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Europe and CIS. SPECIAL PROGRAMME FOR THE ECONOMIES OF CENTRAL ASIA (SPECA) Project Working Group on Trade (Fourth session). Aid for Trade (AfT) Roadmap for Central Asia. Jacek Cukrowski Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Advisor, UNDP, Europe and the CIS Bratislava Regional Centre.

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Europe and CIS


Project Working Group on Trade (Fourth session)

Aid for Trade (AfT) Roadmap for Central Asia

Jacek Cukrowski

Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Advisor,

UNDP, Europe and the CIS

Bratislava Regional Centre

Geneva, Switzerland, 26 October 2009

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Europe and CIS


  • Background

  • Objectives and focus

  • Aft Roadmap for SPECA

    • A framework

    • Financial support

    • Division of responsibilities

    • Progress until the date

  • Next steps and urgent needs

Background l.jpg

Europe and CIS


  • Central Asia countries have been marginalized in the overall AfT discussion at the WTO

  • In 2008 the Government of Azerbaijan proposed the initiative called: “Aid for Trade (AfT) Roadmap for SPECA countries”

    • AfT Needs Assessments in SPECA countries

    • Experts meeting in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)

    • Ministerial meeting in Baku (Azerbaijan)

  • Strong commitment and support from international organizations and governments


    • Government of Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan

  • Objectives of aft roadmap for speca l.jpg

    Europe and CIS

    Objectives of AfT Roadmap for SPECA

    Articulate AfT national and regional priorities for the SPECA countries with special reference to the challenges and prospects during and after the global economic crisis

    Aft roadmap for speca a framework l.jpg

    Europe and CIS

    AfT Roadmap for SPECA: a framework

    Development of national needs analysis to identify AfT priorities

    • Afghanistan

    • Azerbaijan

    • Kazakhstan

    • Kyrgyzstan

    • Tajikistan

    • Turkmenistan

    • Uzbekistan

    Preparatory process

    Final event

    Experts meeting

    • to take stock of national and regional priorities and prepare for Ministerial meeting

      Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)

    Ministerial meeting

    • to engage with development partners in an AfT regional review

      Baku (Azerbaijan)

    • Timing: October 2009-

    • January 2010

    Timing: January

    /February 2010


    May 2010

    Financial support l.jpg

    Europe and CIS

    Financial support

    • Islamic Development Bank (International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation -ITFC)

      • Expert meeting

      • Ministerial conference

  • UNDP (Regional Centre for Europe and the CIS)

    • Regional Project: Wider Europe: AfT for Central Asia, South Caucasus and Western CIS funded by the Government of Finland

    • Preparatory process

      • AfT Needs Assessments in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

      • AfT Regional Review

  • ITC

    • Funding participation of the representatives of the private sector in Ministerial meeting (to be confirmed)

  • Slide7 l.jpg

    Europe and CIS

    Division of responsibilities (1)*

    • UNDP

      • lead the preparatory phase in cooperation with all stakeholders (AfT needs Assessment, AfT Regional Review, agenda of the meetings)

      • assist hosting governments in the organization of the logistics of the meetings

    • Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC)

      • provide funds for the two meetings; sign co-invitations with the hosting Governments and organizations

    • Governments of Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan

      • organize Ministerial and Expert meetings (in collaboration with ITFC)

    * As agreed on Preparatory and Consultative Meeting on: AfT Roadmap for SPECA, Bishkek, March 25-26, 2009

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    Europe and CIS

    Division of responsibilities (2)*

    • ITC

      • endeavour to engage the private sector and identify representatives from the private sector; organize a private sector forum during the Ministerial meeting

    • UNECE and ESCAP

      • continue to provide support for the SPECA intergovernmental mechanism

      • organize a session on AfT at the SPECA PWG on Trade in Geneva (October 2009) and work with the national representatives both in the capitals and in Geneva

    • The SPECA Project Working Group on Trade

      • provide institutional support for the process

    * As agreed on Preparatory and Consultative Meeting on: AfT Roadmap for SPECA, Bishkek, March 25-26, 2009

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    Europe and CIS

    Progress until the date

    • Preparatory and Consultative Meeting on: AfT Roadmap for SPECA (Bishkek, March 25-26, 2009)

      • The overall concept developed and agreed

      • Funding secured (UNDP/Finland and ITFC)

      • International partners and the governments of the countries hosting the events committed

    • Preparatory process started

      • Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan: AfT Needs Assessments in advanced stage

      • Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan: Local experts identified analysis on initial stage)

      • Uzbekistan: Letter to the government offering assistance sent in September

      • Afghanistan - …

    Methodology in place guide how to conduct aft needs assessments l.jpg

    Europe and CIS

    Methodology in placeGuide:How to Conduct AfT Needs Assessments

    Regional guide

    Global guide

    Slide11 l.jpg

    Europe and CIS

    National partners

    • Azerbaijan

      • Team Leader: Vagif Rustamov (Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms)

    • Kazakhstan

      • Selection of the team planned for November 2nd

    • Kyrgyzstan

      • Team Leader:Umurzakov Kubat

    • Tajikistan

      • Team Leader:Khodjamakhmad Umarov

    • Turkmenistan

      • Team Leader: Irina Suh (Institute of Strategic Planning and Economic Development)

    Slide12 l.jpg

    Europe and CIS

    National ownership

    • Preparation of AfT Needs Assessments and identification of national priorities by local experts

    • Establishment of AfT Country Teams

      • advisory bodies and assure national ownership

      • composed of members of the government, representatives from the civil society and private sector, and development partners

      • to ensure effective coordination and buy-in among government agencies and other stakeholders; assess and validate the AfT Needs Assessments; monitor and encourage AfT Needs Assessment follow up actions

  • National consultations

    • Peer review

    • National debate (roundtables)

  • Slide13 l.jpg

    Europe and CIS

    Next steps

    • Development of the drafts of AfT Needs Assessments

      • October-December 2009

    • Organization of national debates

      • December 2009/January 2010

    • Expert meeting

      • January/February 2010)

    • Development of AfT Regional Review

      • February-April 2010

    • Preparation of the Ministerial meeting (agenda, key note speakers, background materials, etc.)

      • February-May 2010

    • Ministerial meeting

      • May 2010

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    Europe and CIS

    Urgent need

    • Nomination of focal points

      • in government structures

      • in international organizations involved

    Thank you l.jpg

    Europe and CIS

    Thank you…

    • United Nations Development Programme,

      Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States,

      Bratislava Regional Centre