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Faculty workload web application
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Faculty Workload Web Application Training System Entry Screen Department Listing Screen Departments will only see their department in the drop down menu Colleges will see all the departments in their college on the dropdown menu

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Faculty Workload Web Application

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Faculty workload web application l.jpg

Faculty Workload Web Application


Slide2 l.jpg

System Entry Screen

Department listing screen l.jpg

Department Listing Screen

  • Departments will only see their department in the drop down menu

  • Colleges will see all the departments in their college on the dropdown menu

    *Note: There is an indicator in the drop down menu to show whether or not the department is certified.

Slide4 l.jpg

We will look at the Show all Courses method first, after we look at the main Help screen.

There are 2 ways to use the system.

Slide5 l.jpg

Help Screen

Shows how classroom teaching credits are calculated

Shows a listing of OBJECT CLASS codes

Shows a listing of and definitions for all the EQUIV TEACHING CREDITS

Shows definitions of appointment codes

Section i l.jpg

Section I

Entering by Course Listing by Department

Course listing by department l.jpg

Course Listing by Department

  • Automatically shows 100 level courses

  • Navigate through course levels using the menu under the department name

Slide8 l.jpg

Navigate thru levels


*Note: When a course has more than one type of instruction, a separate entry will be shown for each (each shown at 100% responsibility).

Slide9 l.jpg

  • Same screen listing other 100 level courses

  • ENGR 111 (SECT 506) lecture and lab both show 50% responsibility

  • The notice indicates that this might be an error, or the course is team taught by a faculty member in another department

Slide10 l.jpg

Course Listing by Department Screen

Click here to see if there are other instructors

Slide11 l.jpg

Shows that faculty members from different departments are team teaching this course.

Different departments

Note: You can only make changes to the faculty member in your department, contact the other department or OISP to make changes to other faculty members.

Slide12 l.jpg

Course Listing by Department Screen

Example of a course being team taught by faculty in the same department

Michael Rabins is not teaching this course.

Clicking DELETE brings a pop-up box

Slide13 l.jpg

This gives you an opportunity to change your mind and discontinue deleting a faculty member from the course.

However, if you want to delete the faculty member assigned to the course, click “OK.”

Slide14 l.jpg

Course Listing by Department Screen

Error message

Click EDIT to change

Slide15 l.jpg

Edit Course Allocation Screen

We have changed PCT RESP from 50% to 100%

Slide16 l.jpg

Edit Course Allocation Screen

To add changes that you have made to the database click on this button.

Slide17 l.jpg

Confirm Changes to Course Allocation Screen

Allows you to review the changes you have made before you change the database.

Changes will be shown in RED.

Slide18 l.jpg

Confirm Changes to Course Allocation Screen

This is the bottom of the screen. If all data is correct click Submit Changes.

Slide19 l.jpg

After submitting the changes we are returned to the Course Listing Screen to review the changes.

In reviewing the data, we have determined that D. Fowler is not teaching ENGR 400-500.

Click EDIT to make changes.

Slide20 l.jpg

Brings us back to the Edit Course Allocation Screen.

Click on the drop down arrow for Instructor name.

Slide21 l.jpg

The drop down menu will show all instructors in the database.

Slide22 l.jpg

Find and click on the name of the correct instructor.

In this case GRIFFIN, RICHARD.

Then click Submit Course Allocation button at the bottom of this screen.

Slide23 l.jpg

We come again to the Confirm Changes screen.

Note the changed fields listed in red.

Click the Submit Changes button when you are sure the changes are correct.

Slide24 l.jpg

We return again to the Course Listing screen and can see the changes we made.

From this screen we can also review all the courses taught by a faculty member by clicking on his/her name.

Slide25 l.jpg

This screen shows all the courses taught by a faculty member.

We will discuss this screen further in the next section.

Slide26 l.jpg

In this example we have determined that BICH 107-500 is team taught but the other instructor didn’t receive credit for the course

Click on add instructor.

Slide27 l.jpg

Edit Course Allocation Screen

This brings you to Edit Course Allocation screen. Select the additional instructor from the drop down.

*If you click on add an instructor on this screen you will go to the Add a New Instructor to the Data Base screen.

Slide28 l.jpg

Again this lets you confirm changes.

Notice this screen is not from and to, but base value and new values.

This indicates that you are adding a faculty rather than changing from one faculty to another.

