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高 一 英 语

高 一 英 语. Unit Ten The World around us. 词汇复习课 成都武侯高级中学 刘枋瑜. Polar Bear. panda. Slow Loris. Pere David' deer. Clouded leopard. Dodo. Quagga. Tasmanian wolf. Dinosaur. Bali tiger. panda. horse bull pig, swine goat antilope hippopotamus leopard fox bat

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高 一 英 语

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  1. 高 一 英 语 Unit Ten The World around us 词汇复习课 成都武侯高级中学 刘枋瑜

  2. Polar Bear panda Slow Loris Pere David' deer Clouded leopard

  3. Dodo Quagga Tasmanian wolf Dinosaur Bali tiger

  4. panda horse bull pig, swine goat antilope hippopotamus leopard fox bat whale dolphin seal chimpanzee Tasmanian wolf Dinosaur Polar Bear Bali tiger Slow Loris Quagga Pere David' deer Dodo Clouded leopard

  5. Be endangered ----- environment/ habitat Why? ----- cut down the trees kill the animals p0llute the environment die affect ----- How ----- take care of reduce protect adapt to advise/suggest

  6. endanger (v)危害;使受到危害 → (n.) 危害,受到危险 (n.) 危险处于危险中 → (adj.) 有危险的,引起危险的 →(adv.) 有危险地 endangerment in danger danger dangerous dangerously endangered The sea turtle is an species. Water pollution the future of the sea animals. You are when you meet a shark in the sea. endangers in danger

  7. pollute (v)弄脏,污染 →(u.n) 污染物,污秽物 →(c.n)污染者 pollution polluter 1.We can’t drink the (pollute) water. polluted polluter 2.The (pollute) that has (pollute) the river is a chemical. polluted

  8. 污染环境被严重污染阻止污染空气污染水污染废物污染噪音污染与污染做斗争保护人们免受污染水污染环境被严重污染阻止污染空气污染水污染废物污染噪音污染与污染做斗争保护人们免受污染水 Pollute the environment be seriously polluted prevent pollution air pollution water pollution waste pollution Noise pollution fight against pollution prevent people from polluting the water

  9. 1.随着科技的发展,产生了越来越多的污染。 With the development of science and technelogy , more and more pollution is produced. 2.如今,我们必须要做些事情去减少空气污染。 Nowadays , we must do something to reduce air pollution. 3.是我们该采取行动保护我们地球免受污染的时候了。 It is high time that we took measures to protect our earth from polluting.

  10. 英语同义词辨析 die  of , die  from Die (1)指由于内因,死于疾病、衰老、饥饿、悲伤等。 如:He died of joy/fear/disappointment/grief/disease/old age/hunger. (2)指由于外伤、外界原因、粗心、不注意、劳累过度等而死。 如: He died from an/a wound/disease/overwork/polluted air/carelessness/some unknown cause. die of die from

  11. die  down , die out ,die  off , die  away • (3) (火、光线、兴奋、暴风雨等)渐弱,渐息; • (4)绝种,灭绝;熄灭; • (风俗、习惯等)逐渐消失。 • (5)(家族、种族等)相继死亡; • (草木)先后枯死。 • (声音、光线、风等)渐弱,渐息,平息。 • 对·······很渴望 die down die out die off die away be dying for

  12. Fill in the blanks by using the following phrases. die of, die from ,die down ,die out,die off,dying for (1)The baby a fever. (2)He a chest wound. (3)It took a long time for the excitement to . (4)This kind of animal has in the world. (5)The deer in the forest are all from lack of water. (6)Many old customs are gradually . (7)Lucy is power . died of died from die down died out dying off dying out dying for

  13. 英语同根词辨析 die / death / dead / deadly die ① (vt.)死,死亡: death ②(n.)死、死亡: ③(adj.) 死的,无生命的: dead deadly ④(adj./adv. ) “致命的,致死的;如死一般地

  14. die / death / dead / deadly Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is . He on Oct. 5,2011 at the age of 65 . He of the cancer . Why is the cancer so ? His mad e us feel so sad . dead died died deadly death

  15. Take care of Take的相关短语 take effort take steps /measures to do take a risk / risks take charge of take notes take a chance take turns take advantage of take the opportunity take on take as take in take off take down take up take back take over

