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Why Ri Training ?

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Why Ri Training ?. Personality Types .

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Why Ri Training?

Personality Types

Effective communication is the ability to transfer ideas from the sender to the receiver. If you were to speak in German to a person who understood only Spanish your message would not be received and as a result your ability to effectively communicate with that person would be greatly diminished. If you can understand what drives and motivates people, you can help fulfill their needs and they will take the action you suggest.
Identifying Prospects’ Personalities and adapting your language and presentation style to allow for different personality types greatly increases the chances you will be heard.

Speaking to people in the way they like to communicate and using terms they know and understand gives you credibility and builds trust quickly.

There are literally dozens of books, and training programs that discuss in detail the subject of personality types and why understanding people is so

Important. Generally speaking, the need to know the personality of your audience can be boiled down to the need to communicate in a way that is appropriate for the listener.

Most personality systems break the concept of personalities into four general categories each with their own labels for the different types. Most people are some combination of the our instead of being all one or another. People often have a dominate personality type and a secondary type. In most situations they will operate from the dominate personality perspective. However, there are circumstances where people will exhibit their secondary


personality types
Personality Types

Ask, Listen & Repeat by Clay Stevens

The dominant personality would be giving assignments to the crowd so as to get the fire put out quickly. (Redsports car)

The friendly fun loving personality would be searching for marshmallows to roast on the perfect bon fire. (Yellowvan

The worker bee would be searching for fire hydrants and hoses so that the fire could actually be put out (Whitepickup)

The detail oriented person would be calculating the exact amount of water needed to extinguish the fire based on the square footage and materials used in the construction of the building allowing for the elapsed time the fire had been burning and the arrival time of the fire department. (Blue Hybrid)

The friendly fun loving personality

Like being with people and have Big goals, Big dreams.

They like to be where people are.

The worker bee

The workers get things done

The detail oriented person

They are concern with precision, accuracy, complying with the rules.

Give me the facts

high yielding questionnaire wants and needs
High Yielding Questionnaire Wants and Needs

Remember to be interested not interesting This all about their W.I.I.F’s

(What is in It for me)

We help people build home based business

Their Business

Their Business

Their Business

Their Business





Their Business

Their Business



Your Business

How many business would you like a override on ?