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Episcopal Church Medical Trust. Diocese of Central New York Ms. Martha Gardner Regional Account Specialist The Rev. Robert Griffith Ass ’ t Business Analyst October 8 and 9, 2013. Agenda Medical Plans Additional Benefits Dental Plans Wellness. The Episcopal Church Medical Trust.

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episcopal church medical trust
Episcopal Church Medical Trust

Diocese of Central New York

Ms. Martha Gardner

Regional Account Specialist

The Rev. Robert Griffith

Ass’t Business Analyst

October 8 and 9, 2013

    • Medical Plans
    • Additional Benefits
    • Dental Plans
    • Wellness


the episcopal church medical trust
The Episcopal Church Medical Trust
  • Chartered by General Convention in 1978
  • Reports to Church Pension Fund Trustees
  • Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (VEBA)
  • ERISA-exempt, free of most state benefit mandates
  • Tax-favored not-for-profit church plan


the episcopal church medical trust1
The Episcopal Church Medical Trust

Our Mission …

“Balancing compassionate Christian benefits with financial stewardship”


89% of Every Dollar Received Provides Benefits to Participants versus National Healthcare which requires 85%


who can participate
Who Can Participate?
  • Salaried (exempt) clergy and lay employees
  • Hourly employees working a minimum of 20 hours/week (1,000 hours/year)
  • Dependent children to age 30
  • Employees on short-term or long-term disability


the episcopal church medical trust serving you
The Episcopal Church Medical Trust – Serving You
  • We are here to support you with:
    • Problem Resolution
    • Education and Awareness
    • Patient Advocacy

Our Client Engagement Team is Available

Monday through Friday

8:30 am to 8:00 pm ET

1-800-480-9967 / mtcustserv@cpg.org


episcopal church medical trust1
Episcopal Church Medical Trust

Diocese of Central New York

Medical Plans– 2014


preventive care
Preventive Care

Routine and Preventive Services

  • $0 Copay Network
  • Benefits include covered services received in a physician’s office such as:
    • Routine exams
    • Well-Woman and Well-Man exams
    • Routine exam X-rays and lab services
    • Well-Child checkups
    • Immunizations
    • Other Routine Services


women s preventive care
Women’s Preventive Care

In accordance with the Affordable Care Act women’s preventive care services are available with no copay or coinsurance in-network:

  • Annual visit and recommended preventive services
  • Breastfeeding counseling and equipment such as breast pumps
  • FDA-approved contraceptive methods
  • Domestic violence screening and counseling
  • Gestational diabetes screening for pregnant and high-risk women
  • HIV screening and counseling annually
  • Sexually transmitted infections counseling annually
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) testing every 3 years


your 2014 medical plan choices
Your 2014 Medical Plan Choices
  • Empire High Option PPO
  • Empire BCBS High Deductible Health Plan



Network and Out-of-Network Plans - PPO

Basic Elements

  • No designated Primary Care Physician (PCP) required
  • No referrals required for specialty care
  • Out-of-network benefits are available, although you pay less when using a network provider


empire bluecross blueshield high option ppo plan
Empire BlueCross BlueShieldHigh Option PPO Plan

(Preferred Provider Organization)

www.empireblue.com (800) 352-3152

episcopal church medical trust2
Episcopal Church Medical Trust

Empire BlueCross BlueShieldHigh Deductible Health PlanandHealth Savings Account (HDHP/HSA)

www.empireblue.com (800) 352-3152

consumer directed health plans

Visible Cost of Healthcare

Real Healthcare Costs

Consumer Directed Health Plans
  • Think like a consumer when it comes to healthcare and take personal responsibility for:
    • Improving health
    • Managing costs
    • Making thoughtful decisions when choosing coverage during enrollment and using coverage throughout the year


hdhp hsa how the pieces work together
HDHP/HSA – How the Pieces Work Together

High Deductible PPO Health Plan

with preventive services covered at 100%


Health Savings Account

that allows employer and/or employees to make tax-free

contributions to save for future healthcare expenses


Health and Decision Tools

to help employees become more knowledgeable consumers

HDHP / HSA Fact Sheet – www.cpg.org/mtdocs


richard is single how does a hdhp work for him
Richard is single. How does a HDHP work for him?

It’s January 15, and Richard slips on the ice!

