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Akofang Balebetse from Botswana BEng Computers and Networks University of Essex, UK Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology Department of information Technology Network Section. About Botswana.

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About Botswana

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Akofang Balebetse from BotswanaBEng Computers and Networks University of Essex, UKMinistry of Communication, Science and TechnologyDepartment of information TechnologyNetwork Section

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About Botswana

  • landlocked country in Southern Africa- has population of 1.7million people- jewel of Africa – with unspoilt delta and wildlife.

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Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology

  • Comprises of 4 departments

  • Information and Technology

  • Btv

  • Information Services

  • Government Printers and Publishers

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What I do……..

  • Provide connection and support of all government services/applications to all government ministries/departments.

  • Management; administration; maintenance of all government data network devices.

  • Advice on all ICT related matters /standards – e.g. naming, cabling standards, etc.

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Our Network……..

  • Broadband Backbone – high speed network provided by BTC.

  • 8 nodes: 2Mbps connection between most nodes and 256kbps on other sites.

  • Regional connection – less expensive: BTC’s frame relay and ATM protocols.

  • Most services are in Gaborone; star/ring topology; redundancy and resiliency.

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  • Leased line connection – 64kbps as default; up to 2Mbps.

  • Dial-up services; RAS (Remote Access Servers).

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1. Campus LAN:

- Core: Extreme switches

(Black Diamond/Alpine/Summit)

;support Layers2/3

- BTC’s ring fibre

- BD/Alpine: Gigabit

- Other Cisco switches and


- Currently: upgrade on to run

at Gigabit: tender evaluation



- Only in Gaborone at the


- For special sites: interactive

applications that require more

than 2Mbps supplied by BTC.

- Cisco Aero net 350 series

- Thinking VSAT for sites where

BTC cannot provide.

- BW is up to 11Mbps

Successful Projects

Successful projects cont l.jpg

3. Video Streaming

- 1st country in Africa to have

installed this.

- for schools/colleges: to run

educational programs + internet


- via Btv Transponder

- Bonus: Government officers are

able to watch tv in their offices

using their PCs/Laptops.

- 4 pilot schools currently

4. Police Microwave

- Police use this for their car

radios or walkie/talkie;

- We use it for data; even connect

sites nearby mostly by fibre.

Successful projects cont….

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5. Internet Access

ISP – to government

via Btv Transponder; 1Mbps upload and 4Mbps download

Service provider - Norwegian company

100Mbps Laser link between core and Btv; problem – no access when foggy or rainy.

Ministries/department access at no cost – cost recovery on planning process.

Successful projects cont….

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WITFOR (World Information Technology Forum) – Conference in Aug 31st to Sept 2nd 2005

  • Botswana will be hosting this

  • 800 delegates/participants expected.

  • Preparations are on

  • Sponsorship from companies world wide

  • If successful: Botswana will be marked as “Africa’s ICT hub”.

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  • HIV/AIDS scourge

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  • Questions?

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