tetrahedron kites n.
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Tetrahedron Kites

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Tetrahedron Kites. By Aaliyah O’Garra. What a Tetrahedron Kite is.

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tetrahedron kites

Tetrahedron Kites

By Aaliyah O’Garra

what a tetrahedron kite is
What a Tetrahedron Kite is
  • Tetrahedrons are a regular 4 sided polygon. Basically a pyramid shaped framework which is the strongest structure known. A tetrahedral kite is formed when you cover two sides of the four sided figure and to join a number of these together into a large tetrahedral kite.
  • How do I make sure my kite flies?
  • There are different ways to make sure the kite flies like making sure there are not any holes in the front so the air won’t get out. Make sure you use something light like paper so it will go up or move with the wind.
  • Was it easy to make the kite?
  • In a time frame for me it took at least two to three days & for some people it is easy with the knots & putting on real neat tissue paper, so it depends on if you try or you just know how to create the kites. For me the question would be a no.
  • Did You Have Fun While Making The Kite?
  • Yes I did because I got to try something new so that was a good experience & like I said it was not easy but it was fun.
other types of kites
Other types of kites
  • About the World Famous BUFFALO BOX KITES!
  • Buffalo Box Kites are made of an assortment of wild, hot
  • colors in 3/4 ounce Rip Stop nylon—the 2 ft. Pee Wee, 3 ft.
  • Zinger, 4 ft. Brawny and 6 ft. MR. BIG! We use only the very
  • best hand sanded, light weight, airplane grade woods in each
  • kite. Double sets of cross sticks ensure a drum tight sail area
  • for fantastic flights every time! "Boxes" can be easily joined
  • together to create a fascinating sculpture that flies as great as
  • it looks. This combination of sturdy construction and
  • Eye catching beauty makes any size Buffalo Box Kite a flying
  • delight! Over 21,000 of these kites have been sold worldwide.
  • Kite fliers in New Zealand, Japan, China, India, England,
  • Germany, Austria and Australia are all proud owners of these
  • beauties.
  • Found on www.foreverflying.com
page two
Page two
  • The Diamond Kite
  • The Diamond kite is probably the most recognized type of kite in the Western world today. For centuries it has remained popular due to its stable and reliable flying characteristics. Diamonds are simple to make too, which makes them a popular choice for children.
  • Although not often seen now, the Diamond kite design can be flown with a bowed cross spar. If positioned close enough to the nose, this eliminates the need for a tail. The bow can be achieved by tensioning the spar with string, causing it flex. Alternatively, the cross spar can be in 2 pieces with these then joined to the vertical spar at an angle.
  • I certainly made a few classic flat Diamond kites as a kid, like most people! Being rather heavy, none of them flew as well as most modern retail kites though.
  • Some people refer to Diamonds as '2 stick kites'. The two sticks are the vertical spar running from nose to tail, and the cross spar going side to side.
  • www.my-best-kite.com
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Tissue paper or any other light sheet like product
  • Clear tape
  • Straws
  • String
  • You might need scissors