Codes and conventions of film posters clare mcatarsney
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Codes and Conventions of Film Posters Clare McAtarsney. Codes and Conventions of.. Romantic Genre. Cast credits, this attracts the audience, usually well know cast. Key image , the main characters of the film.

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Codes and conventions of film posters clare mcatarsney

Codes and Conventionsof Film PostersClare McAtarsney

Codes and conventions of romantic genre
Codes and Conventions of.. Romantic Genre

Cast credits, this attracts the audience, usually well know cast.

Key image ,

the main characters of the film.

Is the main focus of the poster, shows the audience the romantic/loving relationship between the two thus grabbing the attention of the audience.

The Title, written in a simple, white font, not the main attraction but is simple in its attraction

USP – Successful Novel

Soft blues and yellow colours/ blurred lights used connotates busy life, but allows the audience to focus on the characters.

Billing board; contains the director, producer and the images/logos of the distributers.

Release date

Codes and conventions of comedy genre
Codes and Conventions of.. Comedy Genre

Tagline “They bring you the News, so you don't have to get it yourself”, is parodist in that it is obvious they provide the news, remind the audience of the comedic genre of the movie.

Blue background represents, male dominant news team. With the “Channel 4” logo in print displays the authenticity of the news channel

Main Cast Credits, one cast member featured, Will Ferrell, attracts audience as he is a well know comedy film actor and he features as the main role in this movie.

Main image, leading character.

Sort of stereotype newsreader character. Other cast members are behind placing emphasis on main Character.

Movie Title, Written in a strong, metallic, dominant Silver, bold font, emphasises the importance of the main character and links the audience to what the film is about.

Billing Block

Codes and conventions of action thriller
Codes and Conventions of.. Action/Thriller

Dark colours, represent the ominous, dark , mysterious notion to the film. Links to the style of the film.

Main image, features the main character centre of the rest and in much fuller context, we see a gun reveals the genre of action/ thriller. The rest of the cast are placed behind.

Image, below the main cast shows a dark shadowed character again emphasising the eeriness of the film

Movie Title, written in red gothic style font, red is the colour representing danger and blood that are heavily featured in the film

Name of Direction and specialised direction of Quentin Tarantino

Billing Block

Release date


  • All posters feature two or more of their main featured characters

  • Images make eye contact with the audience

  • all posters featured the main conventions;

  • Title , Cast images, Billing block, Cast names.

  • Sin City and Anchorman have similar images in that the main character is placed at the front and featured cast are placed behind allow the audience to recognise the main actors. A selling point for the film in many cases.


  • Main differences that can be seen are;

  • Colour scheme displayed in each genre of movie poster, Romance soft yellows are blues; Comedy sharp bright colours; and action thriller dark greys, blacks and reds.

  • Sin City poster differs in that it does not present the cast names or even main actor, follows the ominous, mystery of the film genre.

  • The font used in each poster also links to the genre, soft and plain font is used in romance; Block Capitals, of outstanding usually bright font colour are used for comedy; and black or red, gothic fonts are used for thrillers.