Pay for performance plans
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Pay for Performance Plan PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pay for Performance Plan

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Pay-For-Performance Plans




  • Organisations want to maintain high profits

  • There should be balance between the reward system and profit goals.

  • This presentation looks at pay-for-performance plan.

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Measurement of Effective Pay for Performance

  • There should be management of the payment system.

  • There should be reasonable measurement of objectives to realize effective measure of performance.

  • Organisational achievement of goals show the reward system is good.

  • Translation of skills to measureable performance is important.

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Measurement of Effective Pay for Performance

  • Remuneration based on performance and quality increases quality of performance.

  • Pay based on performance increase quality and competitiveness.

  • Different schemes should focus on performance improvement.

  • Performance schemes are helpful in determining the effectiveness of any pay for performance process.

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Employees’ Perspective on Pay for Performance

  • Disadvantages to employees:

    • They are supposed to work harder

    • Many workers end up straining

    • Inexperienced employees may have low payments

    • It may be a one-time bonus

    • Does not guarantee a salary increment

    • It becomes unappealing if it is not consistent

    • Employees find it hard to be consistency

    • Performance drop affects remuneration

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Employers’ Perspective on Pay for Performance

  • HR department should get views from employees.

  • It is good to determine the effectiveness.

  • Realizing effective pay for performance is difficult.

  • Implementing this method is difficult.

  • An organisation conducts detailed performance appraisals.

  • Management has a challenge in following up performance consistency.

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  • Organisations should plan mutually beneficial pay for performance policies.

  • Organisations that employ this plan effectively succeed and maintain competitive advantage.

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