three spheres for marketing greatness
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Three Spheres for Marketing Greatness

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Three Spheres for Marketing Greatness. Dan Krause, President GraceWorks Ministries. Levels of Differentiation Best: By Student Outcome Good: Type of Family / Student God has called us to Poor: Program Specifics. What Your Parents Want. What God Wants.

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three spheres for marketing greatness

Three Spheres forMarketing Greatness

Dan Krause, President

GraceWorks Ministries


Levels of Differentiation

Best: By Student Outcome

Good: Type of Family / Student God has called us to

Poor: Program Specifics

What Your Parents Want

What God Wants

Parent ResearchCommunity ResearchTargeted SegmentsDefine Personas

God’sMasterpiece(Ephesians 2:10)

Values – Why we do what we doVision – What success looks likeMission – Generally … howStrategy – Specifically … how

Realities / Demands of Your Environment

Right brain activity – Inspired, Creative,Visionary

Secularization / PaganismPostmodernismLocal School CompetitionArea Demographics

Left brain activity – Analytical,Thoughtful,Wise

graceworks ministries
Vision: Healthy Christian schools – (Daniel Generation)

Mission: Marketing, fundraising, planning, leadership

Authors of Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide

Research-based Christian Ministry

Conference pricing

Praise for Marketing Christian Schools:

GraceWorks Ministries

The information was very helpful and more importantly, practical.  I have seen a lot of materials on development that were very good, but theoretical and left you wondering how to implement it.  This guide is accessible and easy to implement, so it was of immediate help.  In fact, I saw so many good ideas it is hard to know where to start.Mr. Robin Hom, SuperintendentChinese Christian Schools

Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide is a masterwork. There is great specific detail throughout the work and a clear strategy that, in my view, can be tailored to each school’s unique situation.

Joseph Bitzer, Dean of the Fine and Practical Arts, St. Francis Borgia Regional High School, Washington, MO

Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Vol. 1 has already been a tremendous resource. I have been able to use it with my faculty, Board of Education, and as a presenter at our District Teacher\'s Conference. I look forward to working with our marketing committee now that I have such a wealth of resources at my fingertips.  Bill Meyer, Principal, Christ Lutheran School, Norfolk, NE

I appreciate the examples that are given. They are practical and usable for schools of many sizes. So many times I read information and know that our school of under 100 students just can\'t use what is being suggested. There are ideas that we can easily put into place and some that we can work on as goals.Sandra Trittin, Our Saviors’ Lutheran School, Crookston, MN

Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Volume I, is the most complete and practical tool for marketing I have ever experienced. In my opinion, it is definitely worth the price.Dr. Daniel C. Roth, Schools and General Executive, Southern Illinois District, LCMS