  16. 高考链接 1. (08宁夏) After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane __________ her job as a doctor in the countryside.A. set out B. took over C. took up D. set up 2. (08江西) I __________ it as a basic principle of the company that suppliers of raw materials should be given a fair price for their products.A. make B. look C. take D. think 3. (07 辽宁) Don‘t be _________ by products promising to make you lose weight quickly.A. taken off B. taken out C. taken away D. taken in 4. (06 浙江) We’re trying to ring you back,Bryan, but we think we __________ your number incorrectly.A. looked up B. took down C. worked out D. brought about 5. (06 福建) Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane__________ .A. takes off B. is taking off C. has taken off D. took off C C D B B

  17. 6. (06 山东) After he retired from office,Rogers __________ painting for a while, but soon lost interest.A. took up B. saved up C. kept up D. drew up 7. (2004广东) Helen always helps her mother even though going to school ________most of her day.A. takes up B. makes up C. saves up D. puts up 8. (2005上海) More and more people are signing up for Yoga classes nowadays,__________ advantage of the health and relaxation benefits.A. taking B. taken C. having taken D. having been take 9. (2008重庆) —I‘m afraid I can’t return the book to you before Friday.—__________. A. Don‘t be afraid B. Be careful C. Not at all D. Take your time A A A D

  18. Reduce ①(vt)减少,缩小,降低;减少至 减少花费 减速 减少花费、费用 减碳 减少塑料袋的使用 减少了……(百分比) Reduce expenses Reduce speed Reduce costs Reduce carbon Reduce the use o f the plastic bags Reduce … by 据说油价将会减少5%。 It is said that the price of oil will be reduced by 5% .

  19. 区别:reduce / decrease reduce: 普通用词,含义广。指数量、程度的降低或减少。 decrease: 指逐渐地、不断地减少。 1. The production will lead to ________profit. 2.He is trying to the family’s expenses. 3.His interest in this subject gradually . 4.Taking extra vitamins may your liability to colds. decrease decrease reduce decreases reduce

  20. ②(vi)变为,强迫 Reduce sb to doing sth 使某人沦为做某事 某人被沦为做某事 Sb be reduced to doing sth 1.她被迫在街上乞讨。 2.过度疲劳迫使他身体垮了。 3.大火是房子变成废墟。 4. 他们的批评让她哭了。 She was reduced to begging on the street. Overwork has reduced him to a physical wreck. The fire reduces the house to ashes. She was reduced to tears by their criticisms. A 选择题:Having almost run out of money, we were reduced in a cheap hotel. A. to staying B. to stay C. staying D. stay

  21. to是介词的短语: be used to doing sth be appreciated to doing sth pay attention to doing sth stick to doing sth object to doing sth be addicted to doing sth be devoted to doing sth look forward to doing sth appeal to doing sth lead to doing sth

  22. (vt.)保护 →(n.)保护,保护者,保护物 protect protection 保护生态 protect the ecology protect the environment 保护环境 1.我们应该对保护地球负责。 2.他们缺乏保护环境的意识。 3.每个人都应该意识到保护我们的祖国是我们的责任。 We should take responsibility for protecting our earth. They lack sense of protecting environment. Everyone should be aware that it’s our duty to protect our mother land.

  23. Protect … from … 使······免于·······,保护·····免于······ (2008.上海) Many fast-growing countries are less concerned with protecting______________ against climate change. A. one B. oneself C. them D. themselves D

  24. Protect … from 保护·免于··· 阻止·· Prevent / keep/ stop sb/sth from doing sth ① Prevent/stop …(from) doing sth在主动中可以省略from, 但是在被动中不可以省略。 ② keep…from 中 from都不可以省略。 protect 1.The umbrella can (protect) you from the rain . 2.We young people should do something we can (keep) the sea (pollute) . to keep from being polluted protect 3.To (protect/prevent) the environment , the government passed laws to (protect/prevent) people from throwing rubbish everywhere . prevent

  25. Adapt vt. vi. 词性:& . 意思. (1)适应(新环境等) 使自己适应或习惯于 使某事物适应或适合 使适合于;为……改编 把……改编/改写成…… 根据……改写/改编 (2)adj.可适应的;可改编的 n.适应;改编本 使适应;使适合;改编;改造;适应 adapt to adapt oneself to adapt sth.to adapt for adapt...as... adapt from adaptable adaptation

