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Silas Hunt Scholars Mentors Training

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Silas Hunt Scholars Mentors Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Silas Hunt Scholars Mentors Training. Veronikha Salazar Jonathon Modica. GOALS. To ensure that the Silas Hunt Scholars have a peer resource on campus to help them adjust to college.

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silas hunt scholars mentors training

Silas Hunt ScholarsMentors Training

Veronikha Salazar

Jonathon Modica



  • To ensure that the Silas Hunt Scholars have a peer resource on campus to help them adjust to college.
  • To provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere within the Multicultural Center and the Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity
  • To help the Silas Hunt Scholars succeed both inside and outside of the classroom


  • To provide practical skills and knowledge necessary for success throughout the Scholars’ academic career at the University of Arkansas.
  • To ultimately bond them to the University of Arkansas and retain them through graduation.


  • 1) Provide practical learning sessions for positive first year experience
    • Informal weekly lunches and/or outings for Mentors and Mentees
    • Monthly theme meetings
  • 2) Provide Scholars and Mentors the opportunity to get involved in cultural activities on the U of A campus International Students and Scholars Office
    • Multicultural Center
    • Cultural Immersion Nights
    • Cultural Student organizations


  • 3) Introduce Scholars to U of A Resources vital to academic success
    • Enhanced Learning Center
    • Writing Center
    • Student Support Services
    • Health Center
    • Library
    • Student Involvement and Leadership


Share knowledge, expertise, advice and growth experiences with member in reference to the member's major and or career goals.

Keep dedicated contact with mentee once every two weeks via email and/or phone

Attend at least two of Socials during the semester. There are plenty of events held during each semester

Establish a valuable relationship with mentee that both mentor and mentee can benefit from.



5. Provide member with applicable resources that are beneficial to the growth of the mentee, professionally and academically.

6. Be a source that your mentee can turn to for contacts to establish a meaningful network with persons (i.e. faculty and staff) in their field of study or career goals.

7. Encourage winning behavior, trigger self awareness and offer wise counsel.



8. Successful navigation through the freshmen year experience and beyond

9. Attendance at all monthly meetings

10. Have fun!!!!!



 1) Leaders will be paired based on the criteria they check requested in the application form

2) Leaders will need to coordinate with their partner a time and location for each meeting.

3) Dates and times of events need to be given to Veronikha/ Jonathon by the first Monday of prior month

4) Entire list of event with dates and times will be sent to entire Hunt Scholar listserv. 



5) Scholars are expected to attend at least one social event each month

6) Leaders should keep track of who is in contact with them i.e. record dates and time of phone calls as well as copies of email sent to mentees. Send a copy (BC) to – jmodica@uark.eduevery time you email your mentee. You can also forward us the emails you send to your mentee



7) Scholars earn 5 points for each event they attend – sponsored by the MC, with maximum of 15 points in a month

8) At end of every semester, mentors will be assessed by their mentees and the Multicultural Center Staff



 1) Be honest

Students want to hear how it really is

2) Be positive

Love the U of A

3) Call or E-mail Often

Check in with students; Find out how they are doing. Be concerned.

4) Schedule Brunch/lunch/dinner/coffe with your students

Everybody has to eat!



 5) Provide real advice that will help

The “pat” answer isn’t always the best one for the students.

6) Represent the U of A

Be a good ambassador for the University.

7) Attend all the Hunt events

They are only twice a semester so you should be able to make it!

8) Have fun!!!!

It’s not rocket science!



 1) Be negative

Being honest doesn’t mean telling them all the “bad” things that you’ve heard or seen.

2) Lose touch with your students

If you forget to contact them, they’ll stop coming, and they’ll lose out on important info.

3) “Date” your students

We aren’t a dating service, so be sure to act appropriately.



 4) “Act a fool”

If you are out at a party, and you see one of the Scholars, be an adult. You’re their mentor, and they are probably looking up to you.

5) Spend too much time on the Hunt Scholars and neglect your schoolwork!

You’re here for a reason. Be sure to use your time wisely!

6) Forget about the Multicultural Center!

We’re here if you need us!



Talk to them about what they want to do in life and/or school

2. Find out about their struggles

3. Learn about their family, hometown, and upbringing if they feeling like sharing

4. Encourage them in what they do and are passionate about



  • Provide them with an experience unlike something they are used to (must be helpful and cause no harm)
  • Get them to think about their future and the choices they make currently, and how it can affect their future
  • 7. Be consistent, reliable honest and trustworthy


1. What is your student ID number?

2. Who was your Mentor? (write his/her name)

3. How many times did you meet with your mentor?

4. How were you contacted mostly by your mentor?

5. On scale 1 to 5 (1 being Poor and 5 being Excellent):How would you rate your mentor overall so far ?



6. On scale 1 to 5 (1 being Poor and 5 being Excellent): How would you rate face-to-face meetings with your mentor?

7. What is the activity you enjoy most doing with your mentor?

8. On scale 1 to 5 (1 being Poor and 5 being Excellent):How helpful was your mentor in your transition to the University of Arkansas during the first semester?

9. What area of the Silas Hunt program could improve to ensure you are successful while attending the U of A?

10. Would you like to continue with your current mentor next semester