banking sales tax n.
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Banking sales tax .. PowerPoint Presentation
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Banking sales tax ..

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Banking sales tax .. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Banking sales tax ..
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  1. Bankingsalestax.. MikaylaTyler Objective: 8.3a Students will solve applications Problems involving percents….

  2. Salestaxhistory. • Taxes have been around for many years. It all started in 1861 when congress passed the revenue act during the civil war. The taxes helped pay for the war’s expenses. Today sales taxes are used for paying transportation, construction, school, war supplies, and many more. Taxes are a good economic system for the united states. Without taxes we would not be able to afford all of the things listed above. • I think we need sales tax, because without it we would have trouble paying for things that we need. Most people hate taxes but if you think about it taxes helps us in many ways. Did you know that sales tax help pay for the internet? Without the internet we would not be able to do many of the things that we do now.

  3. Excel chart!

  4. Shopping items Graph • The ipad cost more and had a greater percentage then any other item. • Ipod was the second greatest cost. It had the second higher percentage. Circle Graph Comparasions

  5. What I learned…. • I learned a lot from this objective. One thing I learned was how to calculate sales tax. The second thing that I learned is how to know how much to find out how much money you get took off if you get a discount. This helps so a clerk cannot cheat you.

  6. Websites I used…. • • Google images