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  1. Room 5 Edition McAuliffe Kids News Volume 1 Issue 7 “ST PATRICK’S DAY EDITION” MARCH 2007 Disneyland and California Adventure byStudent One At Disneyland and California Adventure there are a ton of fun rides. Here are 3 really popular rides. It’s a Small World On this ride, you sit in a boat on the water with other people. You move slowly through different countries while the dolls are singing in different languages. All of the dolls are dressed up in the costumes of that country. Pirates of the Caribbean On Pirates of the Caribbean ride, again you go on boat. There are life sized robotic dolls that look like pirates. They just added two Jack Sparrow characters from the movie two dips. One is in pitch black and it lasts 3 seconds. The second dip is one second long and the room is lit up. Soaring Over California Soaring Over California is in California Adventure. You sit in a row of seats and you lift up in front of a screen. The screen is really big and it’s a circle. The screen turns on and shows places in California. One of the things it shows is fields of oranges. You can really smell the oranges. When you go over the trees, your seat tilts back like you’re flying up and over the trees. This ride really makes you feel like you’re flying. The Princess Castle at Disneyland has two gift shops inside and lights up at night. “Pirates of the Caribbean” that look very real. There are Think you want a pet? byStudent Two Here are some things you should consider: Rodents are lovable and independent. Rodents are probably the least expen-sive of pets but sometimes you can get a cat or dog for free. Some rodents are less expensive than others. I recommend rodents to big and small families alike. (Tip #1 Make sure your pet is healthy) Dogs are great family pets and are good for families with yards. Dogs are great family pets and work well with kids. Dogs are on the expensive side but are well worth the hassle (Tip #2 Save a life, Mutts can make great family pets too, so think adoption) Cats make great pets for people with calmer children or no children. Cats are more indepen-dent than other pets and work well with working parents. (Tip #3 Pick your pet for its temperament notbreed.) Pets like birds and fish are good too if you are allergic to fur. Pets take a lot of responsibility so talk it over with your parents first.

  2. Volume 1 Issue 7 “ST PATRICK’S DAY EDITION” MARCH 2007 Ferruccio Lamborghini’s fight with Enzo Ferrari By Student Three Key Words V12 and 12 Cylinders - A cylinder is a tube with a piston going up and down inside it giving the power to turn the wheels. It is called V because that is the formation that the cylinders are placed. The more cylinders your car has the more “strength”. Like a weight lifter with many or few muscles. The tradition for American sports cars is they always have a V8, while European cars usually have V12 engines. RPM (Rotations Per Minute) - Look next to the speedometer in your car. You will find another speedometer saying 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. 8 and 9 are usually in red. I will also say rpm in thousands. It’s showing how many times your engine rotates – not how many times your wheels rotate! The higher the rpm, the more power your car has. For example, if you were riding really fast on a bike and your feet were turning slowly. You would have more power if your feet were turning fast. BHP (Brute Horse Power) - Bhp doesn’t change. It stays the same on every car showing how many horse power in all your car can produce. A regular minivan engine usually has 180 bhp to 200 bhp. A modern Lamborghini has about 400 to 600 bhp. Liter - 3.5 liter stands for how much room, volume there is inside the cylinders. A regular minivan usually has a 3.3 to 3.5 liter engine. Bigger volume more power strength. A fast lightweight sports car travels about the same distance as a big heavy minivan on the same amount of fuel.A modern Lamborghini has a 4.5 to 6.5 liter engine. For more information ask me at free time. Around the 1960’s, tractor manufacturer Ferruccio Lamborghini (1916-1993) began to gain interest in producing a high-performance car. He had owned Oscars, Maseratis and Ferraris but was never really happy with his cars. There are several versions of what started the conflict between Enzo Ferrari (the founder of Ferrari) and Ferruccio. The most common conflict is the one as told, by Ferruccio’s son, where Ferruccio goes to Enzo to complain about the clutch in his Ferrari 250 GT. Enzo said to Ferruccio to go back and drive tractors, not cars. Ferruccio went back to his factory and realized that the clutch in his Ferrari was the same as the ones in his tractors. He went to the supply room and found a spare clutch. Ferruccio tried to replace and surely enough it solved the problem. But that was not enough from stop him from his revenge. He knew his car had to have a V12 for full revenge. When Giotto Bizzarrini, who had earlier designed a Ferrari V12, was done designing the Lamborghini 350 GTV, Ferruccio had the right car to show off with it’s 3.5 liter 12 cylinder engine producing an impressive 360 bhp at 8000 rpm. The company quickly became a success. Now it is home to some of the most luxurious cars in the world. Lamborghini is currently owned by Audi Ag.

