Status of the cangaroo iii project
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Status of the CANGAROO-III Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Poster GA:10. International Symposium on High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy, June 26-30, Heidelberg. Status of the CANGAROO-III Project. Masaki Mori ICRR, University of Tokyo. CANGAROO collaboration. C ollaboration of A ustralia and N ippon for a Ga mma R ay O bservatory in the O utback.

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Status of the CANGAROO-III Project

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Status of the cangaroo iii project l.jpg

Poster GA:10

International Symposium on High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy, June 26-30, Heidelberg

Status of the CANGAROO-III Project

Masaki Mori

ICRR, University of Tokyo

Cangaroo collaboration l.jpg

CANGAROO collaboration

  • Collaboration of Australia and Nippon for a Gamma Ray Observatory in the Outback

  • Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, U. Tokyo

  • University of Adelaide

  • Australian National University

  • Ibaraki University

  • Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Science

  • Institute of Space and Astronautical Science

  • Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)

  • Kanagawa University

  • Konan University

  • Kyoto University

  • National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

  • Osaka City University

  • STE Laboratory, Nagoya University

  • Tokai University

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Yamagata University

  • Yamanashi Gakuin University

Cangaroo ii 7m telescope l.jpg

CANGAROO-II 7m telescope

  • In operation since May 1999

  • Observation 1999/2000PSR1706-4429hRXJ1713.7-394623hPKS2005-48923hPKS2155-30458hPKS0548-32219hCrab63hVela10h

  • Data analysis underway - results will be coming soon!

Cangaroo iii l.jpg


  • Array of four 10m telescopes in Woomera, South Australia to be operated by 2004

The first 10m telescope 1 l.jpg

The first 10m telescope -1

(As of May 2000)

The first 10m telescope 2 l.jpg

The first 10m telescope -2

  • Upgraded from 7m in March 2000

10m reflector l.jpg

10m reflector

Point image size l.jpg

Point image size

(A. Kawachi, M. Ohishi and J. Kushida)

552ch imaging camera l.jpg

552ch imaging camera

  • 3FOV

  • R4124UV(Hamamatsu)

  • 0.115 pixel

  • Lightguide

32 channel vme adc l.jpg

32 channel VME ADC

  • VME-9U, A24/A32, D16

  • Features:・12 bit ・4ch/pC ・Min. 50ns gate・150ns internal delay

Observations in 2000 l.jpg

Observations in 2000

  • March: Vela pulsar / PSR1259-63

  • April: SN1006

  • May: SN1006

  • June: PSR1706-44

  • …analysis using, and development of, unified software package in progress

Schedule l.jpg


  • FY2000: production of the 2nd telescope

  • FY2001: installation of the 2nd telescope /start of stereo observation /production of the 3rd telescope

  • FY2002: installation of the 3rd telescope /production of the 4th telescope

  • FY2003: installation of the 4th telescope /start of observation by the full array

Work in progress l.jpg

Work in progress

  • Refinement of mirror optical quality

  • Wider FOV camera with individually HV-controlled PMTs

  • Front-end electronics in VME-9U

  • Faster data readout

  • Pattern trigger circuit using PLD

  • Flexible, centralized telescope control

  • Total monitor system (calibration light source, environment etc.)

Camera design l.jpg

Camera design

  • 4.2 FOV

  • 427 pixels

  • 3/4” PMT(Hamamatsu R3478UV, TTS 0.36ns)

(C. Ito)

Electronics l.jpg


  • VME-based・Discriminator /scaler・TDC・ADC・Trigger・CPU(Solaris or VxWorks)

Telescope separation study l.jpg

Telescope separation study

  • 80~120m is not a bad choice

(R. Enomoto)

☆ Figure of merit = E-2.5(effective area)/(angular resolution)

Possible layout of the array l.jpg

Possible layout of the array

31°06’ S

136°47’ E

160m a.s.l.

(J. Patterson)

Sensitivity in stereo mode l.jpg

Sensitivity in stereo mode

(Simulation assuming [optimistic] g & m rejection power of 100, and timing rejection power of 2)

And in 2004 l.jpg

And in 2004…

(S. Hara)


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