Amman 5 7 december 2011
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Amman, 5 – 7 December 2011. ITU Regional Workshop on Efficiency of the Frequency Spectrum use in the Arab Region (Amman, 5-7 December 2011 ) Terrestrial Services Department ITU Radiocommunication Bureau. MIFR and BRIFIC. Ilham Ghazi – BR/ITU. Outline of the presentation. MIFR

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Amman 5 7 december 2011

Amman, 5 – 7 December 2011

ITU Regional Workshop on Efficiency of the Frequency Spectrum use in the Arab Region

(Amman, 5-7 December 2011)

Terrestrial Services DepartmentITU Radiocommunication Bureau


Ilham Ghazi – BR/ITU

Outline of the presentation
Outline of the presentation

  • MIFR

  • Notification procedure


  • TerRaSys

    • TerRaQ

    • TerRanotices

  • Electronic notice forms

  • Useful softwares and web sites

Master international frequency register
Master International Frequency Register

  • Master Register: reference data on all frequency usage, frequencies that have international implications, according to article 11

  • How to notify: AP 4

    • Individual (all BC/BT, all those that are subject to plans, many of those in shared bands)

    • Typical

  • Why:

    • Inform others of the bringing into use of a frequency assignment

    • Recording in the MIFR results in rights and obligations for the notifying Administration

Notification procedure in general

Finding: unfavorable


Notification procedure- In general-

In conformity

RR 11.31




Part I



covered by

a Plan?



Finding: unfavorable



In conformity

RR 11.34




Recorded in MIFR

Part II

Part III

Amman 5 7 december 2011

Plans bands for Broadcasting services

(≠ HF)


Amman 5 7 december 2011

Notification procedure

non Planned > 28 MHz

  • Objections to Publication are not receivable

  • In Case of interference, administrations can apply procedures of Article 15.

Amman 5 7 december 2011

Notification Procedure

-planned bands-

  • Parameters shall be:

  • The same as those in the relevant Plan, or

  • Within the specified tolerations

What is the brific
What is the BRIFIC?

  • The BR International Frequency information Circular (BR IFIC) is published once every two weeks by the Radiocommunication Bureau (BR), pursuant to the Radio Regulations (Nos. 20.1 to 20.6 and No. 20.15).

  • The purpose of the BR IFIC is to provide information on the frequency assignments/allotments submitted by administrations to the BR for recording in the Master International Frequency Register and Plans.

  • The BR IFIC is issued in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

  • Due to the large volume of data, the BR IFIC is published in two parts: Terrestrial Services and Space Services.

Content of the br ific
Content of the BR IFIC

  • MIFR: notices submitted and/or recorded under Article 11

  • Publication in the BRIFIC:

    • Part I: Acknowledgement of receipt

    • Part II: Recording in the MIFR

    • Part III: Return to the Administrations or suppressions

  • Plans:

    • International agreements: AP 25, 26 et 27.

    • Regional agreements:

      • LF/MF BC: GE75, RJ81, RJ88;

      • VHF/UHF: ST61, GE84, GE89, GE06;

      • Maritime/aeronautical: GE85M, GE85N.

  • Publication in the BRIFIC:

    • Part A: proposed modifications to the Plans

    • Part B: Recording of the Plan modifications

    • Part C: assignments/allotments suppressed or canceled


  • TerRaQ is the generalized query program for TerRaSys. It is intended to satisfy the needs for the common queries against TerRaBase

  • TerRaQ can be used for querying the BR IFIC DVD-TerRaBase:

    • Display, printing and exporting data.

    • Follow-up of submissions and notifications

    • Follow-up of the modifications that can affect own assignments

Notifying and affected administrations

The name of yourAdminsitrationislisted if your Administration has submitted or notifyied

Notifying and affected administrations

The name of your Administration islisted if considered as affected

Run a query
Run a query

Selection of the concerned part

Selection of recorded or In-Process notices

Selection of fragments
Selection of fragments

Selection of the fragment, ex. Art11


  • Data Capture & Validation of Notices

  • Interaction with TerRaBase:

    • Generate notices from the assignments/allotments/notices already in the database.

    • Decision aid: help administrations determine which notice type to use.

Assistance for electronic notices
Assistance for electronic notices

Br broadcasting softwares
BR broadcasting softwares

  • GE84PLN

    • Calculation of interference

    • Availablechannels/compatibility studies

  • HFBC: preparation and analysis of Seasonal Planning of the HF Bands Allocated to the Broadcasting Service Between 5 900 kHz and 26 100 kHz

  • SRTM3– Calculation of effective antennaheights

  • GE06Calc:Conformityexamination

  • Web application

    • eTools (GE06):

      • Coordination examination

      • Compatibility analysis

    • ePUB - Special Sections and MIFR broadcasting publications

    • eQry – Query on Broadcasting data

  • MyAdministration: Portal for individual Administration providing information on broadcasting assignments and results of requested studies.

Broadcasting softwares
Broadcasting softwares


  • Broadcasting Services


  • Fixed, Mobile and other Services


  • Terrestrial Publications and Registration


  • TerRaSys Software