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Masconomet Regional School District

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Masconomet Regional School District - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Masconomet Regional School District. Public Hearing FY 2011-12 Proposed Budget. Agenda – . How do we measure up?. Academic Knowledge. College Entrance SAT’s. SAT Scores – Class of 2010. Academic Knowledge. College Entrance SAT’s Standardized Testing AP. Advanced Placement Scores.

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Masconomet Regional School District

Public Hearing FY 2011-12 Proposed Budget

academic knowledge
Academic Knowledge
  • College Entrance
  • SAT’s
academic knowledge1
Academic Knowledge
  • College Entrance
  • SAT’s
  • Standardized Testing
      • AP
advanced placement scores
Advanced Placement Scores

(7th Annual AP Report to the Nation, 2011)

academic knowledge2
Academic Knowledge
  • College Entrance
  • SAT’s
  • Standardized Testing
      • AP
      • MCAS
comparison communities
Comparison Communities

Community Wealth Similar to Masconomet (Property Values & Per Capita Income)

  • Acton-Boxborough
  • Andover
  • Hamilton-Wenham
  • Lynnfield
other comparison communities
Other Comparison Communities
  • Concord-Carlisle
  • Dover-Sherborn
  • Lexington
  • Lincoln-Sudbury
  • Manchester-Essex
  • Danvers
academic knowledge3
Academic Knowledge
  • College Entrance
  • SAT’s
  • Standardized Testing
      • AP
      • MCAS
  • Ethnographic Research

Are we effective in providing students with the academic knowledge necessary to succeed in higher education?

other 21 st century competencies
Other 21st Century Competencies
    • Information, Communication, Digital Literacy
  • Global Awareness
    • Problem Solving/Expert Thinking Skills
    • Life Skills (Anti Bullying, Alcohol and Drug Awareness, Health Education, Ethics, etc.)
other 21 st century competencies1
Other 21st Century Competencies

Information, communication, digital literacy

  • Some staff incorporate productivity and automation tools within the curriculum
  • Middle school librarian provides some digital literacy and technology skill development instruction to students
other 21 st century competencies3
Other 21st Century Competencies

Problem solving/expert thinking skills

  • Projects in which students apply knowledge in creating a product (e.g., Engineering Day, Science Fair)
  • Elective Courses Focusing on Bioethics, Forensics
  • Interdisciplinary Elective Courses such as Prometheus, Architecture, Neuroscience
other 21 st century competencies4
Other 21st Century Competencies

Life Skills (Anti Bullying, Alcohol and Drug Awareness, Health Education, Ethics, etc.)


Are we effective in providing students with the 21st Century skills that are necessary to succeed in higher education?

YES in some areas; NO in others.

We are making strides.

higher education environment
Higher Education Environment
  • On-line, hybrid, and traditional classroom settings.
  • Students are expected to collaborate remotely on team based projects
higher education environment1
Higher Education Environment
  • Most processes are automated – INTRA Net
    • Application, registration, paying tuition, ordering books, etc.
    • Turning in assignments, instructor feedback, grading, etc.
areas of weakness
Areas of weakness
  • Integrating technology standards into the core curriculum
  • Automation tools
  • Resources
  • Staff development
  • Setting benchmarks to measure progress in this area

Are we effective in providing students with the skills necessary to succeed in the higher education environment?

We are beginning to look more closely at this issue.

are we efficient
Are we efficient?
  • Business, Operations, Costs
    • Outsourced Janitorial Services
    • Outsourced Food Service
    • Instituted Green Initiative
    • Re-bid and re-distributed transportation contract
    • Insurance - increased co-pays, increased employee contribution, changed plan for early retirees, competitively bid insurance
masconomet s approved budget fy09 fy11
Masconomet’s Approved Budget FY09-FY11

1.5% increase from FY09 to FY11

are we efficient1
Are we efficient?
  • In many ways we are very efficient
    • Very high return on investment
    • Students are being accepted into colleges at a higher than average rate
    • Majority of resources are focused on teaching and learning
    • Lean administration and support staff
are we efficient2
Are we efficient?
  • In other areas we could improve
    • Automating processes
    • Communicating internally and externally
    • Modernize instructional methodology
    • Middle School class size
    • MCAS – Special Education
    • Equipment and training
career preparation
Career Preparation
  • Work Force Skills
  • Global Awareness
  • Communication Skills
  • Generation Y Profile
career preparation demand for skills
Career Preparation –Demand for Skills
  • More demand for:
    • Complex Communication
    • Expert Thinking
  • Less demand for:
    • Routine Manual
    • Routine Cognitive
21 st century workforce skills
21st Century Workforce Skills

Employers Seek a Variety of Skills:

  • Basic Skills: The academic basics of reading, writing, and computation
  • Technical Skills: Computer skills and information technology skills
21 st century workforce skills1
21st Century Workforce Skills
  • Organizational Skills: Communication skills, analytical skills, problem-solving and creative thinking, interpersonal skills, the ability to negotiate and influence, and self-management.
  • Company Specific Skills

(U.S. Department of Commerce, 1999)


Career Preparation –Global Awareness

“Because of the ease of travel, the pervasiveness of communication technology, and economic reliance on other countries, the societies of the twenty-first century are, and will continue to be, global and multicultural in a way that is more obvious than ever before. The effects of cultural diversity on organizations are significant.”

