Connecting students a look into conferencexp and groove collaboration tools for classroom use
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Connecting Students: A Look into ConferenceXP and Groove Collaboration Tools for Classroom Use - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Connecting Students: A Look into ConferenceXP and Groove Collaboration Tools for Classroom Use. MERLOT: August 7-10, 2007. Lori Soule Nicholls State University Jeanne Samuel Tulane University. Collaboration. Wikipedia (2007) defines collaboration as a process.

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Connecting Students: A Look into ConferenceXP and Groove Collaboration Tools for Classroom Use

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Presentation Transcript

Connecting Students: A Look into ConferenceXP and Groove Collaboration Tools for Classroom Use

MERLOT: August 7-10, 2007

Lori Soule

Nicholls State University

Jeanne Samuel

Tulane University


  • Wikipedia (2007) defines collaboration as a process.

  • This process is the recursive interaction of knowledge and mutual learning between two or more people

    • The people are working together in an intellectual endeavor

      • Progressing toward a common goal which is typically creative in nature

Collaboration Tools

  • Adobe Connect (Macromedia Breeze)

  • Compressed video classes

  • Course Management Systems

    • WebCT

    • Blackboard

  • Microsoft Groove

  • Microsoft ConferenceXP

  • Instant Message

    • MSN Web Messenger

    • AIM

  • Yahoo Groups for news and information


  • Collaborative peer-to-peer application for group interaction

  • Both synchronous and asynchronous tools for communication

    • Synchronous

      • Real-time audio and chat conversations (both text and audio)

      • Simultaneous access to shared space

    • Asynchronous

      • Utilization of shared space while remaining offline

  • Several functions available for collaborative use

  • The “workspace” is where all of the collaboration happens

Available Functions

  • Calendar – mark important date and collaborate schedules

  • Discussion – engage in conversations with other workspace members

  • Document review – initiate a review cycle for document(s) with other workspace members

  • Files – store, organize, and share files

  • Meetings – assign items and record minutes

  • Pictures – display and share graphic images and digital photos

  • Sketchpad – use drawing tools on a sketchpad

Use in Collaborating Learning Setting

  • Calendar – help students and instructors coordinate meeting times and deadlines.

  • File sharing – view presentations of how to perform certain tasks or learn about new concepts

  • Picture sharing – share digital photos which may be compiled for a collaborative project

  • Discussion threads – exploration of topics and compilation of knowledge from other students

  • Task manager -- track who was responsible for what parts of a project and also the “completeness” of the current project


  • Can be used in both an online or offline setting

  • Flexibility and the variety of functions

  • Groove 2007 give users various means to enhance team collaboration:

    • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (v. 3.0)

    • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

    • Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007

    • Microsoft Office Communicator


  • Lack of webcam support

  • Cost

    • Part of Office Suite

      • Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 – $679.99

      • Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 – price is based on volume

    • Stand-alone

      • Approximately $120 at educational software discounters


Opening choices of:

Workspaces showing both read and unread entries


Welcome Screen








Why Conference XP in Education?

  • Free real-time collaboration and archive for on-demand playback

  • Microsoft Research partners with universities to build learning applications

  • Growing user community of implementers and developers

  • Scalable

Enabling three Scenarios

Improve the “in classroom” experience

Enabling three Scenarios

Enable effective Distance education

Enabling three Scenarios

Add asynchronous capabilities to the classroom

Teacher Tablet PC & Servers

Up & Running


  • Real-time collaboration

  • Wireless-enabled classrooms support

  • Distributed learning environments

  • Peer-to-peer

  • Unicast (reflector)

  • Multicast (venue)

CXP Capabilities

Capabilities, like add-ins, enable developers to customize the functionality of ConferenceXP. Capabilities included with ConferenceXP appear on the Actions menu. When you install a new or custom capability, it appears on the Actions > Start Other Capabilities menu.

  • Presentation

  • Windows Media Playback

  • Local Screen Streaming

  • Shared Browser

  • UW Classroom Presenter  (CXP 3.5 not 4)

  • Group Chat

Venue Server

The multicast collaboration area

Reflector Server

  • Bridging clients as unicast when multicast from venue is not available

Archive Server

Enables the recording and playback of lectures and conferences.


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Lori Soule -

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