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Computer-Mediated Communication. Game Theory, Games, and CMC. Open Discussion: Marc Smith Talk. Single-strategy tournament. Multiple-strategy tournament (1). Multiple-strategy tournament (2). Why Game Theory for mediated communication?. Game Theory.

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Computer mediated communication l.jpg

Computer-Mediated Communication

Game Theory, Games, and CMC

Open discussion marc smith talk l.jpg
Open Discussion: Marc Smith Talk

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

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Single-strategy tournament

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

Slide4 l.jpg

Multiple-strategy tournament (1)

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

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Multiple-strategy tournament (2)

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

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Why Game Theory for mediated communication?

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

Game theory l.jpg
Game Theory

“Game theory is the systematic study of interdependent rational choice. It may be used to explain, to predict, and to evaluate human behavior in contexts where the outcome of action depends on what several agents choose to do and where their choices depend on what others choose to do.”

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

Game theory and core concepts l.jpg
Game Theory and Core Concepts

  • Analytical vs. Behavioral Game Theory

  • Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Games

  • Zero and Non-Zero Sum Games

  • One-Shot vs. Repeated

  • Equilibria

    • (i.e., Nash Equilibrium)

(example for cooperative game)

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

Why the prisoner s dilemma l.jpg
Why the Prisoner’s Dilemma?

… demonstrates how communication between individuals can significantly alter “the best strategy” for solving the problem.

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

The evolution of cooperation l.jpg
The Evolution of Cooperation

  • Axelrod’s famous (1984) tournament allowed individuals to submit any strategy.

  • All strategies played each other in the tournament.

  • The winner was one of the shortest submissions, about 4 lines of code.

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

The simple effectiveness of the tit for tat strategy l.jpg
The Simple Effectiveness of the Tit-for-Tat Strategy

  • Tit-for-Tat: begin with ‘cooperate’ and then do whatever the opponent did on the last turn.

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

Lessons from tit for tat l.jpg
Lessons from Tit-for-Tat

  • Be nice

    • It starts by cooperating. Most top-scoring strategies do this.

  • Be forgiving

    • It quickly and happily returns to cooperation without holding a grudge.

  • Be able to retaliate

    • It never allows defection to go unpunished.

  • Be clear

    • It is predictable and easy to understand. It pays to be predictable in non-zero sum games.

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

Is tit for tat always the answer l.jpg

Public Good

Is Tit-for-Tat Always the Answer?

  • N-person PD

  • 2-person repeated PD

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

Some common complaints l.jpg
Some common complaints…

  • “Hey, isnt this rational choice?”

  • “This stuff explains the problem, not the solution!”

  • “A theoretical tool cannot explain real life, right?”

(Picture courtesy

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

Revisiting our earlier question where does this apply to cmc l.jpg
Revisiting our earlier question…Where does this apply to CMC?


Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

Games and game theory l.jpg
Games and Game Theory CMC?

Implications for Computer Games?

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore

Remember sign up for presentations l.jpg
Remember…sign up for presentations CMC?

Computer-Mediated Communication — Cheshire & Fiore