worth visiting places in frankfurt oder germany n.
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Worth Visiting Places In Frankfurt Oder PowerPoint Presentation
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Worth Visiting Places In Frankfurt Oder

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Worth Visiting Places In Frankfurt Oder - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Worth Visiting Places In Frankfurt Oder
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  1. Worth Visiting Places In Frankfurt Oder, Germany Submitted By : Hotel Zuraltenoder

  2. Germany’s other Frankfurt known as Frankfurt Oder is located on the Oder River which is 90 km east of Berlin. The old town was practically wiped off the map towards the end of World War II. Though the old town could not recover its glory and the grandeur as a medieval trading centre and university town, it still stays strong as a tourist destination. Here are some of the places in Frankfurt Oder that are worth visiting.

  3. St Mary’s Church • The St. Mary’s Church, built from 1253 is a five-aisled hall church, is one of the most outstanding buildings of North German brick Gothic. The building got heavily damaged in April 1945. However, the ruins were secured in the 1950s and the sacred building was renovated by 1979. The three-meter-high fascinating Chorfenster with its colorful medieval glass painting is the greatest treasure of the St Mary’s Church. The picture cycle tells the story of the Christ, and the antichrist legend in 117 pictures. It is one of the places that should be visited while you are visiting Frankfurt Oder.

  4. Stadtbrucke • When you have seen all the hot-shot tourist destinations in Frankfurt Oder, then it’s time for some unexplored gems. One such gem is the stadbrucke. The bridge, which was completely blown up in April 1945 by German forces was rebuilt again after the war. It borders between the two countries is located in the shipping channel of Oder, and the remaining 70% is located in the Polish territory. A walk on the bridge is always worth the visit as it relaxes and leaves your mind calm and peaceful.

  5. Stadtbrucke • These are the two destinations that one must visit when traveling to Germany’s Frankfurt Oder. It makes you travel like a local. One is a famous Gothic building while the other is an unexplored part. Also there are quite a few good hotels in Frankfurt Oder. Hotel Frankfurt Oder is highly recommended if you are planning to stay in the best of Frankfurt Oder.

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