Slide29 l.jpg

Shows both instructors at 100 PCT RESP.

Edit each entry for the proper PCT RESP.

Slide30 l.jpg

We have skipped some steps that we have already shown.

Shows the final changes for the team taught course.

Section ii l.jpg

Section II

Entry by Instructor Listing for Department

Instructor listing for department screen l.jpg

Instructor Listing for Department Screen

  • Shows all faculty who are budgeted in your department and all faculty who are teaching a course in your department

  • We make 2 passes against the active payroll budget file:

    • First pass identifies all faculty with faculty title codes and the source of funds from ‘FACULTY SALARIES’ in the departmental accounts.

    • Second pass we look for budget records for course instructors not found on the first pass, in all TAMU accounts.

      *If we find a budget record, we plug in the appropriate data. If not we make a dummy record where the APPT Code is 01, PCT TIME is 100 and SEM SALARY is 0

Slide33 l.jpg

This is the primary screen where we’ll be able to identify incorrect SSN’s.

We will address that in just a moment.

Slide34 l.jpg

Instructor Listing for Department Screen

This is the bottom part of the screen.

If you have a faculty member not listed, you can add them to the database by clicking on this button.

Correcting a ssn l.jpg

Correcting a SSN

  • Find faculty names listed twice on the “Instructor Listing by Department” screen

  • Determine if both of these entries are for the same instructor

  • When you click on APPOINTMENTS for both instructor names the one with 100 PCT TIME and ZERO SEM SALARY is the incorrect entry

  • To correct this error, you must change the course entries to the correct SSN and the delete the incorrect faculty listing.

    *We can’t show an example of this error because this Fall 2000 data has by been cleared of errors.

Slide36 l.jpg

This is the Add Instructor screen.

You may need to obtain a current form 500 for the faculty member in order to complete this screen.

If the instructor is teaching a course, he/she is already in the data base. In that case, changes must be made on the Edit Instructor Record screen. We will review that in a moment.

Slide37 l.jpg

Add Instructor Screen

This the bottom part of the screen.

Click on Add this Instructor when you have filled in the data for the new instructor.

Slide38 l.jpg

This screen shows all the courses taught by a faculty member. It also shows the classroom teaching credit by course and total for the instructor.

The procedure used to calculate this credit can be found in the ‘Help’ screen.

Notice under DEPT one course has been assigned to INTG department. If you feel this is an error you must contact OISP for changes.

Slide39 l.jpg

In this example you will notice several courses with an entry in the XLIST Code.

This code is used to identify cross listed courses and meets with courses where several sections meet together for a common lecture. Notice that the faculty gets credit for only one lecture section per XLIST Code.

Slide40 l.jpg

This is an example of a distance education t.v. course. The XLIST code is in place.

By clicking on the course number you will get the Edit Course Allocation screen.

Slide41 l.jpg

This course is taught at the Woodlands. If this is incorrect notify OISP for changes.

If any meeting times or locations are incorrect you can change them on this screen.

Slide42 l.jpg

This is the Edit Instructor Record screen.

You will get to this screen by clicking on the INSTRUCTOR NAMEon theInstructor Listing by Department screen.

This is an example of an instructor we couldn’t find on the active payroll budget.

Slide43 l.jpg

Edit Instructor Record Screen

Notice that PCT TIME is 100 and SEM SAL is zero.


Use this area of the screen to add the budget information for Instructors (GATS) whose Form 500 was not processed in time to be included on the department’s active budget file.



Slide44 l.jpg

Edit Instructor Record Screen



Slide45 l.jpg

This is an example of a faculty member that we found on the active payroll budget file.

Slide46 l.jpg

Edit Instructor Record Screen

Notice there are valid entries in PCT TIME and SEM SAL fields.

Slide47 l.jpg

Edit Instructor Record Screen

Edit instructor s appointments l.jpg

Edit Instructor’s Appointments

  • Any time you need to make changes to an instructor’s appointment codes print the original data and make all PCT TIME and SEM SAL changes by hand before attempting to do it on line. Make sure that the total SEM SAL has not been changed.

  • If total PCT TIME and SEM SAL have actually changed, you can show those changes on this screen.

  • Don’t let OBJECT CLASS code intimidate you. The two primary ones for our purposes are 1410-Faculty and 1415-GATS. These are to be used with the 01 and 02 appointment codes.

