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Welcome to Jaz Hotels and Resorts Family PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Jaz Hotels and Resorts Family

Welcome to Jaz Hotels and Resorts Family

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Welcome to Jaz Hotels and Resorts Family

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  1. Welcome to Jaz Hotels and Resorts Family

  2. Objectives • By the end of this session you will be. • Aware of all the expectations regarding behavior, standards and benefits within the hotel

  3. Introduction • Magic of moment ( First Impressionis last impression , smiling ..) • Problem ownership ( the liability as a member of Jaz Hotels ) • The sales is everybody's Job

  4. Duties and Right

  5. Employee Contract • The duration one year and can be extend for anther periods upon approval from your department head . • The first three months of your employment is under probation periods the company has the right to end your contract without any obligation towards the hotel

  6. Salary Payment • Salaries are paid at the end of each month. • Any queries regarding the salary should be discussed with the Human Resources Department.

  7. Medical Cover • Contracted employees will be entitled to the medical cover benefits according to the company policy.

  8. Attendance • All employees must report to their workplace at the time specified in the duty roster. • Any changes in duty roster, should be done through the direct supervisor and/or Department Head

  9. Appearance • In a service industry as ours, it is important that we maintain our appearance. • Employees in all areas should be clean & presentable. • All employees should stick to the Hotel’s Grooming standards.

  10. Uniform • Most employees will have a uniform for their duty. • It is your responsibility to look after it. • Take it to laundry for cleaning, and make sure that it is clean and neat before reporting to duty. • Uniforms must not be worn outside the property except for official use.( Handout for Uniforms standers )

  11. Name Tag • All employees will be given a Name tag. • This name tag must be worn at all times when you are in the hotel. • Name tag must be maintained in good shape. • If you break it or misplace it, you must go directly to the HR department and get a replacement for 20 L.E.

  12. Personal Visit • It is forbidden to invite your friends and/or family to come visit you at your workplace within your duty hours.

  13. Record Update • To keep all our records up to date, it is important that any changes in your personal details be notified immediately to the HR department. • This includes : Home address, Marital Status, Number of Dependents, Tel No. …..

  14. Telephone • Employees are not allowed to make or receive personal calls through the hotel system except in an Emergency. • The use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden within the premises.

  15. Smoking • No smoking in front of Guests. • No smoking in any areas, unless in specially assigned areas. • Where smoking is permitted, please do keep the area clean and tidy.

  16. Sickness • If you are sick, you must inform your HOD or your direct supervisor and the HR department as soon as possible. • Sick leave will be recognized by the company only if you submit a valid medical report within 24 hours, and being authorized by the hotel’s physician. • You will be entitled for sick leave as per the Egyptian Labor Law.

  17. Company Property • It is not allowed to remove any items, equipments or food stuff from the property which belong to the hotel, unless this has been authorized by the concerned persons.

  18. Security Issues • The company reserves the right to search employees and their accommodation. • This search would be carried out in front • of a witness with the knowledge of the HR • Department

  19. Confidentiality • It is essential that you don’t disclose any information relating to the company and its business except in the proper performance of your duties. • This includes financial, Personnel or confidential information. • This restriction applies even when your employment has ceased.

  20. Disciplinary issues • Depending on the circumstances and the severity of an offense, the following range of disciplinary sanctions may be taken it will be according Egyptian labor law:

  21. Meals • A free meal will be offered to you during your duty shift every working day. • The meal is to be taken only in the employees’ restaurant : • Breakfast:- 6.30 A.M to 9.00 A.M • Launch :- 12.00 P.M to 2.30 P.M • Dinner :- 5.30 P.M to 8.30 P.M • Night :- 1.00 A.M to 2.30 A.M

  22. Insurance • Contracted employees will be entitled to the: • 1 - Hospitalization coverage • 2 – life insurance • 3- Government social insurance.

  23. Clinic Services • The hotel will have a Physician along with a Nurse, who will be available at the Hotel’s Clinic. • The medical services are for internal use I.e. only for employees. • 10.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M • 6.00 P.M to 9.00 P.M

  24. Annual Leave • Contracted employees will be entitled to 21 (Twenty one) days of Annual Leave per year after the completion of 6 months services as per Labor Law.

  25. Public Holidays • You will be entitled for 14 days of National Holidays:

  26. Lost and Found ? • Any lost property that you find must be handed over immediately to you supervisors, who will forward it to the housekeeping department for proper recording and storage

  27. Training Policy • The main goal is to train all levels of our staff according to our philosophy and standards with the overall priority target to concentrate training to meet maximum guest satisfaction by all means. • We will provide you at every level with an optimum scope for professional development

  28. Thank YOU