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Future Investors of America February 23, 2011 General Meeting. Welcome!. Sign in on the Sign In Sheets! :D. TOP 10 Beasts!. Ethan Peng ($ 1,149,095.40) LiLPinoy ($ 1,136,355.40) Princesbeyonce ($ 1,121,055.63) Rod Alavi ($ 1,106,936.29) Josh Bither ($ 1,086,705.68)

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Future Investors of America

February 23, 2011

General Meeting


Sign in on the Sign In Sheets! :D

top 10 beasts
TOP 10 Beasts!
  • Ethan Peng ($1,149,095.40)
  • LiLPinoy ($1,136,355.40)
  • Princesbeyonce ($1,121,055.63)
  • Rod Alavi ($1,106,936.29)
  • Josh Bither ($1,086,705.68)
  • Austin Woolf ($1,085,357.10)
  • Richard Ni ($1,071,875.10)
  • JooeunJeon ($1,065,824.29)
  • Jeffrey Lang ($1,050,993.80)
  • Nancy Sun ($1,009,947.79)
  • If you haven't given us your username yet, please do so IMMEDIATELY. People who don't inform us of their usernames WILL be REMOVED from the game regardless of their ranking.
  • See Shannon if you haven’t given us your username yet!


Membership dues are $3!

Required to be eligible for prizes and to participate in the Stock Market Game.

Pay to David Khov or Mr. Moreno (C-47) weekdays afterschool.

Dues go toward more prizes!

Pay whenever you want to enter the game; However, the earlier you pay the earlier you get to start investing and the earlier you get an advantage over others!

After you pay, confirm your email address so we can send you the password for the game and instructions on registering.

prizes for first semester stock game
Prizes for First Semester Stock Game!
  • We have the gift cards for Top 5 :D
  • See the officers after the meeting!
    • 1. Rod Alavi $100 Target gift card
    • 2. Josh Bither $50 Target gift card
    • 3. Danny Gaskins $25 Starbucks gift card
    • 4. William Choi $15 iTunes gift card
    • 5. Austin Woolf $10 Starbucks gift card
upcoming events
Upcoming Events
  • We are currently in the process of searching for business tours at locations such as nearby brokerage firms and banks as well as various investment speakers.
  • Listen to Beshouy for updates and specifics!
global snapshot russia1
Global Snapshot: Russia
  • Russia is the 9th largest economy in the world
  • Russia has an abundance of raw materials: coal, oil, natural gas, and precious metals
  • Russia is also the 2nd largest arms supplier, next to the US
  • Russia’s Gross Domestic Product grew by 4.2 percent in 2011, the third highest in the world among developed countries (the US grew by 1.7 percent
  • Russia’s economy expected to grow 3.7 percent this year
  • Russia only recently became a market, capitalistic economy (1991)
  • Vladimir Putin has ruled Russia since 1999 and created Russia’s current economic prosperity
global snapshot russia2
Global Snapshot: Russia
  • Moscow currently houses the most billionaires in the world
  • Russia has the largest space program in the world
  • Russia is the third destination for outsourcing IT, behind China and India
  • Russia’s growth in the economy has not been enough to stem unrest among the population
  • Tens of Thousands of Russian protestors took to the streets after a perceived rigged election for the Russian Parliament, the largest since the fall of the USSR
  • Vladimir Putin expected to run for President this year and will most likely win
2012 2013 prospective staff
2012-2013 Prospective Staff
  • As the school-year draws to a close, we will be starting the application process for prospective staff.
  • 2012-2013 Staff Positions (Subject to Change)
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Secretary
    • Economic Correspondent
    • Treasurer
    • Public Relations Chair
    • Fundraising Chair
    • Event Chair
    • Logistics Chair
    • Investment Chair
  • If you’re interested in applying for a staff position, please write down your name and contact information on the Staff Application sign-up sheets and we will give you more information on the staff positions and application process.
occupy los osos
Occupy Los Osos
  • FIA is going to host Relay for Life team(s) under the collective name of Occupy Los Osos and we need your help to make our efforts a phenomenal success!
  • We have sign-up sheets in the front for those of you who are interested in receiving updates on Occupy Los Osos and haven’t signed up already. We heavily encourage you to at least sign up for updates.
    • Once you sign up for updates, we will give you more information on how to join our Relay for Life team!
  • Ask one of the officers!
  • We NEED your usernames for the game if you haven’t given us them yet!
  • If you’re interested, sign up for officer applications and our Relay for Life team!
  • Contact us at fia.lohs@gmail.comor add LohsFia as a friend on Facebook!
  • Our NEXT MEETING will be March 8!
  • Don’t forget to pick up your prizes!