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New Foundations Trust. Mentoring Services – Transitional & Educational. OUR VISION: Assisting youth to discover their potential . OUR MISSION: Is to help “At Risk” young people turn around their lives and reach their true potential.

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New foundations trust

New Foundations Trust

Mentoring Services – Transitional & Educational


Assisting youth to discover their potential


Is to help “At Risk” young people turn around their lives and reach their true potential

To be “The fence at the top of the cliff that will stop the young people from falling off and needing an ambulance at the bottom”

Who we are
Who we are:

  • Started by local people who have a heart for the people of this area

  • Established in early 2008 as a registered charitable trust

  • We are actively working in the community and schools in Manurewa and the surrounding areas

  • Use mentoring as a tool to teach life skills that enables youth to build new desirable foundations in their lives

What we do
What we do:

We run programs that are designed for young people who have become damaged through life circumstances.

  • This is seen in their inability to cope in life and often in a classroom environment

  • Showing a lack of motivation and participation towards learning, unable to relate to others outside of their peer group

  • tendency of behavioral issues, addictions, struggling academically, low-self esteem, truancy & other life issues



Aim: To re-engage enrolled at risk students into attending education fulltime


Aim: Assisting excluded or long-term truant students to re-integrate back into education

“Get Ready, Get Set , Go”

Aim : To transition and prepare at risk students to cope with the move from primary to intermediate or intermediate to high school

Grgsg0 programme outline intermediate into high school
GRGSG0 Programme outlineIntermediate into High School

Stage 1: Term 4 – Intermediate School

  • Do a home visit to each student’s family to seek permission from parents

  • Run 4 x 1 hour sessions in school time in each of the Intermediate Schools

  • Do one-on-one session with any student that does not attend a group session

  • Do one-on-one session at their home with any student that is truant from school

  • Do one-on-one session at their home with any excluded student before the start of the next school year

Stage 2: Term 1 – High School

  • Before start of term 1, do home visit to family to check that they are enrolled and uniform sorted

  • Before start of term1 meet with RTLB, Pastoral Team and Student Services in High School to discuss a personal plan for each student

  • Run 5 x fortnightly 1 hour group sessions during school time in High School during term1

  • Do one-on-one session with any student that does not attend a group session

  • Do one-on-one session at their home with any student that is truant from school

  • NFT make the commitment to the school that at any time during the running of this transition programme the school can contact us if they have any concerns in relation to a student on the programme and that if needed will do a follow up visit either at school or to the home

  • Reporting outline:

  • After each session during term 4 & term 1 a progress report is given to Year 8 DP, Year 9 DP, head of Pastoral Support Team

  • Before start of term 1, we provide a report to the High School, head of Pastoral Support Team, Year 9 Dean. The report includes general comments, key issues identified

  • End of the Programme provide a full Outcome Report to Year 8 DP, Year 9 DP, head of the school’s Pastoral Support Team. (Within Outcome Report - comment, daily & weekly school attendance, attendance to Programme, the goal set, results of self esteem tests on each individual student)

  • Brief Outcome Report to the school’s Board of Trustees

Monitoring outline:

  • Weekly attendance

  • Attendance to programme

  • Chronic truancy, Behaviour issues, Drugs/alcohol, Gang connections

  • Repeated stand downs - reconciliation meetings

  • Students that the teachers believe are at risk of not coping with the transition

  • Students who come from highly dysfunctional families

  • RTLB recommendation or Senior Teacher recommendation

What we cover

  • Stage 1

  • Prepare for change

  • To make wise choices

  • Remove the roadblock

  • Gain motivation

  • Stage 2 :

  • Who I am

  • Building self esteem

  • Building up confidence

  • Learn life skills

  • Goal setting

TIMELINE for 2012 – 2013


List of students and contact details from Intermediates (by 7th September)

Home Visits will be conducted the last 2 weeks of term 3


Mo and Sue to do planning and preparation

Programme starts term 4


NFT do 4 sessions of “Get Ready, Get Set Go” to be run in the Intermediates during school time

Run programme in homes of any students not enrolled in a school


Mo and Sue to do review.



NFT do home visit to each family to check on enrolments and uniform.


RTLB and the NFT team will meet with Guidance and Student Services at the three high schools to discuss a personal plan for each student

NFT start the 5 sessions run fortnightly in at each of the three high schools

March & April

NFT finish fortnightly group sessions in each of the high schools

NFT track attendance of each student once in High school

NFT present Outcome Reports to all stakeholders

Who has been involved:

  • James Cook High School – John Brandon

  • New Foundations Trust – Mo Teaurima & Sue Dickens

  • Weymouth Intermediate School – Kerry Davis

  • Greenmeadows Intermediate School – Scott Symes

  • Manurewa Intermediate – Clare Humphreys-Grey

  • Randwick Park School – School DP S/F

  • Strengthening Families – Therese Luxton

  • Manurewa High School – Harold Soe

  • Alfriston College – Susan Impey

  • Christine Morrison RTLB

Programme Costs:

$195-00 plus GST per student

(for 15 students $2,925.00 plus GST)


It gives the school peace of mind to know that their high at-risk students:

  • Are supported throughout this vulnerable time

  • Have been well prepared to cope with the changes ahead

  • Families are supported

    School able to pass on to teachers that their past students have settled into high school

    The high schools will have set up support to meet the individual needs prior to the student starting

    The students become confident that they can settle into the new school

    It takes what could be a stressful situation and turns it around to become a positive experience of learning and growth


“The organisation has displayed an outstanding level of professionalism to date, and has evidence of outstanding success in re engaging students in education and supporting them through transition. Communication between the organisation and the school has been outstanding and systems reflect a high level of accountability for effective practice.” KD WI

“Being responsible for the pastoral care of students this service has allowed the school to ensure that students who have presented throughout the year with having difficulties are not left feeling that the transition to college is too 'big' for them or families have been left on their own and all ties to their previous school are now cut.” S.S GM

“The outcomes of six students at risk of educational failure, referred to Sue via Strengthening Families in 2011 has defied and exceeded all expectations. NFT’s contribution and their direct involvement with these children were instrumental in the positive outcomes that were achieved. These outcomes include increased attendance at school, gains in positive self esteem, heightened respect for peers and educators and improved educational competency. They were also able to breach the gap between home and school so the students’ families were included in the learning process and school life.” TH SF