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Business Office Update. Fall 2008. EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION. Federal Funds Audit Transfers should be done in the same fiscal year Segregation of duties on all paperwork Internal Audit of purchasing tools 100% compliance on Purchasing Cards 90% compliance on travel

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Business Office Update

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Business Office Update

Fall 2008


Federal Funds Audit

Transfers should be done in the same fiscal year

Segregation of duties on all paperwork

Internal Audit of purchasing tools

100% compliance on Purchasing Cards

90% compliance on travel

70% compliance on Blanket Purchase Order Logs.

Two Audits in 2008 – Nice Job

Every purchase requires written pre-approval.

Treat just like you do the Purchasing Card Log.

Every purchase must be recorded.

Don’t wait for the invoice to record.

Email approval is okay, it should be printed and attached to the log.

Blanket Purchase Order Logs

Make sure signature is always received from the traveler, even non-employees.

If you don’t choose per diem or appropriate % (25, 50, 75) then you must have original and itemized receipts.

You must choose the cheapest rental car available from the vendor you choose.

If you do not use National Rental Car or Enterprise Rent-A-Car you must provide an explanation why.

Unless a grantor doesn’t allow the full amount, the university travel office requires we use the federal mileage rate.

If you share a room be sure to list that person’s name and their T#. Don’t forget to document whether it is a single or double room rate.



Liability only

Required to be paid by counties and state units

Business Office pays via Blanket Purchase Order then charges back to the department.

Office and employees

Liability and damage

University covers over $10,000

No payment needed


For events outside the office where the public will be involved

Optional, but recommended

Accident coverage

Unit should create a Purchase Order with American Income Life or similar vendor.

Insurance (3 Types)

Change for Federal Fiscal year 2009

(Oct 2008 – Sept 2009)

25% of federal funds must be spent on multi state activity and 25% on integrated research and Extension activities

This is about $2,500,000 each goal.

Federal money is currently spent on salaries of most extension professionals which means we can use the TIME you spend doing this work.

A new survey will be sent bi-monthly to collect the appropriate information from all of us who are paid on federal funds.

Should track date, hours spent and description of activity.

Travel form changes won’t capture all that is needed.

Changed funding for academic departments

Changes being made to the URS


Multi-State Federal Reporting

State Budget Update

Business Office Budget Update

Budget Update

For sales

See Keira McGlone in Comm Tech.

For Registrations

Tentative date early 2009.

Counties will likely work through program areas.

Plans currently being developed.


Credit Card Acceptance

Each org # has 1 or more directors.

Those directors must complete a delegation of signature authority letter (on website) before they can approve any document.

These are reviewed and approved periodically by Keith Smith.

Must be on file in the Business Office.

Co-Directors can not sign for each other on fiscal documents.


Signature Authorizations (Directors)

The Org Director can temporarily delegate a signer in the office.

Sample letter on Business Office site.

Must be in writing.

Cannot be the fiscal person.

Must list what they can and cannot sign.

Must list the dates that the person can sign (less than 90 days).

Letter has to be approved by Stephen Wright, Jack Kerrigan, Bev Kelbaugh, Cindy Buxton or Brian McClain.

A copy of the approved (by Director and by the Fiscal approver) should be attached to everything the person signs.


Signature Authorization (when a Director is away)

Most items are processed by the Business Office within two weeks of receiving accurate and complete paperwork.

Doesn’t include time…

in the mail

for Directors to approve transactions

for AP to print checks

for purchasing to approve purchase orders

for you to approve vouchers in the system

for problems

Etc. etc. etc…

Working on contacting you faster with problems.

Payment Timing Standards

Public Records Requests?

Clusters, etc…

  • If you or your commissioners have arrangements with written agreements

  • or

  • If you have informal agreements

  • Talk with Jackie LaMuth


  • 614-292-6470

Created by the Business Office Advisory Group for new fiscal employees.

Contact if you would like a copy for your office.

New Fiscal Packet

Buying 101 and PCard

1/20/09 in Columbus

Support Staff Conference in October

Annual Conference in December

County Reviews

EFNEP eReports training

Regional County Director Meetings

Finances and Processes of Grants and Contracts – Greene County and Web ex 02/11/2009

Upcoming Training (cont.)

Advanced eReports & PeopleSoft

10/30/08 in Caldwell

12/4/08 in Columbus

12/5/08 in Wooster

1/15/09 in Columbus

1/29/09 in Piketon

Reading and Reconciling eReports

11/6/08 in Wooster

1/8/09 in Piketon

1/13/09 in Columbus

1/22/08 in Shelby County

Registration forms on Web

Upcoming Training

Not working because offices aren’t on OSU network.

Working on a solution.

Hope to fix by the end of the calendar year

Scanning invoices to PeopleSoft

PREP system available for University transactions

Travel system converting to PeopleSoft.

New Extension and county web pages

Large Internal Audit in the spring

Buying 101, PCard and PeopleSoft training online

Meet with new county directors for one on one training.

Improve customer service

Changes to cost recovery policies and incentives for revenue generation

Negative fund policies cleanup

Coming in 2009

Contact your Business Office Representative or any other Staff Member

Questions? Suggestions Comments?

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