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How to replace iPhone battery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The battery may ends its life in the event that is has been utilize for quite a while, or in the event that its presented to the daylight or get wet accidentally.

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How to replace iPhone battery

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How To Replace iPhone BatteryWebsiteHttps://Www.Mobilesentrix.Com/

  • The battery may ends its life in the event that is has been utilize for quite a while, or in the event that its presented to the daylight or get wet accidentally. The lithium ion battery we give here is rechargeable and nature friendly. Its evaluated voltage is 3.8V and its ability is 1510 mAh. The connectors are well conductive. It’s hypothetically remain by time in 250 hours.

  • When use the battery, kindly don’t put it under high temperature. Don’t throw it into the flame, for it is explosive. Don’t throw it into the dust container, either for it will make unsafe substances. Furthermore don’t dig up the material. Overcharging is unadvisable, for it will farm the structure of your battery.


  • The Battery in the iPhone Model is attached like earlier in the iPhone Models. However unlike the original iPhone the battery is not soldered and unlike the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS model it is does not involve delicately disconnecting the display.

  • It is somewhat bad dream to replace the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS phone , but replacing the battery in new iPhone models is much easy than the previous model.

  • Follow the Steps:-

We will guide how to replace iPhone battery.

Step 1:- Turn Off The iPhone And Confirm It Is Off Or Not.Step 2:- Unscrew The Two Screws On The Bottom Of The iPhone.

Step 3:- Slide The Glass Back Up Carefully.

Step 4:- Be Careful To Make A Note Of The Grounding Clip Under The Screw Or Screws That Attach The Battery To The Board And How It Is Connected To The Board For Reinstallation Before Disconnecting The Battery

Step 5:- Unscrew The Single Screw That Connects The Battery To The Board For The iPhone.Step 6:- Disconnect The Battery Using A Nylon Pry Tool.

Step 7:- Remove The Glued Battery By Carefully Pulling The Plastic Tab. Do Not Use The Screwdriver Or Any Other Metal Tool.

Step 8:- Reassemble The iPhone

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