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Source: JJ Trottin , Alcatel-Lucent ( PowerPoint Presentation
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Source: JJ Trottin , Alcatel-Lucent (

Source: JJ Trottin , Alcatel-Lucent (

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Source: JJ Trottin , Alcatel-Lucent (

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  1. SuM Functional Architecture SuM NGN OSS Service Interfaces (NOSIs)TISPAN WG8 – 3GPP SA#5 Joint meeting Sophia Antipolis, May14th - 15th 2007. Source: JJ Trottin , Alcatel-Lucent ( Tispan 13tTDxxx

  2. SuM Functional Architecture • SuM Functional Architecture relies on Tispan NGN OSS Architecture (188 001) • Service Oriented Architecture • Fitting to eTOM Layers Tispan SuM focus

  3. Functional domain currently only covered by TISPAN WG8 FE not part of Common IMS FE Part of Common IMS TISPAN “NOSI” SUM Functional Architecture and NOSIs TMF / ITU-T eTOM Process Framework layers: “kind of” management functions Order Handling “SCA” NOSIs Subscriber /user creation Subscriber /user modification Service Configuration & Activation “RM” NOSIs TISPAN SuM scope Hides NGN Functional entities( FEs) Distribute user data on the NGN functional entities Resource Management (RM) Provisioning “NGN Fes” NOSIs TISPAN NGN FEs

  4. Manage Subscription Create Subscription: Delete Subscription: Update Subscription: Read Subscription: "Manage Subscribed Services" Add Service: Subscribe to Service: Unsubscribe a Service: Configure Subscribed Service: Remove Subscribed Service: Read Subscribed Service: Manage Users Create User: Delete User: Update User: Read User: Manage User Assigned Services Assign Service: Update Service: Delete Assigned Service: Read Service: Manage "User Customized & Activated Services" Activate Service: Update Service: Deactivate a service: Use cases supported by SuM functional Architecture Extract from 188002-1 SuM requirts

  5. SuM NOSIs exposed by NGN Functional Entities(NGN FEs NOSIs)to Resource Management

  6. SuM NOSIs exposed by NGN Functional Entities(NGN FEs NOSIs) to Resource Management • Tispan WG8 work at early stage • Hereafter current considerations under discussion • Main concerned NGN Functional entities : UPSF, AS , PDBF • Each NGN FE exposes the same NOSI with common operations • Create, Delete, Modify, Query (Data Components) • Other possible : Notify, Subscribe/Unsubscribe to notify • Operations applies to “Data Components” • “Data components” should correspond to the data entities (eg “IOCs”) defined in the Information model, but for the fragment of the Information model that concerns a given NGN FE • Reuse of concepts defined in 3GPP Standards (IRP, GUP)

  7. SuM NOSIs exposed by Resource Management (RM NOSIs)to Service Configuration & Activation

  8. SuM NOSIs exposed by Resource Management (RM NOSIs)to Service Configuration & Activation • Sum Requirements Extracts (188 002-1) • The Service Configuration & Activation part of SuM ensure the translation of the subscription into network information that is independent from the underlying network technology. • The Resource provisioning part of SuM ensure the configuration of the network information received from the service configuration and activation. This configuration is done by mapping the network information into the appropriate network data according to the deployed network technology. • Tispan WG8 work at early stage • Hereafter current considerations under discussion

  9. Order Handling SCA RM Provisioning Multiprovider considerations Order Handling Access provider “Integrated” provider This Nosi to be the same as if Access belongs to the “integrated provider Service Configuration & Activation “RM” NOSIs S/P Requisition Management Resource Management(RM) (Provisioning) “NGN FEs” NOSIs UPSF NOSI AS A NOSI A similar diagram can apply to a 3rd party application provider PDBF UPSF AS A

  10. Multiprovider considerations • Principle is the SCA of the “integrated” provider has an agent capability to identify if the Service requests it handles are transformed into requests to its own RM or to the S/P Requisition Managementthat will issue an order request to the other provider • The NOSI(s) between SCA and SRM and the one(s) between SCA and S/P Requisition Managt should be “almost” identical.

  11. Tispan WG8 current considerations • A consideration identifies RM NOSIs per domain • -    Access : so dealing with NASS aspects • -    Service control : so dealing eg with IMS core or other subsystem • - Applications : eg 3rd party IMS applications as well as IMS applications handled by the Service provider • Also is considered the different operations to be supported according to use cases (188 002-1) • Manage NGN SuM Data" is an abstract use-case which includes the following concrete use-case: • Install Subscriber: allows the installation of a new subscriber. • Update Subscriber: allows the (re)configuration of a subscriber. • Delete Subscriber: delete a subscriber. • Read Subscriber: get the information related to a subscriber. • Install User: allows the installation of a User with its associated services. • Update User: allows the (re)configuration of a User. • Delete User: allows deleting a user • CRUD Operations applied eg to a Network Access Profile, Credentials, Service user profile, Application profile ……