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Magento Quotation Manager Extension, Manage Order Proposal Quote PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Magento Quotation Manager is a simple, easy to install extension for your Magento store which allows your customer to ask for a quote, allows you, as admin, to provide the proposed quote and again allows the customer to place order with the agreed quote; all within your Magento store.

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Magento Quotation Manager Extension, Manage Order Proposal Q...

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Magento Quotation Manager

Version: 1.0.0


1. Introduction ................................................ 1

2. Benefits of Quotation Manager ................. 1

3. Installation & Activation ............................. 1

Installation Steps ........................................ 1

Installation (Custom theme) ....................... 3

Extension Activation ................................... 3

5. How it Works? ............................................ 4

Back end Configuration: ............................. 4

Front end Configuration: ............................ 8

6. Points to Note ........................................... 10

7. FAQ ........................................................... 10


8. Contact Us ................................................ 11

Magento Community Edition

Magento Expertise ....................................... 11

1.4.*.* to 1.9.*.*


1. Introduction

Biztech Consultancy provides effective solution in the form of Quotation Manager which helps

customers to easily request for a quote.

Admin and customer can negotiate for the quote and agree upon for mutually beneficial one.

The discount code is generating automatically after the approval of quote by admin.

2. Benefits of Quotation Manager

User friendly interface for customers to apply for quote.

Decreases abandon cart ratio.

Allows negotiating for the quote and keeps track for entire

communication history.

Coupon code for discount generates automatically after Admin’s


Email notifications for every action.

3. Installation & Activation

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check Permissions

Make sure the ‘‘app’’, ''skin'' and ''lib'' directories of your Magento and all directories inside it

have full written permissions or set permissions on each directory equal to 777 or 0777.

Important! Change all permissions back after installation.

Read more about permission at

Step 2: Disable Compilation

Log into Magento Admin Paneland go to System → Tools → Compilationand disable the


After Step 5, you can run the compilation process again.

Biztech Store

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Step 3: Upload Files

Upload all folders from the extension package to the installation directory of your Magento

software using an FTP client.

Step 4: Clear cache

Go to System→ Cache Management. Clear the store cache.

Step 5: Re-login

Logout and log back into Magento Admin Panel.

Step 6: Use Extension

Go to System→ Configuration. In the left column you will see the new tab called Biztech

Extensions. You will find “Quotations” under Biztech extensions tab.

Biztech Store

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Installation (Custom theme)

If you are using custom theme on your store, then kindly follow the below mentioned steps

after installation:

Step 1: Copy layout and template folders from app/design/frontend/default/default folder to

app/design/frontend/your_package/your_theme folder

Step 2:Copy CSS and images folders from skin/frontend/default/default folder to

skin/frontend/your_package/your_theme folder

Extension Activation

Step1: Get an activation key

Get the activation key from the Order Confirmation Mail. OR

Login to your Biztech Store account, then go to Downloadable options and copy the activation

key for the Quotation Manager extension.

Step2: Activate your extensions

After successful package installation, you need to activate the extension by saving the

activation key.

Log into Magento Admin Paneland go to System → Configuration → Biztech

Extensions/Quotations Activation and enter the activation key in the ''Activation Key'' field for

the extension, then click the “Save Config” button.

After successful license validation, you can select the website. Now, your Quotation Manager

extension is activated.

Biztech Store

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5. How it Works?

Back end Configuration:

Please follow the below steps to configure Quotation Manager extension.

Go to System → Configuration. In the left column you will see the tab Biztech Extensions →


Step 1: General Configuration

Enable: Select “Yes” to enable the extension. It is disabled by default.

Send Emails From: Enter the email id from which emails to customer will be sent. If not

specified, then will be sent from contact us email.

Send Emails To: Admin can enter his email here to which notification emails will be

send. If this field is blank, then email will be send to the address entered in default


Allow Proposed Quotation total: Select “Yes” to allow customer for enter the price for

the quote.

Biztech Store

Page 4


Allow Product Level Configuration: If yes, then only will consider the product level


Enable Quantity Threshold: Select “Yes” to enter minimum quantity for products in

order to allow quote submission.

Specify Minimum Quantity Limit: Enter the limit for quantity here.

Enable Price Threshold: Select “Yes” to enter minimum price for products in order to

allow quote submission.

Specify Minimum Price Limit: Enter the limit for price here.

Step 2: Manage Quotations

Quote Information: This shows customer information with quote status, date and


Quotation Management: This shows the product, quantity and proposed total by

customer. Admin can directly approve/reject the quote with top right buttons if agreed

with proposed quotation total (Coupon code will be generated if approved). Else can

apply flat/percentage discount on the actual total and send proposal to customer.

Admin can also send message/comment with the quote. The quotation status needs to

Biztech Store

Page 5


be changed to “Proposal Sent by Admin”. The customer can approve/reject this

proposal and the status will be reflected here.

Once the customer has agreed on the proposal and the admin is willing to proceed, then

admin needs to change the status to “Proposal Approved by Admin” and the coupon

code will be generated. In any case, if the admin rejects the proposal, then the quote is


The coupon code generated will be sent by email to customer and also shown in the


Biztech Store

Page 6


Communication History: Shows communication between admin and customer.

Step 3: Product Configuration

Add to Quote: Select “Yes” to allow customer to submit quote for this product.

Admin can enter the minimum quantity threshold for each product to allow quote


Biztech Store

Page 7


Front end Configuration:

Add to Quote: When the customer clicks on “Add to Quote” button for the products.

My Quotations: The quotations submitted by customer can viewed at My Account → My


View quote: Customer can view the quote details, status, and messages by admin, coupon code

here. Customer can communicate with admin from here. Once the coupon code is available,

customer can click on “Add to Cart” and the quoted products will be added to cart. Customer

needs to apply the coupon code and the rest will be same as usual Magento checkout.

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6. Points to Note

Customer needs to register/sign in to submit the quote.

Customer cannot submit the quote with proposed total greater than the actual total.

7. FAQ

1.Will I be notified when a customer submits the quote?

Ans. Yes, an email will be received on the recipient email address entered in the


2.Can I edit the fields of the quote request page?

Ans. Currently it only displays the fields configured by us. There isn't any option to edit

these fields as we have covered every necessary field for quote.

3.Is it possible to allow quote submission only for higher product quantities?

Ans. Yes, the admin can set product quantity threshold so if the customer enters quantity

less than the threshold, then the quote would not be submitted.

4.Can the customer provide their own price in the quotation?

Ans. Yes, we have given provision in the quote request page to specify proposed quotation


5.Is it possible to negotiate with the customer before finalizing the quote?

Ans. Yes, there is an option provided where you can communicate with your customer and

finalize the quote.

6.How can the customer view the status and detail of their quote?

Ans. There is a provision in customer's account where he/she can refer the quote details.

The customer needs to login on your store.

7.Is it mandatory for the customer to be registered on our website prior to submission of

the quote?

Ans. Yes. If the customer is not registered/logged in while quote submission, then a pop up

will open to register/login.

8.The quote has approval from both customer and admin. What next?

Ans. After approval from both the sides, a coupon code will be auto-generated and sent to

respective client. The client can use the coupon code while checkout and place order.

9.What if customer agrees for the quote, but admin has not yet approved? Will the

coupon code still generate?

Ans. No, the coupon code will be generated only after final approval from admin.

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8. Contact Us

We simplify your business,offering unique business solution in digital web and IT landscapes.

Our core expertise includes

Magento Expertise

We are Magento e-commerce specialist!

Be it,

Store Development





You can trust our expertise!

Contact – Mr. Maulik Shah

CEO, Biztech Consultancy

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