If you see neolithic revolution
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If You See : Neolithic Revolution. Think of : End of the last “Ice Age” People began to settle = Civilizations developed- Major river valleys - Huang He, the Indus, and the Nile civilizations . If You See: Brahma, dharma, and moksha. Think Of: Hinduism. If You See: Great Wall of China .

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If you see neolithic revolution

If You See: Neolithic Revolution

Think of: End of the last “Ice Age”

People began to settle = Civilizations developed- Major river valleys - Huang He, the Indus, and the Nile civilizations

If you see brahma dharma and moksha
If You See: Brahma, dharma, and moksha

  • Think Of: Hinduism

If you see great wall of china
If You See: Great Wall of China

  • Think Of: Protect the Chinese from the nomadic tribes of northern and central Asia

If you see renaissance
If You See: Renaissance

  • Think of: Rebirth of the Classical Age – time of the ancient Greeks & Romans.

  • Bring back the arts, sciences, literature, etc = Their Golden Age

  • End of the Middle/ Dark Ages = Death/Dangerous.

The phoenicians
The Phoenicians

- “Carriers of civilization” = Cultural diffusion.

  • Traded goods and spread ideas throughout the Mediterranean region = sea people.

  • Phonics = alphabet

Carefully drawn calligraphy zen gardens and the tea ceremony
Carefully drawn calligraphy, Zen gardens, and the tea ceremony

  • Think Of: Early Japanese Culture/way of life.

If you see mansa musa originated from mali
If You See: Mansa Musa (originated from Mali)

  • Think Of: Famous Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca = holy land of all Muslims.

  • Trade and travel – crossing the Sahara/N. Africa.

  • Connected to Salt for Gold Trade.

If you see reformation
If You See: Reformation

  • Think Of: Martin Luther & his 95 Theses

  • Printing Press – helped spread the word

  • Weakened the Catholic Church W/the start of several other Christian Churches.

  • Protesting the ills/wrongs of Catholic church.

If you see crusades
If You See: Crusades

  • Think Of: Fight for the Holy Land (Palestine/M.E) – Christians vs. Muslims.

  • Cultural Diffusion – interest in each others’ cultures.

  • European interest in the Asian goods/products.

Encounter triangular trade middle passage encomienda columbian exchange etc
Encounter, Triangular Trade, Middle Passage, Encomienda, Columbian Exchange, etc.

  • Think Of: Slavery, Colonialism/Imperialism, exploitation, mass death of the natives and African populations/lands in the so-called, “New World.”

Zheng he chinese ibn battuta n africa muslim
ZhengHe (Chinese) & IbnBattuta (N. Africa/Muslim)

  • Think Of: Trading/Traveling to many distance lands

  • Cultural diffusion

  • Advanced navigation systems.

Scientific revolution or the enlightenment
Scientific Revolution or the Enlightenment

  • Think Of: Emphasis on the value of human reasoning

  • Break from the Middle/Dark Ages

  • Using science and logic to reach at everyday decisions.

If you see sim n bol var
If You See: Simón Bolívar

  • Think Of: The George Washington of Latin America

  • The Great Liberator – working/fighting for self-rule/independence from European colonialism/imperialism.

If you see industrial revolution
If You See: Industrial Revolution

  • Think Of: Factory production

  • Exploitation of workers – women & children

  • Vast pollution

  • Desire/need for an abundance of nat. resources.

If you see meiji restoration
If You See: Meiji Restoration

  • Think Of: Modernization/Industrialization of Japan

  • Last Samurai – remember that movie.

  • Break from the past/traditionalism – Tokugawa Shoguns.

If you see 1938 munich conference
If You See: 1938 Munich Conference

  • Appeasement – one of the major causes of WWII.

  • Helped to make Germany/Nazis stronger

  • Impact of the Great Depression.

Mikhail gorbachev glassnost and perestroika
Mikhail Gorbachev, Glassnost, and Perestroika

  • Think Of: End of the Cold War – Early 1990s.

  • New freedoms – more democratic

  • Moving away from Communism.

If you see bolshevik revolution
If You See: Bolshevik Revolution

  • Think Of: Birth of Communism/Reds in Russia = U.S.S.R.

  • Got rid of all western/capitalist/democratic policies

  • The rise of Lenin (N.E.P) and then Stalin (failed 5-Year Plans).

If you see confucianism
If You See: Confucianism

  • Think Of: Filial Piety

  • Kids must honor/respect parents, elders, the dead, and gov’t authority.

