Solution for downgrading air 20 to lower version on mac os x
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Solution For Downgrading AIR 20 To Lower Version On Mac OS X PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solution For Downgrading AIR 20 To Lower Version On Mac OS...

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Solution For Downgrading AIR 20 To Lower Version On Mac OS X

Downgrading AIR 20 To Lower Version On Mac OS X

  • Adobe Flash Player users report problem of downgrading AIR 20 to lower version on MAC OS. Herby Adobe support Australia technicians provide the solution for the problem. Earlier, AIR version 20 was offered as 32-bit runtime for MAC users. But, with the launch of AIR 20, just 64-bit runtime is provided on MAC OS. Several users, who run apps with 32-bit ANE wish to downgrade to lower version, which supports 32-bit runtime. Instead of AIR 20, the users can downgrade previous versions such as AIR 19.


  • After installing AIR 20, the previously installed IR app using the shared runtime gets launched. Hence, the app launcher code will appear as 64-bit. The previous 32-bit launcher is renamed as "-32" suffix.

What's the error in downgrading AIR 20

  • The error in updating AIR app occurs when trying to downgrade an older version. After un-installing AIR 20 and installing AIR 19 when you go back to previous AIR version, the updated AIR app fails. This happens because the new 64-bit launcher is unable to locate the 64-bit AIR runtime.

  • Solution: Here are 3 effective solutions to resolve the problem of downgrading AIR to older version.


  • Move application to recycle bin and reinstall it from .air package.


  • Rename launcher by adding suffix to '-64' or remove the suffix from '-32'


  • Change the content of info.plist file. Its CF Bundle Executable key has '-32' suffix. The info.plist file is located at <AIR Application>/Contents/


  • If you are unable to downgrade AIR 20 to older version then contact Adobe support Australia. They will brief you with instructional steps to make changes live. For providing instant assistance, they charge a reasonable fee. So, contact the professionals for enjoying Adobe Flash Player on the best possible low runtime.For more info call on Adobe support number: +(61) 863889986.Original Source:

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