His in-network doctor sends him for an MRI at a in-network facility. The doctor’s visit and MRI would have cost Richard $5,000. Good thing he’s in the Medical Trust’s HDHP with negotiated rates! He pays $3,000.

Unfortunately, Richard broke his ankle during the fall and is in great pain. He needs lots of medicine, with a cost of $1,000. Good thing he’s in the Express Scripts program, with a negotiated cost of $800.

How do these medical and prescription costs work with an HDHP?

Let’s take a look!

richard s bucket list
Richard’s Bucket List

Bucket #1: The Annual Deductible. Richard must fill this bucket by paying 100% of the negotiated cost of services ($2,700 for a single person)

Richard’s negotiated doctor and MRI costs = $3,000

Bucket #2: Your Maximum Annual Co-Insurance. Richard must fill this bucket by paying the appropriate co-insurance ($1,500 for a single person)

Richard’s co-insurance is 20% of the remaining $300 = $60

Richard’s co-insurance for the $800 of formulary medication is 25% =$200



Richard’s 2nd bucket is not yet full. He still has to pay $1,240 to fill his bucket.



= $4,200 Out of Pocket Maximum (OOP)

Bucket #1 = $2,700

Bucket #2 = $1,500

richard mary and their two children nan and bert have family coverage how does a hdhp work for them
Richard, Mary and their two children, Nan and Bert have family coverage. How does a HDHP work for them?

Watch out!

On January 2nd the family gets hit by a beer truck!

While their injuries are minor, they all require medical care.

At the emergency room, they had X-rays, medications and Bert had a broken arm. The cost for their care was $30,000! Good thing they are in the Medical Trust’s HDHP with negotiated rates which are $22,000.

How do these costs work with an HDHP?

Let’s take a look!

the family s bucket list
The Family’s Bucket List

Bucket #1: The Annual Deductible. The family must fill this bucket by paying 100% of the negotiated cost of services ($5,450 for a family)

The family’s negotiated cost of services = $22,000

Bucket #2: The Family’s Maximum Annual Co-Insurance. The family must fill this bucket by paying the appropriate co-insurance ($3,000 for family)

The family’s co-insurance is 20% of the remaining $16,550 (which equals $3,310). However, they only have to pay $3,000.

They have met their annual Out of Pocket Maximum (OOP). For the remainder of the year, all of their in-network medical, pharmacy and behavioral health is





= $8,450 OOP

Bucket #2 = $3,000

Bucket #1 = $5,450

what are health savings accounts
What are Health Savings Accounts?
  • Tax-advantaged savings account for qualified healthcare expenses
  • Employee sets up the account and owns it
  • Balances accumulate and roll over year after year
  • Portable from employer to employer
  • Act like an IRA or 401(k) for healthcare expenses
  • May be invested
  • Account must be held by a qualified trustee
  • Anyone can make a contribution to employee’s HSA on an annual basis:
    • Employer, employee, others


who is eligible to contribute to a health savings account
Who is Eligible to Contribute to a Health Savings Account
  • Must be enrolled in a qualifying HDHP
  • Cannot be covered by other medical insurance, including Medicare, with limited exceptions:
    • Can have AFLAC-type coverage
    • Can have separate dental or vision coverage
    • Can have disability coverage
  • Cannot contribute to a Health Savings Account while using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), with minor exceptions


setting up the health savings account
Setting Up the Health Savings Account
  • The Medical Trust has a partnership with Mellon Bank for the BCBS HDHP.
  • You must set up the account
    • The Medical Trust will pay the set-up and monthly maintenance fees
    • Employer contributions go through our lock box
  • You can use any qualified financial institution – those that can set up IRAs – you are responsible for set up and maintenance fees


setting up the health savings account continued
Setting Up the Health Savings Account - continued
  • Account must be set up before contributions or distributions can be made
    • January 1 is a holiday
    • It will take a week or so to get through our lock box
  • Remember to designate a death beneficiary on the account
    • If spouse, account balance not taxable on your death and your spouse can continue to use the funds as a tax-advantaged health savings account
    • If anyone else, or if you fail to designate a beneficiary, the account will be closed, the balance will be taxed, and the money distributed to your heirs