  • The 5 relationships & Social Order

If you see the treaty of versailles
If You See: The Treaty of Versailles

  • Think Of: The “War Guilt Clause” – Blame Germany for causing the WWI – and played a major role in A. Hitler and Nazis’ rise to power.

  • Reparations

Geographic characteristic shared by both greece and japan
Geographic characteristic shared by both Greece and Japan

  • Think Of: Archipelago – group, row, or chain of island

  • Irregular coastline = perfect for shipping/trading

  • Lacked arable land & natural resources – Conquest of other lands for what was lacking.

Martin luther 95 theses john calvin new bible and henry viii 6 wives new religion anglicanism
Martin Luther (95 Theses), John Calvin (new bible), and Henry VIII (6 wives/new religion = Anglicanism)

  • Think Of: Protestant Reformation throughout Europe

  • Weakened the power/authority of the Catholic church

  • Creation of several different Christian sects.

If you see marco polo
If You See: Marco Polo

  • Think of: Interest in Asian cultures increased

  • Later lead to colonialism/imperialism of Asia = resources, labor force, and rich/strategic land.

North american free trade agreement nafta 1994 or the european union eu post wwii
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) 1994 or the European Union (EU) post WWII

  • Think Of: Trade unions

  • Interdependence – working together for economic and political unity

  • Does away with many trade obstacles, i.e. tariffs.

Hungarian revolution in 1956 and the tiananmen square demonstrations in 1989
Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and the Tiananmen Square demonstrations in 1989?

  • Think Of: Repressive action was taken to end both protests.

  • Students/citizens protesting against Communist gov’ts stronghold/dictatorial rule.

  • Wanting more freedoms – western style of gov’t.

If you see laissez faire economics
If You See: Laissez- faire economics

Think Of:

  • Free Markets/trade

  • Capitalism

  • Little to no gov’t interaction in business – May the “best” win.

  • America and Western/democratic nations.

If you see human rights violations
If You See: Human Rights Violations

  • Jews – Holocaust/WWII and throughout history

  • Cambodians – Genocide of over 2 million people at the hands of Pol Pot.

  • Rwanda (1994) Hutus killed approximately 1 million Tutsi, while the U.S./U.N. absolutely nothing.

  • Nanking – Genocide and Gendercide by the Japanese.

  • Armenians – Genocide by the Turks

  • Iraq – Kurds were killed in great numbers by S. Hussein

If you see
If You See:

  • The fight in the Middle East for the Holy land/Palestine = Muslims vs. Jews. Non-stop blood baths year after after.

If you see silk roads
If You See: Silk Roads

Think Of:

- Trade & Travel: Europe/Middle East to China/Asia (vice versa): Exchange of goods/products.

- Cultural Diffusion/New ideas.

Think Of:

  • European: Spanish & Portuguese rule

  • Colonialism in the Americas/Latin America

  • Who’s at the top? Peninsulares = Europeans from the Iberian Peninsula = Portugal & Spain.

  • Who’s at the bottom? Africans/Natives = slaves

If you see zionism
If You See: Zionism

  • Homeland – for whom? The Jews.

  • Connected to the Balfour Declaration = agreement with the British gov’t for a homeland in Palestine.

  • Key in the creation of Israel.

  • If you want to understand the conflict in the Middle East, one needs to understand Zionism.

If you see karl marx
If You See: Karl Marx

  • A German political Philosopher – Spent most of his adult life in England; enjoyed more political freedoms there.

  • Wrote the Communist Manifesto alongside Frederick Engels

  • “Father” of modern Communism

  • Predicted a revolution of the proletariats vs. bourgeoisie would occur first in industrial Europe

  • Wrote during the Industrial Rev. = Mid. 1800s.

If you see chernobyl
If You See: Chernobyl

  • Think Of: Major “man-made” disaster = destruction/mass deaths.

  • Nuclear explosion

  • Connect it to modern-day Japan – think back to what happened a few months ago.

If you see iran s ayatollah khomeini and afghanistan s taliban
If You See: Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini and Afghanistan’s Taliban

  • Established an Islamic/theocratic state

  • Strict laws/customs.

  • Anti-west/democracy

  • Persepolis – You guys read it with Sandra

Reign of terror during the french revolution
Reign of Terror during the French Revolution

  • Mass deaths

  • Used violent methods to eliminate their opponents

  • One year of chopping people’s heads off with a guillotine. I.e., Marie Antoinette & Louis XVI

The panama canal and suez canal
The Panama Canal and Suez Canal

  • Shortened shipping routes between major bodies of water

  • Helped trade and travel

  • Save $$ & time.

