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Compliance Meeting

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Compliance Meeting. November 2012. Transfer Waiver Process. Specific to waivers requested when a student-athlete wants to return to a school closer to home due to the illness or injury of an immediate family member (e.g., mother, father, sibling, child or legal guardian).

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Presentation Transcript
compliance meeting

Compliance Meeting

November 2012

transfer waiver process
Transfer Waiver Process
  • Specific to waivers requested when a student-athlete wants to return to a school closer to home due to the illness or injury of an immediate family member (e.g., mother, father, sibling, child or legal guardian).
  • Will consider relief when:
  • The school presents medical documentation of a debilitating injury or illness to a SA’s immediate family member that requires ongoing medical care. Previously, the standard had been “life-threatening”
  • SA must demonstrate that he or she will be responsible for regular, ongoing caregiving responsibilities. Previously, SA required to be the primary day-to-day caregiver.
  • The school is within a 100-mile radius of the immediate family member’s home. Previously, no distance limitation was in place.
  • The school to which the SA is transferring must submit a statement from the AD and FAR, confirming that the SA will be relieved of responsibilities to the team in order to care for the family member, which also must be agreed to and supported by the SA’s coach.
transfer waiver process cont
Transfer Waiver Process (Cont.)
  • Additionally, the subcommittee decided if SA’s family member is given a specific amount of time to live, that potentially outweighs all other guidelines.
  • Occasions in which the welfare of the SA takes precedence or other unique circumstances are presented, and those cases should be appealed to the subcommittee.
  • Staff will also take into account the timing of the injury or illness diagnosis in relation to the decision to transfer.
  • Waivers only affect the ability to play immediately; not financial aid.
  • Waiver must include written medical documentation, a letter from the student-athlete and confirmation that external third-parties were not involved with the decision to transfer.
  • Rationale: “The new guidelines are a more realistic standard for balancing the academic workload, athletics commitments and personal obligations of student-athletes under these circumstances.”
enforcement model
Enforcement Model
  • Three guiding principles:
  • Fairness – Must be fair to all parties involved in the process and consider the interests of all member institutions that uphold integrity through compliance. Severity of penalties must have a direct correlation with the significance of the violations.
  • Accountability – Must hold institutions, coaches, administrators and student-athletes who violate the rules accountable for their conduct, both at the individual and institutional levels. Emphasis on shared responsibility of compliance, within the institution.
  • Integrity – Must ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the process and its results. Goals: transparency, confidentiality, easy to understand, legitimacyand timely.
violation structure
Violation Structure
  • Level I – Severe Breach of Conduct
    • Lack of institutional control
    • Academic fraud
    • Failure to cooperate in NCAA investigation
    • Individual unethical conduct
    • Head Coach’s failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance
    • Extra benefits provided by coach, institutional staff member or booster with the intention to secure the commitment of a PSA
    • Third-party recruiting violations, when institution knew or should have known about the involvement
    • Reckless indifference to NCAA bylaws
    • Collective Level II and/or III violations
violation structure1
Violation Structure
  • Level II – Significant Breach of Conduct
    • Failure to monitor (could escalate to Level I)
    • Multiple recruiting, financial aid or eligibility violations that do not amount to a lack of institutional control
    • Systemic violations that do not amount to a lack of institutional control
    • Failure of head coach to promote atmosphere of compliance resulting from an underlying Level II violation by an individual within the sport program
    • Collective of Level III violations
violation structure2
Violation Structure
  • Level III – Breach of Conduct
    • Isolated incidents that are limited in nature (not severe)
    • Provide minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage
    • Provide minimal impermissible benefit
    • Inadvertent violations of NCAA bylaws
    • Extra-benefit, financial aid, academic eligibility and recruiting violations, provided they do not create more than minimal advantages.
  • Level IV – Incidental Infractions
    • Camp brochures
    • Recruiting Correspondence
    • IRL infractions – official visit
compliance cup update november 14 2012
Compliance Cup Update – November 14, 2012
  • Top 10:Points
  • Women’s Soccer 2499
  • Women’s Tennis 2467
  • Women’s Basketball 2379
  • Track & Field 2370
  • Volleyball 2344
  • Softball 2339
  • Baseball 2333
  • Lacrosse 2300
  • Men’s Tennis 2120
  • Men’s Basketball 2048