some humanitarian concerns n.
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SOME HUMANITARIAN CONCERNS . Armed conflict Other situations of violence Some weapon-related issues – humanitarian diplomacy perspective By Angela Gussing Head of Operations for Latin America & the Caribbean. ICRC IN LATIN AMERICA & THE CARIBEEAN. Country delegations Colombia, Haiti

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some humanitarian concerns


Armed conflict

Other situations of violence

Some weapon-related issues – humanitarian diplomacy perspective

By Angela Gussing

Head of Operations for Latin America & the Caribbean

icrc in latin america the caribeean
  • Country delegations
    • Colombia, Haiti
  • Regional delegations
    • Mexico, BUE, Lima, Caracas
  • Country offices
    • Guatemala, Brasilia
  • Resources for 2008
    • Budget CHF 55 mio,
    • 87 Expatriate staff
    • 407 Nacional staff
icrc action in the region reasons
  • Action in armed conflicts (present and past)
  • Activities regarding internal violence
  • Reference institution for Int. Humanitarian Law and ‘NIHA’
icrc action in armed conflict challenges access acceptation action
ICRC action in Armed conflictChallenges: Access/Acceptation -> Action
  • Adequate assistance to conflict victims
    • people displaced - emergency assistance + after
    • People affected by UXO/mines, sexual violence
    • Health services to reach remote areas
    • Support to communities in places of residence
  • People deprived of their freedom
  • Dealing with summary executions+death treats
  • Facilitate progress on the « Missing  »
  • Re-establish family links: general + prison visits
  • Promote IHL application and implementation
  • Secure ACCEPTANCE by all (neutral, impartial actor)
  • Maximize partnerships with National Red Cross
icrc work in other situations of violence challenges access acceptation action
ICRC work in Other Situations of ViolenceChallenges: Access/Acceptation -> Action
  • First aid and evacuation – wounded / dead
  • Oversee conditions of detention and support authorities
  • Work with police and armed forces for due integration of IHL and HRL considerations in action
  • Work with peace-keeping / law-enforcement personnel
  • Dialogue with authorities + organised armed groups on humanitarian consequences and effects on people
  • Work with communities – water / health
  • Work with youth in schools
  • Support National Red Cross action
  • Humanitarian diplomacy on related issues (weapons, etc)
some weapons issues from a humanitarian diplomacy perspective
Some weapons’ issues…From a humanitarian diplomacy perspective
  • Anti-personnel mines
    • States addressing clearance obligations is key
    • Success of Mine Ban Convention = capacity to manage clearance
  • Small arms + light weapons – unregulated availability
    • OAS at forefront of international efforts (CIFTA Convention 97)
    • Need for list of criteria for licensing decisions arms transfer decision making (code of conduct?). What can be the next steps in OAS?
  • Cluster munitions – important to have a Treaty
    • Prohibiting use, development, production, stockpiling, transfer
    • Requiring elimination of current stocks
    • Providing for victim assistance, clearance of cluster munitions and activities to minimize impact of such weapons on the population

Until such treaty adopted ICRC calls upon States to end use, tranfer…

ICRC position comes from experience and humanitarian perspective

cluster munitions oslo process or ccw
Cluster munitions Oslo process or CCW?...
  • ICRC seeks the strongest possible protection of civilians from cluster munitions
  • Important to have instrument that makes the difference on the ground – strong, clear, easily implemented
  • The negotiating process should have clear objectives
  • ICRC ready to participate and to contribute to the development of strongest protection – ANY FORUM
  • It will contribute to the work of States in both the CCW and the Oslo process
  • A more specific OAS resolution in its GA 2008?...

Asking States to work towards an international Treaty?

    • Such language would not go further than current CCW mandate and is less specific than the Oslo political declaration…