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ETHICBOTS Kick-off Internal Meeting. Guglielmo Tamburrini. ETHICBOTS. Emerging Technoethics of Human Interaction with Communication, Bionic, and Robotic Systems 6th Framework Programme Programme Science and Society Duration: November 1st, 2005  October 31st, 2007. Objectives.

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ETHICBOTS Kick-off Internal Meeting

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Ethicbots kick off internal meeting l.jpg

ETHICBOTS Kick-off Internal Meeting

Guglielmo Tamburrini

Ethicbots l.jpg


  • Emerging Technoethics of Human Interaction with Communication, Bionic, and Robotic Systems

  • 6th Framework Programme

  • Programme Science and Society

  • Duration: November 1st, 2005  October 31st, 2007

Objectives l.jpg


  • To identify techno-ethical case-studies on the basis of a state-of-the-art survey in human-machine integration based on Robotics, Bionics, and AI for IA

  • To identify and analyze techno-ethical issues concerning these forms of human-machine integration by reference to case-studies analysis.

  • To establish a techno-ethically aware community of researchers, by promoting workshops, dissemination, training activities, and the construction of an internet knowledge-base

  • To generate inputs to EU for techno-ethical monitoring, warning, and opinion generation

Varieties of human machine integration l.jpg

Varieties of human-machine integration

  • Human-softbot integration: AI for information & communication.

    • distributed computing for human assistance

    • intelligent agents for information and communication management

    • edutainment AI

  • Human-robot, non-invasive integration: Autonomous robotics.

    • personal and assistance robotics

    • edutainment robotics

    • warfare application of robotics

  • Physical, invasive integration: Bionics.

    • prosthesis

    • enhancement of human sensorimotor capabilities

    • ICT implants

Ethical themes l.jpg

Ethical themes

  • Personal integrity and identity

  • Responsibility

  • Autonomy

  • Fair access

    application of precautionary principles, impact of human-machine cognitive and affective bonds, trust, delegation, accountability, warfare applications…

Contributions to standards l.jpg

Contributions to standards

shifting attention from limitation to encouragement, guidance, and promotion of responsible scientific and technological research.

Roadmaps for techno ethical research l.jpg

Roadmaps for techno-ethical research

  • The “Roadmap for Techno-Ethical Research” on the integration of human beings and artificial (hardware/software) entities will take the form of a comprehensive document (task 5.4; deliverable D10).

  • It will be based on the charting of extant scientific and technological work in robotics, bionics, and Artificial Intelligence for information and communication systems, on projections about near future developments, on the triage of techno-ethical issues in view of European society objectives, needs, and problems

Agenda 1 5 l.jpg

Agenda (1/5)

Agenda 2 5 l.jpg

Agenda (2/5)

Agenda 3 5 l.jpg

Agenda (3/5)

Wp2 and wp5 organization l.jpg

WP2 and WP5 organization

  • WP2 (on technological states of the art)

    • Contents of the 3 tutorials on technological states of the art

    • Identification of persons in charge for each sub-task

    • Identification of workgroups for the 3 tutorials

    • Important dates:

      • intermediate internal check (February 2006?)

      • first workshop (spring 2006)

      • Deliverable D1 (due at month 6)

  • WP5 (on dissemination)

    • how to achieve WP5 objectives

    • identification of persons in charge for each sub-task.

    • setting up of the Plan for Using and Disseminating Knowledge (Deliverable D12, to be updated through the lifetime of the project)

Agenda 4 5 l.jpg

Agenda (4/5)

Agenda 5 5 l.jpg

Agenda (5/5)

coffee breaks & lunch: first floor!

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