  • If there has been a budget change for a faculty you will probably need a current Form 500 to make the appropriate changes on this form.

Slide49 l.jpg

Edit Instructor Record Screen

We have clicked on MALCOLM ANDREWSname on the Instructor Listing by Department screen, then scrolled down to Add New Appointment for this Instructor.

For this example we are going to make MALCOLM ANDREWS the Department Head. Click on 02 Administrative.

Slide50 l.jpg

This is the Add an Appointmentscreen.

The appropriate data has been filled in. When complete click on Submit New Appointment.

Slide51 l.jpg

We are now back to the Edit Instructor’s Appointment screen.

Notice we have an error, Malcolm Andrews is now over 100%.

This is consistent with the entire faculty workload system. You must add the new entry then correct the old entry. To edit click on EDIT on the 01 appointment code.

Slide52 l.jpg

The old 01 appointment code entry is shown at the lower half of the screen.

The change area is at the top.

We have already entered the correct data in the appropriate blocks.

Click on Submit Changes to Appointment.

Slide53 l.jpg

This is the Confirm Changes to Instructor’s Appointment screen. It gives you a chance to review your changes before you submit them to the data base.

Click on Submit Changes.

Slide54 l.jpg

We are returned to the Edit Instructor’s Appointment screen.

Here we can see the changes that we made.

Slide55 l.jpg

In this example, we have Bruce McCormick in Computer Science whose classroom teaching credits are below the standard 9 credits and is not compliant.

Slide56 l.jpg

In the Edit Instructor’s Appointments screen click on MODIFY in APPT CODE 01, under EQV TCH CRDTS.

Slide57 l.jpg

Here we have added A1 appointment code for 3.0 credits.

Click on Submit Equivalent Credits when complete.

Slide58 l.jpg

Notice that the 3 hours have been added.

The faculty member is now in compliance.

Slide59 l.jpg

In this example we have a faculty member who is on approved sick leave for the Fall 2000 semester.

Slide61 l.jpg

By clicking on ‘Reason for Non-Compliance’ we see the options in the drop down menu.

In this case the reason is Sick Leave. If you choose Other you must include an explanation of the reason for non compliance.

Click here to complete the changes.

Slide62 l.jpg

Again an opportunity to review your changes before adding them to the data base.

Slide63 l.jpg

This screen shows that the reason for non-compliance has been added to the data base.

Section iii l.jpg

Section III

Final Certification

Slide65 l.jpg

When you are ready to certify, click on Department Certification. In this case it shows an error because one faculty member does not have a reason for being non-compliant.

Slide66 l.jpg

When all faculty have been corrected, click on Department Certification. This screen will ask you to identify the department head. The department head must have been assigned B1 Administrative credit or you will receive an error message.

Slide69 l.jpg

This screen shows that you have successfully certified the data. You will not be able to re-enter the system.

If you find additional corrections you must contact your dean’s office or OISP.

Helpful hints l.jpg

Helpful Hints

  • Instructor and faculty are synonymous throughout the training manual.

  • When a drop down is colored, the change option is still active. If you use the scroll button on your mouse, you will change the value in the drop down. Select on an area outside the drop down to complete your change.

  • Be careful using the back button. The best way to use the system is to be sure you use the proper button to add changes to the data base, then go to the top of the screen and click on the screen you want to review.

  • Any changes you make to PCT TIME may require that you make changes to SEM SAL. If a faculty is 100% 01 Appointment code and you change them to 50% without changing SEM SAL, you have just doubled their average FTE salary.

  • Don’t delete any courses without consulting OISP

  • When assigning courses to GATS, use their SSN if they have one at the time of this report

Faculty corrections we have covered l.jpg

Faculty Corrections We Have Covered

  • Deleting a faculty teaching a course, p. 12

  • Changing a course to a different instructor, p. 19

  • Adding an instructor to a team taught course, p. 26

  • Correcting courses and faculty entries with incorrect SSN’s, p. 33

  • Adding new instructors to the data base, p. 36

  • Correcting the budget entry for an instructor who is employed but not on the active departmental budget at the time we ran the report p. 43

  • Adding a new appointment code, Administrative B1, for the department head, p. 49

  • Adding equivalent teaching credits, p. 55

  • Justifying a faculty not in compliance, p. 59

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