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PowerPoint Basics Workshop. Presented by Western Washington University Academic Technology & User Services. Workshop Objectives. At the end of this workshop, you will. recognize ways PowerPoint presentations can be used

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Powerpoint basics workshop l.jpg

PowerPoint Basics Workshop

Presented by

Western Washington University

Academic Technology & User Services

Workshop objectives l.jpg
Workshop Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will

  • recognize ways PowerPoint presentations can be used

  • be able to create a PowerPoint presentation containing text and graphics

  • be able to present an on-screen PowerPoint slide show

Introductions l.jpg




PowerPoint Experience & Needs

Use powerpoint to create l.jpg
Use PowerPoint to create

  • On-screen presentations

  • Handouts

  • Overheads

  • Web Pages

  • Speaker’s Notes

  • 35 mm Slides

Presentations can include l.jpg
Presentations can include

  • Text

  • Graphics

  • Multimedia

    • Sounds

Presentations can include6 l.jpg
Presentations can include

  • Text

  • Graphics

  • Multimedia

    • Sounds

    • Video clips

Presentations can include7 l.jpg
Presentations can include


  • Between slides

Presentations can include8 l.jpg
Presentations can include


  • Between slides

Presentations can include9 l.jpg
Presentations can include


  • Between slides

Presentations can include10 l.jpg
Presentations can include


- motion effects applied to text or graphic objects

Before you begin l.jpg
Before You Begin

  • Who is the audience?

  • What type of presentation?

    • Computer Display Panel

    • Handouts

    • Overheads

    • 35 mm slides

  • How much time do you have?


Powerpoint views l.jpg
PowerPoint Views

Select using the View menu or View Buttons

  • Normal View - one slide at a time

    • Outline & Slide Panes may be visible on the left

  • Slide Sorter - all slides as “thumbnail” graphics

  • Notes Pages - add notes to use as you make the presentation

  • Slide Show - onscreen presentation

View Buttons-displayed in lower left corner

Powerpoint views13 l.jpg
PowerPoint Views

  • use Normal View, Outline Pane to

    • see progression of presentation

    • add new slides

    • Re-order slides

  • use Normal View, Slide Pane to

    • check for uniformity of slides

    • reorder slides

    • delete slides

Showing an on screen presentation l.jpg
Showing An On-screen Presentation

  • View, Slide Show or or F5

  • Click for Next Slide or animation

  • Right-click for menu or Previous Slide(choose Tools, Options, View, Popup Menu to change the option)

  • While in Show, F1 displays slide show keystroke menu

  • Use Slide Show Menu for more options

Creating a presentation l.jpg
Creating A Presentation

  • File, New …..

  • Select from templates

    • on the Office XP Task Pane

    • in the Office 97/2000 dialog box

  • Choose the type of slide from the Slide Layout options

Adding text l.jpg
Adding Text

  • Click in the text placeholder box and typeor

  • Click a Text Tool in the Drawing Toolbar

Word Art

Text Box

Vertical Text Box

Editing text l.jpg
Editing Text

  • Click to select the text box or drag to select the text

  • Use the Formatting Toolbar

  • Right-click for frequently used options

Text items can include l.jpg
Text Items can include

  • Titles

  • Bullet Lists

  • Tables

  • WordArt

This is WordArt

To add a slide l.jpg
To add a slide

  • Choose New Slide

  • Select the slide layout which most closely matches the type of slide desiredor

  • In the Outline pane, press Enter

To delete a slide l.jpg
To delete a slide

  • Choose Edit, Delete Slideor

  • select the slide in Slide Sorter view or the Outline or Slide pane and press the Delete key

To reorder a slide l.jpg
To reorder a slide

  • Go to Slide Sorter view

  • Drag a slide to a new location

    Slides can also be moved in the Normal viewOutline and Slides panes

Adding graphics and multimedia l.jpg
Adding Graphics and Multimedia

For Clip Art, click the Insert Clip Art button on the Drawing Toolbar

  • Choose Insert

    • Picture

      • Clip Art

      • Picture From File

    • Diagram

    • Text Box

    • Movies and Sounds

    • Chart

    • Table

    • Object

    • Hyperlink

Use the Drawing Toolbar to add Drawing Objects and modify objects

Selection tips l.jpg
Selection Tips

  • click to select an object

    • Selection boxes appear on corners and sides

  • use SHIFT to select multiple objects

  • drag the mouse to select multiple objects

Editing tips l.jpg
Editing Tips

Drag to move an item

  • mouse will be 4-headed arrow

  • To resize, click on a selection box and drag

    • mouse will be a 2-headed arrow

    • Drag from a corner selection box to maintain proportions

  • For more options

    • Right-click

    • Drawing Toolbar

    • Task Panes

  • Adding transitions l.jpg
    Adding Transitions

    • select the slide to receive the transition

      • To select all slides, go to Slide Sorter view and choose Edit, Select All

    • open the Slide Transition Task Pane

    • select a transition

    • select speed, sound and advance slide options

    • click the Slide Show button or F5 to view the transition

    Adding animations l.jpg
    Adding Animations

    • select the text or graphic

    • right-click and choose Custom Animationorchoose the Custom Animation Task Pane

    • click Add Effect, then select an Effect

    • Click the Slide Show button or F5

    Editing animations l.jpg
    Editing Animations

    • on the Custom Animation Task Pane, select the object to be edited

    • options for Start, Direction and Speed are displayed

    • to add a sound

      • right-click the selected object

      • Choose Effect Options, then Sound

    • click the Slide Show button or F5 to view your animation

    Slide masters l.jpg
    Slide Masters

    Choose View, Master, Slide Master to make changes to every slide in the presentation

    • Change fonts or colors

    • Add graphics

    Slide design l.jpg
    Slide Design

    Click Slide Design or Format, Slide Design to

    • Change fonts, colors, background graphics on all slides

    • Right-click selected template for options

    Page setup l.jpg
    Page Setup

    Choose File, Page Setup to set type of presentation

    • on-screen

    • letter paper

    • overhead

    • slides

    Printing l.jpg

    Choose File, Print to select

    • What to print slides, handouts, notes pages, outline view

    • Which slides

    • Options

      • Scale to fit paper

      • Frame slides

      • Include comment pages

    Creating a web page l.jpg
    Creating A Web Page

    • Choose File, Save As Web Page

    • Specify a filename and location

    • Click Publish

    Powerpoint resources l.jpg
    PowerPoint Resources

    • HR Training & Development Classes

      • http://www.acadweb.wwu.edu/hr/training/itt/itt.htm650-4998

    • ATUS Help Desk

      • [email protected]

    Graphic items include l.jpg
    Graphic Items Include

    • Clip Art

    • Imported Graphics

    • Drawing Objects

    You can add words to any shape