contributing to the account
Contributing to the Account
  • Your employer may contribute to your account
  • You can contribute:
    • Through payroll deductions if available
    • By direct deposit, using your deposit slips
  • Anyone can contribute, using your deposit slips
  • IRS maximum contributions for 2014 are $3,300 and $6,550
    • Additional $1,000 if the account holder is age 55+
  • Excess contributions are taxable to you and you pay a 10% penalty
  • You have until April 15, 2015 to make additional contributions – use your deposit slips and be sure to designate for 2014 contribution
  • You have until April 15, 2015, or the date of any extensions of your tax return, to withdraw excess contributions and the associated interest


contributing to the account continued
Contributing to the Account - continued
  • Special Rules for Spouses / Families
    • If all are enrolled in HDHP plans, the maximum contribution is the family limit, which can be split evenly or as the parties decide
    • Only the account holder can make the extra $1,000 contribution
    • Each covered individual, except IRS dependents, is eligible for and can open a separate account
  • Partial / Last Month Rule
    • You may make proportionate contributions only for the portion of the year you are eligible
    • If you are not eligible for an HSA for the entire year, but are on the first day of December, you can make contributions as if you were eligible the entire year
    • You must remain eligible for the entire next year


distributions from the account
Distributions from the Account
  • You do not have to use the money in any particular year
  • You can continue to use the money even when you are no longer eligible to contribute to the account
    • Not enrolled in an HDHP
    • Enrolled in Medicare
  • You are not taxed on the amount distributed from the account IF you use it for qualifying healthcare expenses
    • IRS Publication 502
    • Includes dental and vision out of pocket expenses
    • Includes prescription medications – no OTC products
  • If used for non-qualifying expense, you will pay federal income tax and a 20% excise tax as a penalty
    • If you are age 65+, you don’t pay the penalty


for whom can you use the account
For Whom Can You Use the Account
  • Remember the account has to be used for qualifying healthcare expenses
  • Yourself
  • Your spouse (even if the spouse is not on your HDHP)
  • Your dependents that you can claim on your tax return (even if not on your HDHP)
    • If your age 27+ children are on your HDHP, they are eligible to set up separate HSAs and can use that money themselves
    • If your domestic partner is on your HDHP, he or she is eligible to set up a separate HSA and can use that money him or herself
    • Remember the family contribution limit


using the money in the account
Using the Money in the Account
  • Remember that you do not have to use it!
  • Prescriptions – you will pay at the time of filling the prescription
    • Could be 100% of Express Scripts negotiated cost!
    • Consider getting prescriptions filled before the end of the year
  • Other services – you should NOT pay at the time of service
    • The provider doesn’t know whether you have met the deductible – if not, you will pay 100% of the network negotiated cost of service
    • The provider doesn’t know whether you have met the out-of-pocket maximum – if not, you will pay 20% of the network negotiated cost of service. If yes – your covered network services are fully paid by the plan!
    • WAIT for the Explanation of Benefits before paying


using the money in the account continued
Using the Money in the Account - continued
  • You may choose to use the HSA funds
    • Check
    • Debit card
    • ATM for cash
  • You may choose to use other funds and allow the HSA funds to accumulate
    • You can reimburse yourself from HSA funds later in the year
    • Write a check or use the ATM/Debit card for cash
  • You must keep receipts to match with all distributions to prove made for qualifying healthcare expenses


additional paperwork
Additional Paperwork
  • Remember to keep track of how much is contributed
    • The trustee bank will send IRS Form 5498-SA to show the amount of contributions made to the account
    • Your employer will enter the amount it contributed, including your contributions made through payroll deduction, in Box 12 of your W2
    • If over the maximum, you have until April 15 (or the date of any extension to your return) to withdraw the excess plus any interest earned on the excess
  • Remember to keep track of how each distribution is used
    • The trustee will send IRS Form 1099-SA
    • Must have receipts to show used for qualifying healthcare expenses for audit purposes
  • Filing your tax return
    • IRS Form 8889: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8889.pdf


express scripts pharmacy benefits
Express Scripts Pharmacy Benefits

www.expressscripts.com (800) 841-3361

express scripts pharmacy tiers
Express Scripts Pharmacy Tiers


  • Same active ingredients as the brand-name it replaces. Binder may differ.


