib Pipe – Aluminized Type 2

      • Corrugated High Density Polyethylene

      • Aluminum Alloy Spiral Ribbed

      • Corrugated Polyvinyl Chloride

Storm sewer installation l.jpg

Storm Sewer Installation

  • Pipe Installation Detail

    • Allowed the use of Class 3 or Class 5 Aggregate or Controlled Density Backfill

    • Compaction of Aggregates in 6 inch lifts

    • Mandrel Testing is to be done a minimum of 30 days after the pipe is installed

    • Pipe diameter shall not be less that 95% of specified diameter

Sanitary sewer l.jpg

Sanitary Sewer

  • Designed and Supported by Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services (AE2S)

    • Inserted into the NDDOT plans as a separate section not a separate project

  • Consisted of Replacing all Sanitary Sewer and Feeds Along the entire project

    • 9,700 Lineal Feet of Pipe Installed

Water system improvements l.jpg

Water System Improvements

The current water distribution system was installed in 1989

This project improved some of the connections at the intersections

Installation and replacement of Fire Hydrants

Replacement and Relocation of Gate Valves

Decorative lights l.jpg

Decorative Lights

  • Decorative Lighting on Main Street Only

  • Consisted of 55 Ornamental Light Standards

  • Accessories

    • Flag Brackets

    • Power Receptacles

    • Decorative Banner Brackets

    • 50 Watt Light in Base on Corner Light Standards

Multi use path tied project l.jpg

Multi-Use Path (Tied Project)

  • Transportation Enhancement (TE) Project

    • TE funding is a federal program to strengthen the cultural, aesthetic and environmental aspects of the Nation's intermodal transportation system.

  • Tied the Main St sidewalk with the Water Park and Elementary School

  • The other Multi Use Path was also a paid for with TE funds and it was incorporated into the plans

Miscellaneous features l.jpg

Miscellaneous Features

  • Retaining Wall

  • Trees and Grates

    • Power Receptacles Installed at the Base

Change orders l.jpg

Change Orders

#1 – Value Engineering

Closure of 4th Avenue instead of maintaining traffic

#2 – Traffic Control

Traffic Detour for 4th Avenue

#3 – Material Testing

Compaction Testing for Non Participating items

#4 – Water Line Connections

Tapping Sleeve and valves vs. Connections, Pipes and Fittings

Change orders21 l.jpg

Change Orders

#5 – Curb Change

Keyed Curb instead of “Shouldered” Curb

#6 – 2nd Street Flattening

Flattening of 2nd Street as per City Request

#7 – Pull Box

Install a Pull Box to Comply with Code

#8, #9 & #10 – Misc. Items

Included several small changes and modifications to pay for items

Gold streetscape award north dakota ready mix and concrete products association l.jpg

Gold Streetscape AwardNorth Dakota Ready Mix and Concrete Products Association

During Construction

After Construction

Before Construction

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