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Flight. Gliders. Balloons. Famous People. Laws. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt. Air in motion. Wind.

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10 pt

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5 pt

5 pt

5 pt

5 pt

5 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

15 pt

15 pt

15 pt

15 pt

15 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

25 pt

25 pt

25 pt

25 pt

25 pt

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Air in motion

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Any machine that is capable of flying through the air.

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The force which retards the forward movement of an aircraft in flight.

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Point where three axes come together

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Center of gravity

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The flow of air which moves opposite the flight path of an airplane.

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Relative wind.

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Sailplane cadets use at Air Force Academy

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Schweizer TG-4

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Disrupts airflow over upper camber of the wing.

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Divebrakes or spoilers

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Average rate at which temperature decreases with an increase in altitude.

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Lapse rate

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The art of staying aloft by exploiting the energy of the atmosphere.

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A column of air that moves upward.

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A form of wooden construction used in the baskets.

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Another name for a basket.

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Container that holds the hot air.

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A measure of heat

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British Thermal Unit or BTU

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Material that covers the vent

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Father and son who flew towards the sun

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Daedulus and Icarus

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Discovered relationship between pressure and fluids in motion.

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Daniel Bernoulli

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Discovered gravity

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Sir Isaac Newton

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Two French brothers who created the first successful, manned hot air balloon

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Montgolfier Brothers

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Made a flight over Paris on November 21, 1783.

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Pilatre d’Rozier and Francois d’Arlandes

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The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water, one degree celcius.

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An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by some outside force.

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Newton’s First Law of Motion.

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CL X R X 1/2V2 X A

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Also known as Bernoullian Lift

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Induced lift

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Dynamic lift is example of this Newton Law

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Third Law of Motion

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