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About Botswana PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Akofang Balebetse from Botswana BEng Computers and Networks University of Essex, UK Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology Department of information Technology Network Section. About Botswana.

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About Botswana

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Akofang Balebetse from BotswanaBEng Computers and Networks University of Essex, UKMinistry of Communication, Science and TechnologyDepartment of information TechnologyNetwork Section

About Botswana

  • landlocked country in Southern Africa- has population of 1.7million people- jewel of Africa – with unspoilt delta and wildlife.

Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology

  • Comprises of 4 departments

  • Information and Technology

  • Btv

  • Information Services

  • Government Printers and Publishers

What I do……..

  • Provide connection and support of all government services/applications to all government ministries/departments.

  • Management; administration; maintenance of all government data network devices.

  • Advice on all ICT related matters /standards – e.g. naming, cabling standards, etc.

Our Network……..

  • Broadband Backbone – high speed network provided by BTC.

  • 8 nodes: 2Mbps connection between most nodes and 256kbps on other sites.

  • Regional connection – less expensive: BTC’s frame relay and ATM protocols.

  • Most services are in Gaborone; star/ring topology; redundancy and resiliency.

  • Leased line connection – 64kbps as default; up to 2Mbps.

  • Dial-up services; RAS (Remote Access Servers).

1. Campus LAN:

- Core: Extreme switches

(Black Diamond/Alpine/Summit)

;support Layers2/3

- BTC’s ring fibre

- BD/Alpine: Gigabit

- Other Cisco switches and


- Currently: upgrade on to run

at Gigabit: tender evaluation



- Only in Gaborone at the


- For special sites: interactive

applications that require more

than 2Mbps supplied by BTC.

- Cisco Aero net 350 series

- Thinking VSAT for sites where

BTC cannot provide.

- BW is up to 11Mbps

Successful Projects

3. Video Streaming

- 1st country in Africa to have

installed this.

- for schools/colleges: to run

educational programs + internet


- via Btv Transponder

- Bonus: Government officers are

able to watch tv in their offices

using their PCs/Laptops.

- 4 pilot schools currently

4. Police Microwave

- Police use this for their car

radios or walkie/talkie;

- We use it for data; even connect

sites nearby mostly by fibre.

Successful projects cont….

5. Internet Access

ISP – to government

via Btv Transponder; 1Mbps upload and 4Mbps download

Service provider - Norwegian company

100Mbps Laser link between core and Btv; problem – no access when foggy or rainy.

Ministries/department access at no cost – cost recovery on planning process.

Successful projects cont….


WITFOR (World Information Technology Forum) – Conference in Aug 31st to Sept 2nd 2005

  • Botswana will be hosting this

  • 800 delegates/participants expected.

  • Preparations are on

  • Sponsorship from companies world wide

  • If successful: Botswana will be marked as “Africa’s ICT hub”.


  • HIV/AIDS scourge

  • Questions?

  • Thank you !

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