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Flash Quiz Results. Storing Flash Quiz Results in an Access Database. Storing Quiz Results. Storing quiz results is a four-step process. First, you identify the user who owns the HTTP session. Second, you send this user to the page that administers the quiz.

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Flash quiz results l.jpg

Flash Quiz Results

Storing Flash Quiz Results in an Access Database

Storing quiz results l.jpg
Storing Quiz Results

  • Storing quiz results is a four-step process.

  • First, you identify the user who owns the HTTP session.

  • Second, you send this user to the page that administers the quiz.

  • Third, you program the quiz to post the results.

  • Fourth, you receive the results and save them in the database.

Identifying the user l.jpg
Identifying the User

  • There are two ways to identify the user.

  • First, you can have users log on through the Dreamweaver login server behavior presented in Class 6.

  • Second, you can use a form to prompt an anonymous user for some kind of identification, such as an e-mail address, and save it in a session variable as you learned in Class 8.

Administering the quiz l.jpg
Administering the Quiz

  • You administer the quiz by embedding it on an ASP page.

  • If you are using the Dreamweaver Login behavior, you secure the quiz by putting on this page the server behavior called User Authentication > Restrict Access to Page.

Posting the quiz results l.jpg
Posting the Quiz Results

  • On the last screen of the quiz, you need to put a button which, when pressed, launches a script that posts the results to the ASP page to which you will take the user upon completion of the quiz.

  • The Action Script you add to the last frame of the quiz is as follows:report_btn.onRelease = function() { score = QuizTrack.percent_format; trace(score); getURL(“my_quiz_results.asp", "_self", "POST");}

Storing the results in the db l.jpg
Storing the Results in the DB

  • To store the results in the database, your Access database needs to contain a table in which you will store the quiz results.

  • On the page that will store the quiz results, you create a data binding to the Request object that contains the score, and to the Session object that contains the username.

Data grab script l.jpg
Data Grab Script

  • You grab hold of the data through Request(“score”) and Session(”MM_Username”)

  • For example: The result of the quiz was <%= Request("score") %> for username <%= Session("MM_Username") %>

  • This writes a message in the form of:The result of the quiz was 33% for username Elvis.

Database insertion script l.jpg
Database Insertion Script

<%connection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection");connection.mode = 3; //read-write modesConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data “+ “Source=C:\\TopSecret\\results.mdb;Persist Security “+ “Info=False";connection.Open(sConnectionString);//create the sql query to insert the datasQuery = "INSERT INTO SecretQuiz (UserName, Score) “ + "Values(“ + "'" + Session("MM_username") + "', “ + "'" + Request("score") + "')";connection.Execute(sQuery);if (connection.errors.count > 0) Response.Write("<br>There was a connection error.");else Response.Write("<br>The score was recorded.");connection.Close();