  26. 能力转化——用恰当的介词填空 (1)Different books are sometimes adapted____ use in school. (2)The movie was adapted a novel. (3)Our eyes slowly adapted the dark. (4)He adapted his old car engine____ the boat. for from to to

  27. 5.(2009.浙江) The good thing about children is that they very easily to new environments . A. adapt B. appeal C. attach D. apply A 解析:Adapt to 适应 Appeal to 对……有吸引力,迎合 Attach to 归于, 属于 Apply to 运用于,适用于

  28. advise and suggest 辨析: A piece of advice A suggestion Advise sb to do sth Give advise on/about sth Suggest sb doing Suggest to sb sth advise /suggest that + 主语 +(should) do sth

  29. Insist Order command Advise suggest propose Ask require request demand

  30. Persuade/advise 两者都有“劝说、建议”之意。区别如下: 1) persuade作“劝解”讲, 强调“劝说成功”之意。 常用下列句型: persuade sb. to do sth./ persuade sb. Into doing sth.。 如:Products also need to have a short lifespan so that the public can be persuaded to replace them within a short time.(2008重庆卷阅读理解E篇) 注意: 如果表示“劝说某人做某事”, 要用try to persuade sb. to do sth. 或 advise sb. to do sth.。 如:There is nothing more I can try to persuade you to stay , so I wish you good luck . (2007上海卷)

  31. 2) advise 作“建议、劝告”解,至于是否“劝成”,则未必知道。其后跟名词或代词、动名词、不定式复合结构、that从句(从句谓语动词常用虚拟语气)。 如:An advertisement might say , “ Nine out of ten doctors advised their patients to take Yucky Pills to cure toothache. ”( 2008全国II卷阅读理解C篇)

  32. Multiple choice • 1. It was not long before a customer who had seen him arrive hurried in to inform him that his car was covered with bees. The poor driver was ____ that the best way should be to call a bee-keeper. In a short time the man arrived. (2005重庆卷) • A. advised B. required C. ordered D. requested • 2. When he realized I had made up my mind , he said, “Richard, when I was 23, my dad ____ me to go into law . And I’ve always regretted it.” (2005山东卷) • A. helped B. allowed C. persuaded D. suggested • 3. The parents suggested ____ in the hotel room but their kids were anxious to camp out during the trip.(2006上海卷) • A. sleep B. to sleep C. sleeping D. having slept A C C

  33. D • 4. — How do you _ _ _ _ we go to Beijing for our holidays ? • — I think we ’d better fly there. It’s much more comfortable. (2004福建卷) • A. insist B. want C. suppose D. suggest • 5. Our English teacher ____ our buying a good English-Chinese dictionary . (2006上海卷) • A. asked B. ordered C. suggested D. required • 6. The number of deaths from heart disease will be reduced greatly if people ____ to eat more fruit and vegetables. (2004上海卷) • persuade B. will persuade • C. be persuaded D. are persuaded • 7. Alice trusts you ; so only you can ____ her to give up the foolish idea. (2009上海卷) • A. suggest B. attract C. tempt D. persuade C D D

  34. 8. My mother said she was proud of me , and when she ____ that I work at the snack bar again next year , I did not even shrug. (2007湖南卷) A. thought B. stated C. announced D. suggested 9. I watched the scene change from green trees to flat dusty plains to high mountains as I saw strange new plants that ____ mysteries (奥秘) yet to come. (2005湖南卷) A. suggested B. solved C. discovered D. explained 10. When ED first phone and we play , I laughed quietly , figuring on an easy victory . A. declared B. mentioned C. persuaded D. suggested D A D

  35. Fill in the blanks using the correct forms of the following words: endanger/ die/pollute/ protect/ adapt to/take care of /advise,/reduce take care of We should ourselves and our planet , but we don’t always do as we say . Many of the earth’s plants and animals have already . And several species are . It is important for us to our environment . What can we do to protect our environment ? Firstly , We everyone should do what he can to protect our earth . Secondly , the waste . Don’t our environment . If it is not possible , the earth will become endangered . We should ourselves the environment. died out endangered protect advise pollute reduce adapt to

  36. Writing: Topic: There are many things we can do to make our world better .Even small things can make a big difference . Please write down what we can do to protect our environment from pollutions .

  37. Summarize: Please tell us what you have learnt in this class.

  38. Homework 1. Review these words what we have learnt today. 2.Review the text by yourself.

  39. END

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