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Benefits:. Increased server utilization Reduced IT TCO Improved IT agility. Advantages:. High performances Affordable, low cost solution Robust and easy to use Easy to deploy Simple management and implementation of virtual machine

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  • Increased server utilization
  • Reduced IT TCO
  • Improved IT agility
  • High performances
  • Affordable, low cost solution
  • Robust and easy to use
  • Easy to deploy
  • Simple management and implementation of virtual machine
  • Multi-os support enables windows and Linux virtual machines
  • Board industry support amongst leading manufacturer including IBM, INTEL, HP
  • Wider local storage support
  • Deep hardware virtualization integration
xen architecture



Guest OS

Host OS







Xen Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM)


H a r d w a r e

To run PinOS between guest and hardware: Use Xen

Virtualize and present a fake processor to the guest OS



XEN architecture

processor architecture
Processor architecture
  • Table 2.3 Xen Features by CPU Architecture
  • x86 x86 x64
  • Feature (no PAE) (with PAE) (x86_64) IA-64 POWERPC
  • Privileged Domains X X X X X
  • Guest Domains X X X X X
  • SMP Guests X X X X
  • Save/Restore/Migrate X X X X
  • More than 4GB RAM X X X X
  • Progressive PV X X X X X
  • Driver Domains X X X
  • Table 2.4 Paravirtualization Requirements and Considerations
  • Item Type item Requirements or special Consideration
  • Memory Management Segmentation Cannot insert privileged segment descrip-
  • tors and cannot overlap with the top end
  • of the linear address space.
  • Paging Guest operating system has direct read
  • access to hardware-level page tables,
  • updates are batched or performed indi-
  • vidually and validated by the hypervisor.
  • CPU Protection The guest operating system must run at a
  • more restricted privilege level than Xen—
  • in other words, it cannot run in Ring-0.
  • Exceptions The guest operating system must register
  • a table for exception trap handlers.
  • System calls The guest operating system may install a
  • handler for system calls, allowing direct
  • calls from an application or the operating
  • system itself. Some of these calls do not
  • need to be handled directly by Xen.
  • Interrupts Hardware interrupts are replaced with a
  • notification event mechanism.
  • Time The guest operating system must be
  • aware
  • Device I/O Network Virtual devices are simple to access. Data
  • and Disk is transferred using asynchronous I/O
  • rings, and interrupt-like communication
  • to the guest operating system is handled
  • through event notifications.
  • CPU
    • Cpu virtualization
    • Cpu scheduling
    • Time
  • Memory management
    • Memory allocation
    • Paging and segmentation
    • Virtual address translation
  • I/o virtualization
    • Device i/o ring
    • Event channels
    • Virtual i/o devices and split device driver
    • Software and hardware iommu
creating virtual machine
Creating virtual machine
  • Using a template file
  • Installing from a CD or an ISO image onto a XEN virtual machine (windows 2003 and windows xp only)
  • Installing from vendor media onto a network installation server directly onto a XEN vm
  • Performing a physical to virtual convertion on an existing server
  • Cloning an existing VM
  • Importing an existing exported XEN VM
  • Great performances with minimal overhead
  • Hardware virtualization extension
  • Easy to use, robust and affordable
  • Benefits of server utilization
  • Linux for U