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Master the art of using cementing plugs

Master the Art of Using CementingPlugs

Cementing operations are one of the most detailed works which requires complete attention regarding well integrity. Since it is a critical job, it requires a lot of research

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integrity cementing

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solving such problems especially for the petroleum industry globally and can occur at any moment of the well’s lifecycle.

Master the art of using cementing plugs

Well integrity issues categorized according to the moment at whichhappens:

  • Whilethecementdisplacement wellbore

  • After the cementplacement

  • After the cement has beencured

in the

During the period between 1992 and 2006, the leading cause for blowouts was cementing. The first category results in veryseriouswell-control problems including blowouts. These problemsfirstly

Master the art of using cementing plugs

o at whichccurbecauseoftheimproperdesignof

thecementingoperations hydrostatic pressure of

anddueto thecement

slurries. The failure during the process of mixing slurries obtains the desire density and lost circulation during the cement displacement.

In the second category, the loss of hydrostatic pressure of the cement slurries causes problem during the initial hydration period. The problems may rise because of the mismanagement. It can cause pressure build up in the annulus between the casing

zonalisolation,we-control theremedialsolutionsfor


problems and

this are normally expensive anddifficult.

Master the art of using cementing plugs

In the third at whichstage, the problems that occur are more long-term normally caused by poor cementing jobs. Defective drilling mud removal during the cement slurry displacement in the annulus, insufficient cement height that may lead to casing leakage and corrosion problems are some of the causes. Cementing Plugscan contribute to long-term well integrity failures, otherwise, the cost to fix these problems are highlyexpensive.

Master the art of using cementing plugs

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