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ACCS 2007-0420:. What I did last Summer With PHP, MySQL and AJAX. Evolution from HTML to AJAX. HTML XML JAVA Script PHP MySQL AJAX. HTML: How it works. How it works. HTML: What it looks like:. <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Hello World </TITLE></HEAD><body> Hello World

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accs 2007 0420

ACCS 2007-0420:

What I did last Summer

With PHP, MySQL and AJAX

evolution from html to ajax
Evolution from HTML to AJAX
  • HTML
  • XML
  • JAVA Script
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
html how it works
HTML: How it works
  • How it works
html what it looks like
HTML: What it looks like:

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Hello World


Hello World

<TABLE><TH><TD>Point one

<td>Point two</td></th>

<TR><TD>This is one<td>this is two



html limits
HTML: Limits
  • For each page in client computer there must be one page on server.
  • Each Browser is a little different.
  • All functions are a one shot deal.
  • No computing on client computer.
  • Tags are limited to finite list.
xml strengths
XML: Strengths
  • More consistent than HTML
  • Can make your own tags
xml what it looks like
XML: What it looks like


<author>Sagan, Carl</author>

<publisher>Random House </publisher>



xml limits
XML: Limits
  • Needs an XML compliant browser or make your own interpreter.
java how it works
JAVA: How it works
  • Picture goes here
java what it looks like
JAVA: What it looks like

<html> <head> <title> JAVA example </title>

<script src="JavaScrips01.js" language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

<!-- Hide script from old browers

function HelloWorld() { }

// End hiding script from older browsers -->






php how it works
PHP: How it works
  • Picture goes here
php what it looks like
PHP: What it looks like

<? php

$text = “Hello World”;

// ….


<HTML><head><title>PHP world


Now is the time to say: <? Echo ($text); ?>


php advantages
  • Very good interface between client and a data base on the server.
  • Comments don’t show on client computer.
  • It uses the server clock, not the clock on client computer.
php limits
PHP: Limits
  • All processing in done on server
  • All processing is a one shot deal
  • To use the whole screen must be refreshed and processed.
ajax what it means
AJAX: What it means
  • Asynchronous Javascript And XML
  • Asynchronous means not all at the same time (i.e., not synchronous).
  • It is not a separate language, but it uses a number of existing languages and technologies in a new way.
  • It gets a little off the server computer and then goes back for more without refreshing the whole screen.
ajax how it works
AJAX: How it works
  • Picture goes here.