~ Alan Jay Zaremba

profile of generation y
Profile of Generation Y
  • Tech Savvy – prefer to communicate through email & text messaging rather than in person
  • Family Centric – prefer work-life balance, flexible schedules, less billable hours
  • Achievement Oriented –confident, ambitious, question authority
profile of generation y1
Profile of Generation Y
  • Team Oriented – want to be included and involved, seek input and affirmation of others
  • Attention Craving – Crave attention, need a lot of praise, need reassurance, need guidance
career preparation communication skills
Career Preparation –Communication Skills

“The average employee needs to be able to:

  • Listen effectively
  • Communicate during meetings
  • Use new communication technology efficiently
  • Write well
  • Persuade colleagues
  • Communicate cross culturally
  • Communicate interpersonally during performance review interviews
  • Make ethical decisions regarding how and what to communicate
  • Know when, what, and how to communicate” ~Alan Jay Zaremba
how does masco measure up
How does Masco Measure up?
  • Job embedded school to work for special education students
  • Senior internships
  • Co-curricular programs
  • Real world opportunities
    • Website design
    • Graphic arts
    • Computer gaming
areas where we can improve
Areas where we can improve:
  • Online collaboration
  • Global connections and communication
  • More interdisciplinary courses and connections

Are we effective in providing students with the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st Century workforce?

where do we go from here what are we doing
Where do we go from here? What are we doing?

Establish and implement a vision:

  • Development of a Strategic Plan – Summer/Fall 2011
  • Completion of Technology Plan –Spring 2011
what are we doing now
What are we doing now?
  • Preparing a technology plan
  • Acquiring instructional equipment
  • Digitizing Media
  • Curriculum Mapping of Technology Standards
  • Professional Development
    • Early release day workshops
    • Summer institutes
    • Afterschool workshops
what are we doing now1
What are we doing now?
  • Integration of technology, UDL, and modern pedagogy
  • Study group to investigate automation and integration of curriculum management and student Information
  • Participating in Common Core Development
what are we doing now2
What are we doing now?
  • Website Reconstruction
  • Vertical and horizontal goal alignment
  • Gender equity study group
  • Global studies committee
  • Ethical literacy study group
  • Anti-bullying task force
  • Monthly District e-Newsletter
  • AP Committee
what do we need to move forward
What do we need to move forward?
  • A positive organizational culture
  • Support for the FY12 budget so we can continue to plan and implement changes
  • More training and staff development
  • Support for new initiatives that enhance 21st Century teaching and learning.
  • No changes requested for FY12
  • Future needs:
    • Monitor Class Size
    • Instructional aides (science, English, etc.)
    • Technology Support and Instruction
    • Human Resource Person
    • Increase staff to offer more electives

The total increase in operating expenditures over 4 years is 4.9%

This amounts to an average increase of 1.2% per year.

what you receive for your money in fy12
What you receive for your money in FY12:
  • Six new course offerings: Chinese 8, Chinese IVH, The Global Citizen, Voices of the Voyage:  History and Literature of the Slave Trade , Prometheus II, Neuroscience
  •  The addition of the Chinese Honor Society.
  • Adding college/career readiness, studying and test-taking strategies components to 7th and 8th grade
what you receive for your money in fy121
What you receive for your money in FY12:
  • Research and development –
    • Automation and integration study group for curriculum management and student information systems
    • Modernization of instruction using multimedia tools, project based learning
    • Introduction of formal digital literacy instruction
    • Pilot tablet technology in classrooms
    • Continue to develop digitized curriculum resource database
what you receive for your money in fy122
What you receive for your money in FY12:
  • Create a freshman program for parents and students in order to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of high school life (strategies in time-management, organizing, prioritizing, self-checking, and remembering)
  • Teachers will pursue Global Professional development through organizations such as Primary Source, Facing History and Ourselves, and the Teachers as Scholars program
what you receive for your money in fy123
What you receive for your money in FY12:
  • Teachers will have opportunities through early release days to work in grade level groups to make effective use of technology and incorporate student response systems into their instructional repertoire
  • Teachers will continue to pursue professional development opportunities through graduate level work, Advanced Placement training and through programs like the Teaching American History Grant program
  • Teachers will serve at the state level on developing the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure, developing MCAS exams, and revising the K-12 Frameworks.  In addition, English and mathematics staff will work at the state level on the implementation of the Common Core

Masconomet Regional School District

FY 2011-12 Proposed Budget