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The Great Horned Owl

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The Great Horned Owl - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Great Horned Owl. Julian. By. Source #1. Description. Coloring:. My owl Has brown, white, and black feathers. Size:. My owl is 18 – 25 in. tall. I am the 2 nd biggest owl in the world. Physical Characteristics:.

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Source #1



My owl Has brown, white, and black feathers.


My owl is 18 – 25 in. tall. I am the 2nd biggest owl in the world.

Physical Characteristics:

I have tufts, yellow eyes, I use my tufts as defenses, and I have very good herring.


Source # 1,16




An owl’s can’t move at all. The owl’s eyes are can’t move in there sockets. An owl’s eyes have three eyelids the third eyelid is transparent and mousiness the eye. My owl has ear tufts. The owl’s skull makes the eye sockets stay in place.

They have 1-4 eggs. Each egg is incubated for 28-35 days. It’s call is hoo – hoo – hoo – whooo! It is so big it is called the tiger with wings. It has 1 brood per year. They will not have there first flight till after 50 days. The specific call of the Great Horned owl is 3-8 loud, low hoots.


Source #_________

Source # 10




North America


Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean


South America

Indian Ocean


Describe their habitat here: My owl lives in North America. North America is very hot and most of it used to be a desert. The Great horned sepses licks hot weather and North America provides that hot weather.


Source #____24_____

Food Chain of the Owl

THE sun

A plant

A rat

An owl

In a food chain the Sun gives plants energy and then a rat eats the plant. The plant gives the rat energy. After that, a owl eats the rat. The rat gave the owl energy .As the endless cycle continues.

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