  3. Released on February 3rd , 2005, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a way to store and listen to music, take photos, make videos, play games, and it also has WiFi technology. WiFi is a way to connect to the internet wirelessly. The PSP is the first product that Sony has made that is a portable game console, and it is a wonderful game console with many nice features. The Wii was introduced on November 19th, 2006. Using the Wii remote or nunchuck, you can move your body part and the character on the screen will do the same. The Wii has WiFi technology. A Wii will sense the motion in your wrist and transfers it to the thing on the screen. It is the 3rd non-portable console that Nintendo has made. I think that the Wii is a new generation of game consoles. The Xbox 360 was released on November 22nd , 2005. Microsoft has made 1 other game console which is the Xbox. The Xbox 360 has WiFi technology. You can also play video games on it (see below for popular games), play DVD’s, take pictures, make movies and store and play music. Using the controls you can move characters, race people, or you can watch a movie. It is the second game console that Microsoft has made. The Xbox 360 is an awesome game console! Found in stores on November 17th , the PlayStation 3 is a wonderful console, designed to do many different things. It can play DVD’s, it has HD quality games, and it has WiFi technology. PlayStation 3 is the 3rd generation of Sony’s non-portable gaming consoles, although Sony has made one portable gaming console which is the PlayStation Portable. I think that the PlayStation 3 is an excellent game console. Volume 1 Issue 7 “ST PATRICK’S DAY EDITION” MARCH 2007 Comparison of Game Consoles By Student Four Many companies have made game consoles, but some popular companies are Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. Within the last 2 years Nintendo has recently created the DS Lite and the Wii, Microsoft has invented the Xbox 360, and Sony has made the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable. Nintendo DS Lites were introduced on June 11th, 2006. It has dual screens (DS). On it you can communicate with others or play games. If you communicate with others you can send them pictures or text. Nintendo has come up with a variety of game consoles, although they have only made 2 portable game consoles that have dual screens. I have a Nintendo DS Lite and it is great! Source: Nintendo .com, PlayStation .com, Xbox .com, Amazon .com and InStat .com Continued Next Page

  4. Volume 1 Issue 7 “ST PATRICK’S DAY EDITION” MARCH 2007 Comparison of Game Consoles (cont’d) When People Grow Up By Student Five People in Janine’s class have a variety of things that they want to be when they grow up. Annette and Alexandra want to be teachers when they grow up. However, Annette is not sure if she wants to be a teacher or a nurse. Some people want to do sports related things. Drew and Oscar want to be race car drivers but Drew is not sure if he would be a race car driver or a hockey player. I want to be a soccer player. Some people want to be artists. There are different kinds of artists. Amol wants to be an animator and Siddarth wants to be on American Idol. Some people don’t know what they want to be when they grow up but they still have a lot of time to make up their minds.

  5. Volume 1 Issue 7 “ST PATRICK’S DAY EDITION” MARCH 2007 Saving the Sea Otters: Little Mistakes=BIG Problems By Student Six A lot of animals are almost extinct, such as Sea Otters, and most people are the ones to blame. Many oil spills have occurred and there is lots of pollution is in the air. How do these things happen? Easy, we do it. Chemicals are dumped in drains and then flow out to sea. What will happen then? Not just otters get sick and hurt but so do all the other animals! Bad water is not good for them to swim in, breath in or live in. Otters lick their fur when they take baths. If chemicals are in their fur, when they lick it, they’re bound to get sick! Same exact thing happens with oil spills, but worse! Otters live in shallow water and that’s usually where oil spills happen, IN THE SHALLOW WATER, NEAR THE BAY! Oil spills are the worst threat to Sea Otters. It can get in the otters fur then make it open up. Whathappens then? Sea otters have the thickest fur in the animal kingdom and with oil separating their fur, Sea Otters will lose all their heat and sense of balance then might freeze and drown. Oil spills can also kill many marine wildlife in the ocean. And with so many fish and other marine life animals killed, the circle of life will not go on. With prey not available, animals will starve and might die. That is exactly why we have to do our part in cleaning up the world. Even if it’s not your mess, trash, garbage or anything like that, clean it up! And DON’T LITTER! It may do lots of damage to our world and living things, such as people, animals and the environment. It’s just like your messy room. Clean it up! It will get easier to clean it up before anything happens that makes it really hard to do. We’ve learned our lesson about dumping dangerous chemicals in the drain or the ocean! But from such a little mistake, there are still things out there that we will NEVER be able to clean up. And that’s a BIG problem. Speak Back By Student 7 Kitten Playing a Guitar This kitten is thinking something, but what? There are many possibilities and it’s up to YOU to think up what the cat’s thinking. Have any ideas? If you do, please send them to or put it in the newsletter envelope before the next newsletter goes into production. Please make sure it has your name, date and title of this picture. Favorite sayings will be put in the next newsletter.