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Canadian English

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Canadian English. LING 202, Fall 2007 Dr. Tony Pi Research Ethics. Important!. Conduct yourselves with professionalism. You are representing Queen’s University in public. Do not do anything that would reflect negatively on the institution. Research Ethics Guidelines.

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canadian english

Canadian English

LING 202, Fall 2007

Dr. Tony Pi

Research Ethics

  • Conduct yourselves with professionalism.
  • You are representing Queen’s University in public. Do not do anything that would reflect negatively on the institution.
research ethics guidelines
Research Ethics Guidelines
  • Individualized Course Research Projects - Research of this type involves course projects requiring data collection from human participants. The specific projects conducted by students must conform to clearly specified procedural guidelines developed by the instructor. Thus, although some variations in projects may exist among students, the projects have limiting parameters set on them with respect to what procedures are permissible. For example, a course instructor might assign an interview project in which the general topic of the interview and the types of people who can be interviewed are specified. Each student can then develop unique questions as long as they meet the general guidelines. Alternatively, a course instructor might allow students to design studies, but set very specific limits on the procedural features of the projects (e.g., no deception permitted, no socially sensitive topics, anonymity required).
ethics documents
Ethics Documents
  • Below is a link to the guidelines for graduate and faculty researchers at Queen's.
  • Points 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are relevant even for researchers at the undergraduate level. PLEASE READ.
      • BENEFITS
      • PRIVACY
ethics documents 2
Ethics Documents 2

Course-based research that will be approved at the Unit REB level if the research does NOT involve:

* more than minimal risk as defined by the Tri-Council Policy Statement

* vulnerable participants;

* personal, sensitive or incriminating topics or questions which could put the participants or the researcher(s) at risk;

* serious deception;

* manipulation of the behaviour of participants beyond the range of “normal” classroom activity or daily life;

* physically invasive contact with the research participants.

* Aboriginal peoples and certain issues involving aboriginal peoples.

  • Do not conduct any surveys on private property or places like malls, as you need prior permission to do so. It is also likely to get you arrested.
    • Yes, a student was once arrested for asking people about the word ‘fuck’ in the Eaton Centre.
  • Personal contacts are best. Ask friends and family to fill out questionnaires when possible, and ask them for contacts that may be interested in participating.
  • If you are dealing with sensitive issues, research in the public domain is strongly recommended, as opposed to interviews or questionnaires..
cover page
Cover Page
  • Make sure you state the purpose of your study on the front page. Do not deceive your participants.
  • Ensure anonymity.
  • Always say on the cover page that they have an option not to participate if they find the subject matter sensitive.
  • Provide your contact information so they can get the results of the study should they so wish
    • this is to ensure that they can verify that the results are anonymous and that no deception was involved
  • Consent needed (see next page)
consent forms cover page
Consent Forms (Cover Page)
  • Below is a sample consent form for research subjects,
    • which covers the things the board worries about, such as
      • 1) whether the subject understands the general purpose of the study
      • 2) whether the subject understands that they do not have to participate in the study and they may decide to stop at any time
      • 3) whether the subject has been given the names and contact info for the researchers and also for the researchers' supervisor so that the subject can follow up or ask questions later if desired
      • 4) whether the subject who has been offered a summary of the final results of the survey or study (usually subjects supply their e-mail address address if they want to find out how the survey turned out)