  • A list of brand-name drugs preferred by a plan based on clinical effectiveness and cost. (Also called “Preferred Brand Name”)


  • Brand-name drugs not on your plan’s formulary. (Also called “Non-Preferred Brand Name”)


generic or pay the difference
“Generic or Pay the Difference”

Here’s an example of what the member pays if a generic is available, but the brand name is specified:

Brand Name Cost = $90

Generic Cost = $30

Generic Copayment = $10

$90 Brand Name Cost - $30 Generic Cost = $60 Difference

$10 Copayment + $60 Difference


$70 Net Cost to the Member

If a generic medication cannot be used for a medical reason, call us to discuss.


mail order for maintenance meds
Mail Order for Maintenance Meds

Mail Order required for most maintenance meds

  • 3 fills covered at retail pharmacy
  • After 3rd fill, Express Scripts mail order required for benefit

Mail Order is easy, convenient, accurate

  • Member can mail prescription
  • Doctor can fax or order online
  • Email/mail reminder when refill is due
  • Automatic refill available on request

Up to triple the supply for less than triple copay

  • Controls costs for both member and plan


prescription benefits managed by express scripts
Prescription Benefits Managed by Express Scripts
  • Coverage Management Program
    • Majority of prescriptions filled immediately
    • Some medications fall under this program
    • Ensures Reasonable Cost, Safety, Medical Efficacy
    • Ongoing monitoring of drug interactions
  • Step therapy required for certain medications
    • Certain medications will be dispensed only after others have been tried and failed
  • Prior authorization required for certain medications
    • Based on need
    • Based on quantity


rx benefits managed by express scripts
Rx Benefits Managed by Express Scripts


  • Express Scripts review all prescriptions for:
    • Possible drug interactions
    • Medical efficacy
    • Safety (dose, duration, etc.)
  • Prior authorization may be required based on need, quantity
  • Express Scripts will call your doctor directly with questions


be proactive
Be Proactive!
  • Talk to your doctor about your Rx plan
    • Discuss the formulary
    • Ask for generic when available
  • Review your prescriptions
    • Are mail order prescriptions for 90 days?
    • Did your doctor indicate “DAW” (dispense as written)?
  • If there is a question, an Express Scripts pharmacist will contact your doctor


additional benefits
Additional Benefits
  • Mental Health / Substance Abuse
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Health Advocate
  • EyeMed Vision
  • FrontierMEDEX
  • HearPO
mental health substance abuse benefits
Mental Health / Substance Abuse Benefits

Empire BCBS / Cigna HDHP / HSA

  • IRS Guidelines: must be embedded with medical plan
  • Plan Partner Empire BCBS / Cigna
  • Annual deductibles combined with Medical and Rx
  • Network benefits
      • Inpatient & Outpatient – 20% after deductible
  • Out-of-network benefits
      • Inpatient & Outpatient – 45% after deductible
  • Refer to the plan’s Summary of Benefits and Coverage for specific plan details


employee assistance program eap
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Administered by CIGNA Behavioral Health
  • 10 in-person sessions PER ISSUE at $0 COPAY
  • UNLIMITED telephonic sessions
  • MULTIPLE EPISODES of treatment per year
  • Extensive geographic availability of services
    • Telephone access virtually unlimited


because life happens


Because Life Happens
  • Work/Life balance
  • Adjustment to life events and change
  • Relocation
  • Child care, elder care, pet care needs
  • Stress
  • Depression and emotional health concerns
  • Substance abuse
  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting and family concerns
  • Career concerns and career counseling assistance
  • Crisis needs and critical incident response
  • Grief and loss
  • Legal and financial concerns


employee assistance program eap eap helps you and your household find the services you need
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)EAP helps YOU AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD find the services you need -
  • Personal Services
    • 30-minute free legal consultation
    • Stress management
    • Debt management
    • Identity theft management

Assistance with Family Care Services

  • Child care
  • Parenting programs
  • Adoption information
  • Long-distance care-giving
  • Researching nursing homes
  • Pet insurance
  • … and more!
  • Online Services
    • Emotional well-being and life events
    • Family and care-giving resources
    • Health & wellness resources
    • Daily living resources
    • Email assisted search


10 reasons to call the eap
10 Reasons to Call the EAP
  • School is back in session and I want to help my kids start the year with good homework habits.
  • Do you have a list of activities to do with Alzheimer’s patients?
  • I’m taking a trip with my family, and I need information about traveling with kids.
  • I’m retiring, and I would like to find some support groups in my area.
  • My son was arrested for driving while intoxicated. How can I help him?
  • I’m moving, and I need information about my new town.
  • I need to find a daycare facility for my child.
  • My grandparents are visiting, and I need to find some rentable medical equipment.
  • My daughter has allergies, and I need to find stores that carry wheat-free foods.
  • Should I get pet insurance?


