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Enlisted Employee Review

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Enlisted Employee Review

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  1. Enlisted Employee Review

  2. Tools available for EER’s: • Direct Access help site: http://cgweb.psc.uscg.mil/Direct-Access/ • Quick Reference Guide • Tutorial • Admin Offices • Chapter 10.B PERSMAN • PSC-adv 785 339 3400

  3. Menu Path 1234567

  4. “EFFECTIVE DATE and TO DATE • Must match. • If the “Effective Date” is changed the Enlisted Evaluation Review (EER) will be lost along with all the content within the EER

  5. Validate Employee Review Button

  6. Validation Error: Approved

  7. Typical Validation Problems

  8. Validation Error:

  9. Typical Validation Problems

  10. Reviewer Comments ALCOAST 354/02: Any mark of 1, 2, 7, Not Recommended, or Unsatisfactory requires supporting documentation. Click the yellow box icon to the right of the competency. A field is provided for such documentation.

  11. Reviewer Comments

  12. Typical Validation Problems

  13. Automatic Errors • What are they for? • How to get passed them

  14. Final / Submit • What happens when Marks kick out on ADV’s EER error report? • Sent back to the last person who touched it. • Comments tab. • The 7 day return “oops” for marks.

  15. The COMMENTS tab is only for internal communication and will garbage upon submission. AS well any mark that does not require a comment (e.g.: 3,4,5,6). This is where feedback by PSC (adv) will be given for evaluations which do not meet the guidelines given in the Personnel Manual Chapter 10.

  16. Member Counseling Receipt • Ensures employee reviews are completed, including the signed counseling sheet, not later than 21 days after the end of the employee review period ending date. • Counsels the evaluee on the employee review after the Approving Official’s action • The importance of how effective this piece of the evaluation process can be in setting the evaluee up for future success cannot be over emphasized.

  17. Member Counseling Receipt,Cont. • How well the supervisor clearly communicates the member’s past performance and methods in which to improve are primary to ensuring future success. • The Supervisor is required to ensure the evaluee is provided with a printed counseling sheet and acknowledges receipt by obtaining their signature.

  18. Employee Review Summary Page • The Refresh button • How long for updates?

  19. Employee Review Submission Schedule

  20. Domino Effect UNSAT and/Or Discipline EER 1 Feb 2004 May 2004 Nov 2002 15 Aug 2003 1 Aug 2003 May 2003 Oct 2003 Nov 2003 Nov 2004 Apr 2004 YN2 Manual takes the YN1 SWE Regular EER submission, member has received CO’s Recommendation and Satisfactory Conduct. YN2 Manual will meet 1 year satisfactory conduct by the terminal eligibility date of 1 Jul 2005 YN2 Manual’s name does not appear on the EPAA for Jul and Aug 2003. YN2 Manual is found to be making charges on the Government Credit Card. He has not been TDY. PO Manual is booked, an investigation is initiated. Regular EER for YN2 Manual in not submitted due to less then 92 days from unscheduled EER YN2 Manual is above the cut on the Nov 2002 and does not take the May 2003 YN1 SWE. Eligibility Date for the May 2004 SWE. Commands may submit a CORC EER to change Recommendation on Disciplinary EER member received on 15 Aug 2003 to meet Eligibility for competition. CORC EER not completed, member not eligible for the May 2003 SWE. Due to the “Not Recommended” and “Unsatisfactory” Conduct YN2 Manual was removed from the Nov 2002 YN1 SWE list and was not eligible to compete for the Nov 2003 YN1 SWE YN2 Manual is taken to Mast, given a “Not Recommended” and an “Unsatisfactory” Conduct on Disciplinary EER.

  21. Commanding Officer’s Recommendation • Must remain eligible from eligibility date through expiration of list. • CO’s recommendation on latest EER • EER changes memo type CORC scale to PSC (ADV)PERSMAN 10.B.10 • Good Conduct & (TED) • Withhold Advance msg PSC (ADV) info EPM-1.

  22. Probation EER: Often used in error to record minor infractions a member has had in lieu of going to Captains Mast. This is NOT the purpose of the Probationary EER. The Personnel Manual Article(10.B.5.b.5) states to use this type of EER: "At the end of a three-month probationary period for "Incompetence." This then refers to Article 5.C.38.c which explains what steps are to be taken for placing a member on Probation for incompetence.

  23. EER Questions ?