The media can be your partner
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The Media Can Be Your Partner - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The Media Can Be Your Partner Make It Happen With CSC Objectives After this webinar, participants will be better prepared to: Build awareness of CSC among local media Identify for use at least three resources from press kit

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The Media Can Be Your Partner

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Presentation Transcript

The Media Can Be Your Partner

Make It Happen With CSC


  • After this webinar, participants will be better prepared to:

    • Build awareness of CSC among local media

    • Identify for use at least three resources from press kit

    • Identify three ideas for engaging the media in your local CSC event

    • Learn two ways to obtain “after event” media coverage

Celebrate Safe Communities

  • Occurs from October 2-4, 2008

    • Plan later or ongoing events through Month

  • National Crime Prevention Month

    • Occurs every October

  • Partnership of the National Crime Prevention Council, National Sheriffs’ Association, and U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance

  • Visit

How Do I Grab Media Attention?


Partnering With the Media

  • Use NCPC’s electronic press kit

    • Contents include:

      • Sample proclamations

      • News release templates

      • Research

      • Collateral Materials

        • Editorials

        • PSAs

        • Newspaper supplement

Preparing for the Media

  • What are your goals?

  • What is your key message?

  • What is your agenda?

    • If you don’t have one, create an agenda


Time Magazine

Person of the Year

Today’s media is about consumer interaction. The media look for consumer-driven content. Tools like the blogs, Youtube, MySpace bring together the small contributions of millions of people and make them matter.

Approaching the Media

  • Real life example

    • Crime victim turned advocate

    • Mover & Shaker

  • Give hard facts

    • New stats about local crime

  • Expert fills in the blanks

    • What to do about local crime issue

Using the Press Kit

Sample proclamations

  • Celebrate Safe Communities

  • Crime Prevention Month

    • Encourage Governor or Mayor to issue proclamation

    • Present the proclamation to local government leaders at a council or board meeting

    • Create souvenir copies for your volunteers

Using the Press Kit

Sample proclamations

  • Once your proclamation has been issued . . .

    • Send to local newspaper for publication

    • Share in local organization’s newsletters

    • Ask local radio stations

    • Pitch local morning news shows

Using the Press Kit

  • Advisories and News Releases

    • Advisories

      • Advance event notice

      • Announce keynote speaker

    • News Releases

      • Localize official release

      • Announce your event

      • Available for interview

      • After the event

Using the Press Kit

News Releases

  • Link CSC to current community “hot topics”

    • Neighborhood Watch

    • Cyberbullying prevention

    • Home Invasion

    • Burglary

    • Identity theft prevention

Using the Press Kit


  • Use research and statistics to grab attention

    • Perceptions of Crime fact sheet

    • NCPC 2006 “Fear of Crime” report

    • NCPC’s McGruff Recognition report

    • Neighborhood Watch fact sheet

Using the Press Kit

Collateral Materials

  • Encourage airtime for PSAs

    • Respond to local crime with radio PSA

    • Air TV on local access shows

  • Newspaper support for supplement

    • Protecting kids in cyberspace

      • Reprint one or more articles

      • Sponsor or find sponsor to reprint supplement

Using the Press Kit

Collateral Materials

  • Talking points

    • Use to focus spokespeople and volunteers

    • Adapt/create new for specific issues

  • Localize CSC national press materials

    • National news releases

    • Encourage local airtime/support for VNR and ANR

Using the Press Kit

Collateral Materials

  • Fliers

    • Neighborhood Watch Toolkit flier

    • CSC registration flier

    • CSC announcement flier

  • Websites

    • Report exciting ideas through CSC website

    • Write about CSC event progress on your website

Additional Ideas

  • Host Crime Prevention Seminars

    • Use PPT presentations on the website

    • Conduct demonstrations

      • Self-defense, home assessments

  • Crime Prevention Month brochures

    • Localize and reproduce with event information

  • Plan celebration for CSC award winners

Partner with the Media Ideas

Invite the media . . .

  • Follow local preparation for the CSC event

  • Film a visit by McGruff to local school

  • Record kids participating in a crime prevention month poster contest

    • Winners can be announced at the event or later in the month

  • Report on a fingerprinting day at school or local mall

Public Appearances

Partner with the Media Ideas

Invite the media . . .

  • To do live remote broadcast from event

    • Local weather personality

  • To host autograph signing booth at event

    • Residents get to meet favorite personalities

  • Local radio to broadcast live from the event

Partner with the Media Ideas

Offer the Media . . .

  • VIP/keynote speaker interview

  • Interview with local volunteer

    • Compelling story

  • Volunteers for a crime prevention tips hotline segment during their morning news show

  • Submit weekly crime prevention month tips to local newspapers, television, and radio

Partner with the Media Ideas

Offer the Media . . .

  • Ask NCPC for local public affairs contacts

    • Offer to be a guest on their show

    • Work with your Public information officer/public affairs office to suggest an angle for your law enforcement executive to appear on local media outlets

  • Create your own crime prevention month PSA

    • Work with local media to co-star and film at their studios

    • Link to NCPC’s PSAs on your website

  • Local crime prevention show

    • Host an NCPC or NSA spokesperson

    • Promote local programs that work and include CSC information

Partner with the Media

Submit weekly crime prevention month tips

Partner with the Media Ideas

Offer the Media . . .

  • Chance to record one-of-a-kind event

    • Active Example -- March against crime

    • Visual Example -- AIDS quilt

  • Access to

    • Police Chief

    • Local celebrity

      • Involve a local sports figure, actor, personality in your event

  • Story ideas for their blog

    • Track their blogs and write responses/share new information

    • Offer guest blog opportunity if you have your own blog



of journalists read Blogs for story ideas.1


A Blog is a user-generated and frequently updated online journal, displayed in reverse chronological order, with opportunity for Comment from other users.

  • Facts:

  • There are 54,000 new Blog posts every hour

  • The Blogosphere doubles approximately every 230 days

  • On Average, Blog users visit 77% more web sites than non-Blog users.2





Percent of online Americans that read Blogs.

( That’s 57 million people! )



Growth in traffic to Blogs on Traditional Media websites.

( Only 9% growth in traffic to main page )

Nielsen//Net Ratings Press Release

Partner With the Media

Get Creative with online media

  • YouTube Video

    • Create entertaining video about event

    • Create crime prevention tips videos

  • MySpace Page

    • Share stories about local event volunteers

    • Post pictures before and after the event

Partner With the Media

Still more you can do after the event

  • Tout what worked

    • Share success stories through news release

      • Influx of registrants for Neighborhood Watch

    • New partnerships

  • Plan for next year

Partner With the Media

Coming soon . . .

  • More tools you can use

    • Talking Points

    • Video News Release

    • Audio News Release

    • Editorials

Contact Information

Michelle Boykins

Director of Media Relations and Marketing

Communications and Research Services Department


NCPC main phone line: 202-466-6272

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