Aminta s story part 1
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AMINTA’S STORY: Part 1. This is Aminta. She lives in a village near here and is a lot like you. She is worried. What do you think she is thinking about?. You are right!.

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This is Aminta.

She lives in a village near here and is a lot like you.

She is worried.

What do you think she is thinking about?

You are right
You are right!

One of her big concerns is her children. She would like them to go to school but she can’t afford the notebooks and pens they need. She would also like them to have better food.

Aminta has saved 10,000.

She wants to use the money to start a small enterprise from which she can get an income.

She decides she will make tie-dyed cloth like her sister-in-law.

As Aminta works she thinks…

“I will make 5 pieces of cloth and sell them for 2,500 each. Then I will make 12,500.”

She is very excited about her idea.

Next day Aminta goes to town and stops at the first store she comes to.

She buys the supplies she needs and is surprised to find she has to use all her savings. So she has to walk home.

Back home aminta gets to work
Back home Aminta gets to work… she comes to.

It takes a long time as she has never done tie-dying before.

What is happening here? she comes to.

Why is her husband upset?

What could Aminta be thinking?

Aminta hoped to make 12,500 by selling 5 pieces of cloth. What can she see?

How much will she be able to make now?

How much has she already spent?

What do you think she should do?

How many pieces of cloth will she be able to sell?

Aminta gets up early next morning to go to the market. What can she see?

What does she see when she gets there?

What do you think she is saying to herself?

Aminta sits in the market all day. People bargain with her.

Eventually she sells each piece of cloth for 800.

She is very discouraged and can’t understand how her big idea went so wrong.

Next day she asks her friends.

What do you think they are saying to her?

How could she have avoided all these problems?