Chronological order
Chronological Order

  • Roman Empire → Middle Ages → Crusades

  • Renaissance →European exploration of the Americas → Reformation

  • World War I →Treaty of Versailles → World War II →Korean War

If you see constantinople byzantine empire
If You See: Constantinople & Byzantine Empire

  • Think Of: Location made it the crossroads of Europe and Asia = Bosporus Sea – Helped to spread cultural diffusion.

  • Part of Eastern Rome – South of Russia.

  • Spread Christianity – Eastern Orthodoxy

Sepoy indian or boxer chinese rebellions
Sepoy(Indian) or Boxer (Chinese)Rebellions

  • Think of: British/Western imperialism of Asia. The natives attempted to end the ruled, but failed in their attempts and only made matters worst.

If you see john locke
If You See: John Locke

  • Think of: Protect the natural rights of individuals. Speak about freedoms. Gov’t for and by the people.

If you see triple alliance the triple entente
If You See: Triple Alliance & the Triple Entente

  • Think of: One of the major causes of Great War/WWI. Helped to increased tensions between European countries.

If you see berlin conference
If You See: Berlin Conference

  • Think of: Conquest and division of the so-called, “Dark Continent” = Africa at the hands of Europeans. When? Industrial Rev. 1800s

  • Imperialism/colonialism – all in the name of resources, labor force and land

  • White Man’s Burden

Social darwinists
Social Darwinists

  • Stronger groups have the right to rule and control weaker groups

  • Applying Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to everyday life/society.

Augusto pinochet saddam hussein and slobodan milosevic
Augusto Pinochet, Saddam Hussein, and Slobodan Milosevic

  • Oppressive regimes

  • Autocratic rule

  • Mass deaths/purges/ethnic violence = genocide

Toussaint l ouverture
Toussaint L’Ouverture

  • Nationalism/Freedom from the French

  • The great Haitian liberator

  • Helped Haiti gained its independence

  • Haiti became the first “Black” nation in the western hemisphere.

  • Rejection of the czarist system in Russia/U.S.S.R.

  • Impact of the Bolshevik Revolution = Intro to Communism

Agricultural advancement of the incas
Agricultural advancement of the Incas

  • Settled around Peru = mountainous area

  • Not good for crops/cultivation = limited space/arable

  • When you think of the Incas, think of Manhattan. Very small island, but millions reside there and many more visit/conduct business there.

  • How? Tall buildings = do a lot with very little

  • For the Incas =Terracing of mountains for farming

Louis xiv and peter the great
Louis XIV and Peter the Great

  • Absolute ruler = The monarch is all mighty/all powerful

  • Used religion = Divine Right of Kings

  • “Do not question government authority” = Autocratic gov’t

  • Centralized gov’t

Pax romana pax mongolia
PaxRomana & Pax Mongolia

  • Pax = means peace in Latin

  • Political/social stability

  • Often leads to a Golden Age = the best of times.

Mauryan gupta empires
Mauryan/Gupta Empires

  • Ancient Indian Empires

  • Development of math and science. Use of Sanskrit language and development of the concept of zero

  • The Pillars of Emperor Asoka of the Mauryan Empire

Water life
Water = life

  • All early civilizations developed close to/around major river systems/valleys/waterways.

  • Egypt = The Nile, Mesopotamia = Euphrates & Tigris, China = Huang/Yellow River, India= Indus & Ganges Rivers

Byzantine eastern rome
Byzantine (Eastern Rome)

  • Introduced the Cyrillic alphabet, Orthodox Christianity, and domed architecture to Russian culture

  • Hagia Sophia = Great temple

Golden age in spain
Golden Age in Spain

  • Cervantes’ literary classic Don Quixote, the rule of Isabella and Ferdinand, and the art of El Greco


  • Frigid region

  • Seeking access to warm water ports.

  • Largest landmass in the world

  • Most of it barren/waste land

  • Tundra = frozen desert

Seventeenth century scholars galileo galilei and ren descartes
Seventeenth-century scholars Galileo Galilei and René Descartes

  • Contradicted traditional medieval European beliefs

  • Went against the teachings of the Bible/church

  • Fell into lots of trouble with traditional authorities

  • Used scientific/enlightened thinking/logic/methods to come to a conclusion.

