programme level multi year funding commitment n.
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Programme-level Multi-Year Funding Commitment PowerPoint Presentation
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Programme-level Multi-Year Funding Commitment

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Programme-level Multi-Year Funding Commitment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Version 3. Simplify MyPBAS related operations and Ensure Multi-Year Planning & Budgeting in Programmes toward FY14 Budgeting Process. Programme-level Multi-Year Funding Commitment. Blue: added in version 2 Green: added in version 3. Background.

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Programme-level Multi-Year Funding Commitment

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programme level multi year funding commitment

Version 3

Simplify MyPBAS related operations and

Ensure Multi-Year Planning & Budgeting in Programmes

toward FY14 Budgeting Process

Programme-level Multi-Year Funding Commitment

Blue: added in version 2

Green: added in version 3

  • When LEAP was introduced in 2005, Programme-Projects structure started. (previously it was Project-its components)
  • Methodologies of Programme/Project Planning/Designing and Management became well organized.
  • Programme/Project Financial System became complicated
    • Budget files, PBAS entries, C/F and Project Core and Logframe Financial Report became 5 times
  • But, Donor restriction (mainly SP) is not changed
    • If same Programme, it seems that many SOs have flexibility of fund allocation among Projects
  • WV’s Development Programme Approach (IPM adoption) requires more flexible operation to work with local partners

Not changing Programme-Projects structure in Development theory and accountability-level, change to Programme-level Commitment as one figure

where we stand now
Where we stand now
  • Jan 21/22: Conducted two discussion WeBEX inviting SO IPG heads, SO IPG Finance heads, SDOs, RFDs and RFMs. Feedback received from 8 SOs, 2 ROs and 10 NOs including Operation/Programme, Ministry Quality and Finance.
  • Feb 20: Discussed in GFFT call (GC Finance, RFDs, SO IPG Finance heads) inviting GFO and DPE/IM. Feedback received from 7 SOs and 2 ROs. The most of feedback required clarifications on the proposed new business process.
  • The direction to simplify MyPBAS operation with the related works was endorsed by SO&ROs/NOs, and especially NOs appreciate more flexibility so that they can accommodate field-level timely needs.
  • Attached feedback summary focus on key concerns/issues, cartelized by 5 areas, and add comments/clarification with the name of groups to follow up. Texts in blue are based on the feedback after GFFT call.
    • SO internal operation issue: SP economic model/PCPY based approach, SP Reserve management
    • Business protocol: Loosing SOs’ control power at project-level, too much flexibility
    • Programme financial management issue: why only for SOs, overspending risk, poor agreement status of PDD/MY Budget, NOs capacity for better budget management
    • Roll-out
    • Clarification: meaning of “commitment”, accounting, etc.
  • Based on the additional suggestions, this 3rd version is developed.
  • The funds which have no specific donor restrictions on project allocation under the same Programme
    • Mainly Sponsorship
    • But not limited, e.g., PNS general funding which has no donor restrictions.
    • Grants (Gov’t, Multi, PNS) are out of scope
      • Funding commitment which is tied with the specific activities should be made in a separated MyPBAS document (individual T4 code) by SOs (no change)
        • E.g., FY14 ADP total budget of $500K is funded by Sponsorship mainly but a part of Education project is funded by PNS Grant with $50K.
        • SO enters $450K to SMP and $50K to Education project in MyPBAS.
pre conditions directions
Pre-conditions & Directions
  • Pre-conditions
    • No design changes on IT systems such as
      • MyPBAS DB
      • SunSystem: v6 is now roll-out
      • Horizon: system linked with LEAP budget template
      • LEAP Budget Template: v10 is not yet fully implemented
      • Project Core & Logframe Financial Report Template: new template starts from FY13 Q2.
    • No structure change on Programme and Project
  • Directions
    • Simplify, Reduce not-value-added work
    • Keep project-level accountability
    • Ensure the concept of Multi-Year Planning & Budgeting in Programme
    • Give more flexibility of annual cashflow and budget reallocation among projects under the same programme, but no overspent in each year-end per programme.
    • Ensure responsibility of line management in NOs and ROs for programme quality assurance functions aligned with one Operation one Organization.

MY Budget

Budget Framework

Project Core & Logframe Financial Report


SO enter one big $

NO enter five $

over lifecycle

Annual Budget

ITD Budget

YTD Actual

ITD Actual

Revised CY Budget

Living Budget

Inception-to-date (ITD) Budget/Actual is cumulative budget/actual of the phase. If in 3rd year of the current phase, ITD budget/actual is total budget/actual from 1st year to 3rd year.

budget types
Budget Types
  • Multi-Year Budget (MY Budget)
    • This is 3 to 5 years of lifecycle budget created along with Programme Design Document (PDD).
    • MY Budget is be kept over 3 to 5 years of lifecycle unless PDD is revised or material budget change such as caused by exchange rate, inflation, etc.
    • This will be used as Inception-To-Date (ITD) Budget.
  • Revised Current Year(CY) Budget
    • This is one-year (CY) updated budget along with revised one-year (CY) Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP)
    • Revised CY Budget reflect previous year’s accomplishments. For example, if there are some remaining activities but need to carry out, those activities are included in the Revised CY Budget.
    • It is called “Annual Budget” in Project Core & Logframe Report.
  • Both use LEAP Budget Template (currently v10.1)
example mypbas
Example - MyPBAS

440(70+370) is the cap for NO for Year 2 total budget for Project A & B

pcfr and no cf explanation forms
PCFR and NO CF Explanation Forms

CY SS Actual

MY Budget (= Cumulative amount of PBAS fresh commitments)

Revised CY Budget

transition plan
Transition Plan
  • Projects that have SO Forecasts at Project-level in FY12 MyPBAS DB (up to FY15 data)
    • If SO Forecasts are based on the agreed PDD/MY Budget, keep them at Project-level and simply copy to SO approved commitments until FY15.
    • If SO Forecasts are not the final agreed amounts,
      • Either keep them at project-level forecast but reflect agreed PDD/MY budgets at project-level, and copy them to SO commitments at project-level (up to FY15data), or
      • Change to Programme-level forecast in FY14-16 planning and budgeting process.
    • From FY16 MyPBAS data, all SOs Forecasts are shown under one project with Programme-level total amount.
  • Projects that have SO Forecasts at Programme-level in FY12 MyPBAS DB
    • Keep Programme-level but update to the agreed the total Programme-level amount.
  • NOs keep to reflect agreed MY Budget to MyPBAS at project-level, and won’t change to the revised CY budget from FY14 MyPBAS.
  • NOs upload agreed MY Budget into SS budget ledger as ITD Budget from FY14.
    • If current phase is from FY11-15, upload FY14-15 ITD budget.