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Wanted: a book Report

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Wanted: a book Report

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Wanted: a book Report

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  1. Wanted: a book Report By: Carly Postal

  2. Main characters • Hanna Marin- • Spencer Hastings- • Aria Montgomery- • Emily Fields-

  3. Hanna Marin • Loves to shop • Obsessed with popularity • Weight insecurity’s • Will do anything to be “Number One” • Protagonist, being stalked by “A”

  4. Spencer Hastings • Smart, straight A’s • Obsessive, neat freak • Highly competitive • Field hockey • Protagonist being stalked by “A”

  5. Aria Montgomery • Artistic • Lived in Iceland for a year • Parents separated • Going out with her AP English teacher • Protagonist being stalked by “A”

  6. Emily Fields • Gay • Serious Swimmer • Parents are judgmental and • Do not except her for who she is • Confused • Protagonist being stalked by “A”

  7. *A* • Stalks the girls through text • Threatens them with exposure of • their secrets • The girls suspect Ian Thomas, the • person who was accused of murdering • Alison. • Gives the girls hints on Ali’s murder, and her own identity, • However, often leads them into traps.

  8. Setting • Wanted is set in picturesque suburb, Rosewood, Pennsylvania • The attend snobby Rosewood Day • Lots of secrets • Woods

  9. Other influential characters • Ali and Courtney DiLaurentis • Twins • Courtney is mentally insane • No one knew Courtney existed until • she was publicly presented at a press • conference • Switched places when parents made • Mistake and took Ali to mental hospital, not Courtney • Antagonist

  10. Another Influential character • Ian Thomas • Dating Melissa, Spencer’s sister • Field Hockey coach • Secretly dated Ali • Suspected for murdering Ali

  11. The Dramatic pyramid • BEGINNING • As the girls enter the woods behind Spencer’s house, the woods become engulfed in flames, as they emerge, someone who is supposed to be dead practically rises from the ashes. Ali was there coughing and sputtering just like them. However before the could get their wits about them the mysterious girl had disappeared, leaving them to wonder if it had been their imagination…….

  12. The Dramatic Pyramid • RISING ACTION • Finally, after almost a year of secrets and lies, Ali’s murderer is finally convicted. The girl they thought was Ali from the fire was her twin sister, Courtney. The girls are now friends with Courtney, safely believing that Ali’s killer will be left to rot in jail….or so they think….

  13. Dramatic pyramid • CLIMAX • After befriending Courtney, the girls go up to her lake house after a school dance to reconnect. However after a reenactment of the night Ali disappeared, Ali actually is gone. The girls sitting dumbly hypnotized on the floor. When they awoke the realized something was amiss the smell of smoke was burning their noses.

  14. Dramatic pyramid • When the girls here odd knocking, they open the closet to find Spencer’s sister, bound and gagged, with Ian Thomas’s dead body splayed across her lap. When an odd letter is slipped under the door, they read it to find the horrifying truth: The girl that they knew was Courtney, not Ali, and that the girl they knew was dead. They also came to terms with the fact that Ali killed Courtney, and she intended on killing them as well……

  15. Dramatic PYRAMID CLIMAX DiLaurentis Lake House • With the smell of smoke in the air the girls escaped the burning house to watch it explode before their very eyes…..it was finally over, the truth more sickening than anyone ever could have imagined.

  16. Falling Action • With Ali’s drama done, the girls reunite their friendship, and are free from the threats and dangers of the past two years.

  17. recommendations • I would recommend this book to girls who………………………… • Like mystery • Love suspense • Like books that make you figure things out, and solve puzzles • Also, books that make you really connect with the characters

  18. About the author • Sara Shepard • Born in Pennsylvania • Went to college at NYU in 1995 • Wrote children novels before the Pretty Little • Liars books.

  19. Ending • I would not have changed anything about this book • I think that it answers all questions, and is a satisfying ending to a great series