The powder keg of europe prior to world war i
the powder keg of Europe” prior to World War I

  • The Balkans Peninsula

  • One of the major causes of the Great War/WWI

Masters apprentices and journeymen
Masters, apprentices, and journeymen

  • Guild system of Europe in the Middle Ages

  • Form of a union

  • Training people to be professionals in a time where schools/organized education was all but none existent.

Twelve tables
Twelve Tables

  • Ancient Roman Laws & Customs

  • Helped to govern the citizens of Rome.

If you see five year plan
If You See: Five Year Plan

  • Think of: Joseph Stalin’s plan for Russia’s economic growth.

  • All but the first failed.

  • Led to mass starvation – famine = mass deaths.

If you see mohandas gandhi
If You See: Mohandas Gandhi

  • Think of: India’s leader in the movement for independence from Great Britain

  • Method: Civil Disobedience – non-violence.

If you see the united nations
If You See: The United Nations

  • Think of: Created after WWII.

  • Resolve conflicts between nations peacefully.

  • Prevent another world war or another major conflict. But what happened to: Rwanda? Vietnam?

Organization of petroleum exporting countries opec
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

  • Think of: Establish production quotas to control the price of oil.

  • Several oil producing nations united to control the distribution of oil production across the globe.

If you see korean or vietnam wars
If You See: Korean or Vietnam Wars

  • Think of: Impact of the Cold War.

  • Proxy warfare

  • Post- WWII – 1950s – 70s.

If you see truman doctrine or marshall plan
If You See: Truman Doctrine or Marshall Plan

  • Think of: Working to prevent the so-called, “Domino Effect.”

  • Strengthen the alliances that had won the war

  • Containment policies

Fidel castro in cuba the sardinastas in nicaragua
Fidel Castro in Cuba & the Sardinastas in Nicaragua

  • Think of: Communism/followed Marxist principles in Latin American nations throughout the Cold War.

World war ii left many european nations weak and vulnerable
World War II left many European nations weak and vulnerable

  • Think Of: Major turning point– why/how? Many African and Asian colonies united (nationalism) in order to fight for their independence.

  • Many gained independence during the 1950s – 70s.

Great leap forward four modernizations china
Great Leap Forward & Four Modernizations (China)

  • Think of: Increase farm & factory output.

  • Growth of industry

If you see green revolution
If You See: Green Revolution

  • Think of: Green = plants/food/production using new methodologies, technologies, science, farming, etc.

  • Helped to increase agricultural production based on technological advancements.

  • If You See: Magna Carta, English of Rights, Glorious Revolution, Habeus Corpus, Petition of Rights, etc. (all connected to England/Britain)

  • Think of: Limited the power of the monarchy

  • More to Parliament/the people = more democratic form of government. Away from absolute rule.

If you see any question dealing with golden age
If You See: Any question dealing with “Golden Age”

  • Think of: Best of times for a particular nation or empire.

  • Great economy, literary period, arts, science/math, etc.

If you see mercantilism
If You See: Mercantilism

  • Think of: Economic system – age of Exploration and beyond (W. European nations).

  • Colonies were created to benefit the “Mother Country.” Colonies MUST serve.

  • All wealth and power for the “Mother Country.”

If you see pol pot
If You See: Pol Pot

  • Think of: The “Adolf Hitler” of Cambodia (my words) = mass deaths. Over 2 million were brutally murdered.

  • Often associated/connected to the Vietnam War.

If you see iron curtain taken from a speech
If You See: Iron Curtain (taken from a speech)

  • Given by Winston Churchill – Prime Minister of

    Great Britain

  • Think of: Cold War affairs

  • A political/hypothetic wall created by the Soviets to separate Europe post-WWII.

  • Created a world of twos: Western democracy/capitalist vs. Eastern/Communist.

If you see nelson mandela
If You See: Nelson Mandela

  • Think of: Apartheid in S. Africa = ultra racial discrimination/segregation at the hand of the whites = Afrikaans (Dutch settlers) and the British descendants.

  • Arrested for 27 years

  • Worked to make S. Africa more democratic

  • First black president of S. Africa.

By the 1500s the ottoman empire controlled parts of the middle east northafrica and eastern europe
By the 1500s, the Ottoman Empire controlled parts of the Middle East, NorthAfrica, and eastern Europe.

Impact of aids
Impact of AIDS Middle East,

Monsoons wind
Monsoons = Wind Middle East,

E u its growth
E.U.& its growth Middle East,