here is jos plateau n.
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here is Jos plateau

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here is Jos plateau - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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here is Jos plateau . Here is Lagos city.

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here is jos plateau
here is Jos plateau

Here is Lagos city


hi there I just had a inspirational day I just visited Jos. I visited more places like rain forests, desert areas in the upper north, Jos Plateau is in the north central region, sandy beaches and Mangrove swamps along the tropical coast, and rain forests and parklands in the central region. There are many places to visit in this kind of beautiful country. Nigeria is great place its surrounded by the Atlantic ocean for water resource, also the Niger river, lake chad is in some of Nigeria and in chad, its also surrounded by its neighbors to west and east Benin to the west and Cameroon to the east. Nigeria is in the west African region. In the north of Nigeria its dry the rainy season ends in April to October. In the south its hot and humid year round.


hi there again I had a great time learning about people in Africa I went to a church in Lagos city. The Nigerians practice Christian & muslum. The dresses don’t effect their Religion because they make there own dresses out of string fabric or anything. Nigeria speaks over 250 languages are spoken in Nigeria. They can speak English but not that much but they still speak it. They also can speak Fulani.


Hi there again.

Nigeria has many history.

The way that Nigeria influenced the way they speak is when Britain

Ruled Nigeria. Nigeria’s started to talk English because British people

Talk English.


Hi there I just went to some small towns

In Nigeria. People in that town

Had lived there in a small area with not

That much Resources to buy food

Or to build homes with

They build their own homes with

Mud sticks mud and more stuff

That’s around the town.


Hi there I just went to a market and saw some

Yummy food. The foods I saw in that market was Yams, Cassava, Starchy root, rice, fish, meat, and chicken. I came back and listen to FELA KUTI music when I came back. People in Nigerian use Modern Techniques for sculptures. Nigerian people dance to there own music that they make.


I want to talk bout the economy in Nigeria. The products that they export is cotton, cocoa, yams, sorghum, corn, and rice. Those are the products that they export.


Now I am talking about Nigeria’s Government, history

, and colonialism. The European country that ruled Nigeria is Britain. Nigeria gained independence in 1960. Nigerian ethnic groups had a war because they were given independence by Britain. In 1967 there was a war that lasted for 3 years. In the civil war more than 1 million people died. In 1979 civilians established a civilian government that lasted till 1983 and then a military group that controlled Mohammed Buhare. In 2007 Umaru Musa Yaradua was gong to be the new government. People had to be 18 and older to vote.


So now I am going to talk about the health issues in Nigeria. They are HIV/AIDS. The life expectancy of Nigeria is between 40-49 years. About 70 people out if 100 have access to hospitals. A reason of why people die is because public hospitals are not staffed and because they are poorly supplied. People think that privet clinics are to expensive for them so they don’t go to the clinics. Only 35 people out of 100 of birth are attended by skilled people. 20 kids of 100 die before they reach the age of 5. Also the disease that most people die of is Aids.


University college hospital

This is where you can become a nurse to help people.


Hi there guys did you right now in Nigeria men and women are using whitening cream because they think it will help them live longer to 70 at least.