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Spotlight™ on SQL Server. Powerful Diagnostic and Resolution Tool for Microsoft SQL Sever Databases. High Availability. Application Offloading. Monitoring & Diagnostics. DB Server Development. Performance Tuning. The Quest Application Management Platform. DEVELOP/DEPLOY. MANAGE.

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Spotlight™ on SQL Server

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Spotlight™ on SQL Server

Powerful Diagnostic and Resolution Tool for Microsoft SQL Sever Databases

High Availability

Application Offloading

Monitoring & Diagnostics

DB Server Development

Performance Tuning

The Quest Application Management Platform



Quest Monitoring Solution


Quest Foglight®

e-Business, Commerce One, PeopleSoft, Exchange, Oracle Apps, Siebel, SAP,WebLogic, WebSphere,SharePlex®



Spotlight™ Products

Oracle, SQL Server & DB2 UDB

Exchange &Windows

EMC, Oracle Apps,SAP & Web Servers


Coming Q1 2001

Coming Q2 2001

Problems Facing SQL Server DBAs

  • Responsible for installing, configuring, administrating and troubleshooting Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Majority time is spent performing troubleshooting and solving issues.

  • Performing numerous tasks besides Database Administration

  • No sophisticated diagnostic tool to measure database performance.

  • Lack the ability to quickly identify, troubleshoot and resolve database bottlenecks.

Spotlight on SQL Server Will…

  • Eliminate time-consuming guesswork by identifying source of problem

  • Immediately pinpoint database bottlenecks

  • Easily drilldown to details of problem areas with a few mouse clicks

  • Automatically calibrate to set normal activity baseline

  • Provide performance thresholds to predict problems before they occur

  • Get expert advice from online tuner

What is Spotlight on SQL Server?

  • Shows a visual representation of real-time SQL Server process flows

  • Automatically sets a baseline for normal database activity

  • Displays the details of problem areas for rapid problem resolution

  • Alerts DBAs with an audio or visual alarm

  • Will operate with Foglight® for 24x7 unattended monitoring of systems, databases & applications

Product Differentiation(Microsoft)

  • Spotlight provides a complete picture in one screen

  • Raw data versus information

  • Increase in efficiency by rapidly identifying bottlenecks

  • Online tuner for rapid resolution of problem

  • Thin client – only 5 MG

Spotlight Important Facts

  • Currently GA

  • Spotlight Supports the Following:

    • Windows NT & 2000 (Client Side)

    • Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 & SQL Server 2000

Spotlight on SQLServer

Out of the Box Diagnostics

Understanding Cause and Effect:

  • Many application issues are generated by individual users

  • When user requires resolution of an issue, the pressure is on to provide swift results

  • Isolate cause from effect within the subsystem

  • Highly graphical representation of cause and effect and rule-based diagnostics

  • Support leading applications and infrastructure

  • Instant ROI and value

Customer Success

Response to a TV ad campaign overwhelmed the Web site

Quest’s Spotlight located the bottleneck in 15 minutes vs. the estimated 10 days

Spotlight recommended a solution that increased Web page access by 2500% andSpotlight™

“Fifteen minutes after I

installed Spotlight™,

I was able to diagnose

a problem, correct it and

dramatically boost

performance for my


  • Tom Cox, DBA

    TrueNorth Consulting

In Summary

Quest Software offers the most complete monitoring, diagnostics and high availability solutions on the market today.

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