story identification my big fat italian obsession n.
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Story Identification: My Big Fat Italian Obsession

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Story Identification: My Big Fat Italian Obsession - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Story Identification: My Big Fat Italian Obsession. finding Italy in America By: kaitlyn Dotts Com 205 . The Story .

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story identification my big fat italian obsession

Story Identification: My Big Fat Italian Obsession

finding Italy in America

By: kaitlyn Dotts

Com 205

the story
The Story

Italian americans are the 4th largest ethnic group in america. From 1820-2004 about 5.5 million italians immigrated to the united states. Italian americans usually have incredibly strong ties with their families, the catholic church, and political parties. Italian descendants and their culture have shaped our country, and we have been shaped by them. This has been done through their involvement with politics, sports, the media, fine arts, culinary arts, and many other things. Italians have played a key role in the development of our country.


The beautiful country of Italy is a very famous location to shoot movies, which brings a bit of their culture here to America.


Italian designers are a huge part of our culture here in America, and have shaped our fashion industry by creating a more couture, lavish, and bold statement with clothing, bags, shoes, and more.


Italian Art has impacted our culture starting from back in the Renaissance to now. Their art started movements that spread around the world, and are still shown here in America today. The J. Paul Getty Museum has an Italian art exhibit now titled “Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance.”


During the late 19th Century many Americans traveled to Italy to express their creativity, which was frowned upon here in America at the time. Henry James and Nathanial Hawthorne wrote classics while sitting in the Tuscan Countryside. Italy is still the backdrop for books today.


Americans are fascinated with Italian culture, and continually try to bring that here to U.S. through many mediums, but especially with articles in Newspapers, such as USA Today.


Blogging has become an up and coming trend here in America. Many people use blogging for recipes, DIY, stories, etc, and especially while traveling. This blog showcases Italian culture through food all across the U.S. in different cities, and how the Italian culture has shaped that area.


Americans love to read magazines, from Fashion to Gossip, News to Home, and especially in Travel magazines here in America. An article in Travel & Leisure talks about the Best Italian food you can find in the U.S, one of the best Italian cultures brought here to America.

t v shows
T.V. Shows

Lidia Bastianich, a celebrity chef, goes on a culinary journey in her show Lidia's Italy in America, where she explores food, artisans, and ingredients of Italian-American cooking.








T.V. Shows: