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Fashion & Gold Bracelets

At ZVU, check the wide collection of fashion & gold bracelets online. Our collection is unique & exclusive, handcrafted by Israeli designers. Buy online now.

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Fashion & Gold Bracelets

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  1. Exploring the World of Jewelry The world of jewelry represents a massive opportunity with new designs popping every other day. The item provides a sense of authority and helps one to challenge the status quo. On the other hand, the element adds charm to the bearer while adding a layer of elegance. This, in turn, has helped the industry grow real fast with no hindrance to it. On the other hand, Middle Eastern jewelry for wholesale follows the rules hard and fast and hence could not be ignored at all costs. Here is a brief note of the types of jewelry based on the jewelry label. Estate Jewelry – Estate jewelry does not necessarily refer to antiques or vintage pieces. These jewelry are pre-owned and are discovered

  2. during the purchase of an estate. A majority of the pieces are sold to the shops while the remaining pieces are auctioned at a high value. Pre-owned Jewelry – Pre-owned jewelry is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of categories. It can be an antique, an heirloom, or simply estate jewelry. To add on to it, these elements may not be antique and could have been worn for a day or two. In both cases, the jewelry is still called a piece of pre-owned jewelry. Vintage Jewelry – Vintage jewelry date back 20 years or above. Some collectors even consider jewelry that is at least 30 years old as vintage. This jewelry represents the designs and other characteristics of their time and hence are precious in nature and a massive success among the collectors like the Middle Eastern Jewelry for wholesale. Antique Jewelry – Antique jewelry date back 100 years. The pieces represent Georgian, Art Nouveau, and other designs of that era while entailing old European cut diamonds, rose-cut stones and plenty of platinum. Travel Jewelry – Travel jewelry is one of the modern trends that has its own set of designs. This kind of jewelry is also known as costume or dress jewelry and is generally made up of gold plated jewelry. Other items used in the jewelry are cubic zirconia, quartz, and crystals. Fine Jewelry – Fine jewelry is one of the most common jewelry in our time. The jewelry is made up of precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver with semi-precious or precious gemstones. Again, the price of the entire jewelry depends solely upon the type of metal and gemstone used. Designer Jewelry – The designer jewelry takes the fine jewelry to the next level with the help of professionals with a creative stint. These pieces of jewelry generally cost high and hence are mostly worn by celebrities similar to Middle Eastern Jewelry for wholesale. This classification based on the type is not sufficient alone, and the industry could be segmented on the basis of material as well. Here are some of the prominent ones. Enamel Jewelry Quill Jewelry

  3. Shellac Jewelry Plastic Jewelry Diamond Jewelry Crystal Jewelry Fashion Jewelry Shell Jewelry Kundan Jewelry Leather Jewelry Silver Jewelry Gold Jewelry Resin Jewelry Glass Jewelry Oxidized Jewelry This classification is based on the material of the jewelry and hence could not be ignored at all costs. Each element has its own nature and is suitable for a particular type of event. While some of the jewelry goes well for red carpet events, others, on the other hand, are well suited for trips and travels. Jewelry has been a long part of the society. Each place has its unique taste, while some of the jewelry like the Middle Eastern jewelry for wholesale has a universal application. These pieces of jewelry are loved and appreciated by all while being hard to replicate. Companies like the ZVU Artisan Jewelry has mastered the game. Make sure to visit them to reap maximum benefits. Read More: https://www.zvuartisanjewelry.com/

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