Health Advocateoffers assistance with ANY aspect of the healthcare system to YOU, YOUR HOUSEHOLD, AND YOUR PARENTS AND PARENTS-IN-LAW
  • Additional layer of service provided by the Medical Trust
  • Advocacy and assistance service
  • Facilitates member interactions with healthcare providers, insurance plans, and other community resources
  • Assists members with:
    • Finding doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers
    • Resolving claims, billing and administrative problems with providers
    • Issues encountered while accessing the healthcare system
  • Protects privacy and confidentiality


health advocate
Health Advocate

Personal Health Advocates, typically RNs, who with a team of medical directors and administrative experts:

  • Identify leading healthcare providers and institutions anywhere in the country
  • Schedule specialized treatment and tests
  • Answer questions about test results, treatment recommendations and medications recommended by your physician
  • Assist in the transfer of medical records, x-rays and lab results
  • Arrange for home care equipment following discharge from a hospital
  • Foster communication and benefits coordination between physicians and insurance companies


10 ways health advocate can help
10 Ways Health Advocate Can Help
  • Finding network doctors, hospitals and dentists
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Helping to resolve insurance claims
  • Negotiating fees with out-of-network providers
  • Obtaining unbiased health information
  • Working with health plans to obtain appropriate approvals
  • Answering questions about test results or treatment recommendations
  • Assisting in transfer of medical records, x-rays or lab tests
  • Locating and researching the newest treatments for a medical condition
  • Assisting with finding qualified wellness programs and services


  • Administered by EyeMed
  • Annual eye exam - $0 network copay
  • Annual benefit for:
    • Frames
    • Lenses, or
    • Contact lenses
  • Broad-based PPO network
    • Retail chains
    • Independent provider locations


eyemed vision care benefits at a glance
EyeMed Vision Care Benefits – At a Glance



For Assistance: (866) 723-0513 www.eyemedvisioncare.com

frontiermedex and hearpo
FrontierMedex and HearPO


  • Access to FrontierMEDEX Travel Assistance
  • Provides 24/7 Emergency Medical Advocacy
  • Please note – FrontierMEDEX is not responsible for medical costs while you are traveling.


  • Access to HearPO network discounts


cigna dental plans
Cigna Dental Plans

www.cigna.com (800) 244-6224 (800-CIGNA24)

dental plan
Dental Plan
  • Administered by Cigna Dental
  • 3 Annual cleanings and related oral examinations
    • 4th Available if medically necessary
  • Extensive PPO Network
  • In and Out-of-Network Benefits



Making a Case for Healthy Lifestyles

medical trust definition of wellness
Medical Trust Definition of Wellness

Wellness is an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of choices and making decisions that will enable a person to achieve the best possible level of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

It is an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging one’s quality of life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

Wellness is not the absence of illness, but an individual’s active process of managing or achieving their full potential.

A more extensive definition of wellness must acknowledge that family, workplace, church, community, and the world in which one lives, have the potential both positively and negatively to influence or impact one’s level of wellbeing.



The Focus is on Population Based Wellness

  • Previously:
  • Health plans focused on disease management
  • Emphasis placed on those already ill
  • Now the Focus is:
  • Helping the healthy stay healthy
  • Reducing the health risks
  • Encouraging healthier lifestyle choices
the impact
The Impact

75% of healthcare costs are attributable to chronic conditions caused by modifiable risk factors – primarily obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and smoking.

