Basic introduction to step parent adoptions
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Basic Introduction to Step-Parent Adoptions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Basic Introduction to Step-Parent Adoptions. 2010 California Conference on Self-Represented Litigants. Speakers : Lucia Reyes, Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center Malea Chavez, ACCESS Center, Superior Court of California, San Francisco

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Presentation Transcript
Basic introduction to step parent adoptions l.jpg

Basic Introduction to Step-Parent Adoptions

2010 California Conference on

Self-Represented Litigants


Lucia Reyes, Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center

Malea Chavez, ACCESS Center, Superior Court of California, San Francisco

Betsy Lee, ACCESS Center, Superior Court of California, San Francisco

Types of adoptions l.jpg
Types of Adoptions

  • Independent

  • Stepparent/Domestic Partner

  • Limited Consent/Second Parent Adoptions

Overview of the adoption process l.jpg
Overview of the Adoption Process

  • Step 1: Adoption Request

  • Step 2: Home Study Investigation/Report

  • Step 3: Termination of Parental Rights

  • Step 4: Finalization Stage

Adoption request l.jpg
Adoption Request

  • Relative vs. Non-Relative

    • Role of the Adoption Services Provider (ASP)

  • Court

  • Filing Fee

  • Home study investigation report l.jpg
    Home Study Investigation/Report

    • Documents Needed to Start the Case

      • Certified copies of the birth certificates, marriage certificates/RDP, divorce decrees, death certificates, and Letters of Guardianship

      • DCFS Adoption Questionnaire(s)

      • Conformed copy of Adoption Request

    • Role of the Social Worker/Investigation

    • Fee for Home Study Report

    Termination of parental rights l.jpg
    Termination of Parental Rights

    • Consent vs. Court Order

    • Alleged Father vs. Presumed Father

    Termination of parental rights continued l.jpg
    Termination of Parental Rights (continued)

    • Family Code Sections most commonly used for Termination of Parental Rights

      • 7662 (alleged father)

      • 8604 (presumed parent)

      • 7820 (presumed parent)

    Termination of parental rights continued8 l.jpg
    Termination of Parental Rights (continued)

    • Identify/Locate Parent(s)

      • Due Diligence Search

      • Parentage Letters

      • Military Search

  • Service (Personal, Posting or Publication)

  • Finalization stage l.jpg
    Finalization Stage

    • When are you ready to proceed to finalization?

    • How do you schedule a hearing date?

    • What to expect at the finalization hearing?

    Step parent adoptions l.jpg
    Step-Parent Adoptions

    • What type of case to start?

    • Has paternity been established?

      • Judicial determination

      • Voluntary declaration

      • Legal presumption

    • Parentage: Willful Failure

    • No Parentage: Termination

    Step parent adoptions11 l.jpg
    Step-Parent Adoptions

    • Initial Intake:

      • Important to get all information up front!

      • Intake forms, Declaration of Mother

    • Accuracy of information

      • Obtain copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, court orders, etc.

    • Minor’s knowledge and consent

      • Minors over 12 must consent

      • Minor must attend hearing regardless of age

    Step parent adoptions12 l.jpg
    Step-Parent Adoptions

    • Citizenship:

      • Probation department forms will ask about immigration status

      • “no known status”

    • Service issues:

      • If need to serve by posting/mailing, schedule hearings further out to complete service

    Willful failure l.jpg
    Willful Failure

    • FC § 8604(b): absent parent has for a period of one year or more:

      • Failed to communicate with the child AND

      • Failed to financially support the child

    • Paternity established

    • Adoption Request: mark # 17

    • Service by posting/mailing, schedule Citation Hearing 8 weeks out

    • Citation Hearing

    Abandonment l.jpg

    • FC § 7820 et seq: freeing a child from parental custody and control.

    • Proceed with Abandonment case if can only prove one element of Willful Failure.

    • Complex procedure

    • Extra interview with probation department

    • Court can appoint counsel to any party if necessary

    Termination l.jpg

    • Parentage has not been established

      • Alleged father

    • FC § 7662

    • Notice to Alleged Father

      • Father can initiate paternity case within 30 days of service

      • Father can consent (waive further notice)

      • Deny paternity (waive further notice)

    Termination16 l.jpg

    • Adoption Request: mark #16

    • Termination of Paternal Rights

      • Wait 30 days after service before filing Termination of Paternal Rights

      • If posting/mailing, need to wait 60 days

      • No hearing – File Petition and Order will be sent by mail

    Service issues l.jpg
    Service Issues

    • Personal Service

    • Service by posting and mailing

      • Must have fee waiver

      • Declaration of Due Diligence

      • Order may take up to two weeks

      • Service not complete until 28 days after posting and mailing

    • Service by publication

    Social study home visit l.jpg
    Social Study/Home Visit

    • Conducted by Juvenile Probation Department in San Francisco

    • Important for Court to coordinate with probation dept

      • Make sure case is forwarded to dept

    • Investigation Fee: up to $200 in SF

    • Complete all necessary forms

    Adoption hearing l.jpg
    Adoption Hearing

    • Investigation Report must be completed before court can schedule Hearing

    • Step-parent, custodial parent and minor must attend

    Slide20 l.jpg

    • If proceeding by publication for multiple children with the same parents, consolidate the cases

    • All TPR proceedings heard at the Children’s Court in Monterey Park

    • Foreign born children must satisfy the Hague Adoption Requirements

    • Honesty with Social Worker re criminal record (Adam Walsh Act)

    • Consistency in names throughout documents

    • Terminate all possible alleged & presumed parents

    • Probation Officer Investigation with Independent Adoptions

    • Tax Credit/Exclusion with Independent Adoptions

    • Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up

    • New Birth Certificate

    Contact information l.jpg
    Contact Information

    • Department of Children and Family Services

      Independent & Stepparent Adoptions Unit

      3530 Wilshire Blvd., 4th Floor

      Los Angeles, CA 90010

      Tao Dam, Independent Adopt. Asst. (213)351-0162

      Raul Ortega, Stepparent Adopt. Asst. (213)351-0163

    • Juvenile Probation Department

      City and County of San Francisco, Special Services

      375 Woodside Avenue

      San Francisco, CA 94127


    • ACCESS Center

      Superior Court of California, San Francisco

      575 Polk Street, Room 001

      San Francisco, CA 94102

    • Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center

      1557 Beverly Blvd.

      Los Angeles, CA 90026

      (213)482-1800 ext. 300

    Helpful websites l.jpg
    Helpful Websites

    • (CDSS Forms)

    • (ASP List)

    • (Hague Adoption Info)

    • (Service of Legal Documents Abroad)