Centers for Disease Control



The Impact of Poor Health

  • 50% of health care costs are preventable
  • 60-80% of costs are incurred by those with chronic illness
  • 50-80% of all premature deaths and illnesses in the U.S. relate directly to unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • 50% of costs are generally from 5% of membership
medical trust promotes healthy changes
Medical Trust Promotes Healthy Changes
  • The biggest impact we can make as a nation to our healthcare dilemma is by making lifestyle changes
  • Small Changes, Big Difference
    • Campaign to raise awareness and encourage healthy lifestyle changes
  • Recent studies show small changes can have significant impact on one’s overall health
  • Being aware of your health status is the first step – know your numbers!
    • Blood pressure
    • Glucose
    • Cholesterol


taking control of our health
Taking Control of Our Health

Living a healthy lifestyle is not just a good idea it, has become a national imperative

The New ‘Fountain of Youth’

Physical activity is one of the greatest bargains this world has ever known

If physical activity were a pill it would be the single most effective medicine

By walking 30-45 minutes on most or all days you can delay disability by 10-12 years

How long does it take for the body to begin experiencing the benefits of exercise? About 30 seconds!


eating healthy
Eating Healthy
  • Add color to your diet with fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid too much sugar and artificial sweeteners, and drink water.
  • Plant oils, nuts, and fish are the healthiest sources.
  • Whole grains are best. Avoid white flour foods.
  • Fish, Poultry, nuts and beans are the best choices.
  • 5-a-day →
  • Choose beverages wisely. →
  • Reduce saturated fats and try to eliminate trans fats. →
  • Eat complex carbs instead of fast-acting carbs. →
  • Love that protein! →



Health & Wellness – A Lifelong Journey not a Destination

What is one thing you can do in the next 24 hours…

…..that will start you on the path to better health?



Taking Personal Responsibility

  • Think like a consumer when it comes to health care and take personal responsibility for:
    • Improving your own health
    • Managing costs both to yourself and your plan
    • Making thoughtful decisions when choosing coverage during enrollment and using coverage throughout the year

Visible Cost of Health Care

Real Health

Care Costs


Our Commitment to Wellness

  • Network preventive care coverage
    • Preventive care at $0 copay
    • 3 annual dental cleanings/oral examinations
    • Annual vision exam $0 copay
  • Health Fairs, Monthly “Health & Wellness News” mailings
  • Nutritional Counseling, Smoking Cessation
  • Outstanding Mental Health benefits
  • Partnering with vendors that offer:
    • World class informational web access
    • 24 hour nurse lines in all plans
    • Condition and case management
getting help contacts
Getting Help: Contacts
  • Empire BlueCross BlueShield
    • (800) 352-3152
    • www.empireblue.com/medicaltrust
  • CIGNA Dental
    • (800) 224-6224
    • (800) CIGNA24
    • www.cigna.com
  • Express Scripts (Medco)
    • (800) 841-3361
    • www.express-scripts.com
  • Cigna Behavioral Health (& EAP)
    • (866) 395-7794
    • www.cignabehavioral.com


getting help contacts1
Getting Help: Contacts
  • EyeMed Vision Care
    • (866) 723-0512
    • www.eyemedvisioncare.com
  • Health Advocate
    • (866) 695-8622
    • www.healthadvocate.com
  • FrontierMEDEX
    • (800) 527-0218 (U.S., Canada, Virgin Islands, Bermuda)
    • (410) 453-6330 (All other locations – call collect)
    • www.frontiermedex.com
  • HearPO
    • (888) 432-7464
    • www.hearpo.com


client engagement
Client Engagement

Recommended sequence for problem resolution:

  • 1st: Call Vendor for most benefit-related issues
  • 2nd: Call Health Advocate
  • 3rd: Call Medical Trust

We are here to serve our members

Monday through Friday:

8:30am to 8:00om Eastern

Telephone Direct Toll Free


Email: mtcustserv@cpg.org


the medical trust website
The Medical Trust Website

Our website is open 24 / 7 / 365 for members to:

  • Access and print forms, handbooks, and other information and documents
  • Access updated information relating to plans
  • Access a wide variety of information and resources other than healthcare related



The Church Pension Fund and its affiliates do not provide, and none of the information furnished in this presentation should be viewed as, investment, tax, legal or other advice. Your personal decisions should be based on the recommendations of your own professional advisors.

This presentation is provided for your informational purposes only. In the event of a conflict between the information contained in this presentation and the official plan documents or insurance contracts, the official plan documents or insurance contracts will govern. The Church Pension Fund and its affiliates retain the right to amend, terminate or modify the terms of any benefit plans described in this presentation, consistent with applicable law.

Important Notice